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  1. Thanks. I read your original post wrong and thought your cruise was in April rather than that was when it was cancelled. Cheers.
  2. I was going to respond to you point by point, however, just received an email from my travel agent saying that MSC had just called her, apologized for the erroneous information the agent had given her about my future cruise credit being voided, and that they would now start processing my new reservation but that it would take a day or two. Therefore, I will withhold further judgement. I do appreciate it when a mistake has been acknowledged. However, I will say that I regularly check my credit card purchases and credits (and it is now over 6 months since I was told that MSC would credit back
  3. After 6 months of relentlessly trying to get a refund for a cruise in March of 2020, I finally was able to get a "future cruise credit" around October of 2020. I was also told that the government fees would be credited back to me. The latter never happened, by the way. Yesterday my travel agent tried to book another cruise for me with MSC, using the future cruise credit as partial payment (I was going to spend an additional $5,000 for the cruise). She was told that the future cruise credit had been given in error, that it had been voided and that I had been informed of all of this via an e
  4. I just tried to send an email to this address and received notice that it was a "permanent error" and not available. Are others still able to contact MSC with this email address?
  5. Nothing posted on this topic for some time. Have the March refunds happened for everyone but me? My travel agent has essentially given up and advises me to contact the Better Business Bureau. Has anyone else gone his route?
  6. I, too, have been waiting for a refund for my March cruise date. Recently heard from my travel agent that she has many clients who are not receiving refunds from MSC. I have gotten full refunds from Cunard, Seabourn and Ponant. This was to be my first cruise with MSC and it looks as though I may never try to book another one with them from the way they are not responding to March refund requests.
  7. I have just been notified by my travel agent that Ponant has refunded my total deposit for a cruise scheduled for Sept. 9th. Thank you Catherine Brin for facilitating this. I now have received my refunds from Cunard, Seabourn and Ponant. It is only MSC that still has not processed a refund which, by the way, was the first one that I requested way back in March.
  8. Recently received my cruise deposit refund from Seabourn for the October 20th cruise on Quest. That was right around 60 days from my initial request. Both Seabourn and Cunard have now honored a reasonable period of time for refunds to me. I am still waiting for MSC and Ponant to provide refunds that were requested long before 90 days!!!
  9. I contacted Catherine Brin, Customer Services Manager for USA reservations and received a quick response. She said that, although I had a non refundable deposit that she would process a refund for me. She did acknowledge that the September 9th cruise was cancelled, even though I had not received confirmation of that previously. Now I shall wait and see if my refund reaches me.
  10. Thank you for the response. I will check with my travel agent on Monday and see if she has been informed about the change for final payment. Although I think Ponant should be communicating better, I am still trying to get refunds from MSC for a March cruise so they are top of my list for poor customer service.
  11. Thank you for the information. I've sent out emails so will see if I get a response.
  12. Is anyone receiving word from Ponant about canceled cruises? I am scheduled for one out of Vancouver on September 9th and I am sure it will not happen. Final payment is due in 4 days and I don't want to pay it but I do want my deposit back. My travel agent told me several weeks ago that I would be hearing from Ponant soon and then I could request a refund. However, that has not happened.
  13. I received full refund for my May 31st transatlantic cruise on June 18th! This was 55 days from when I requested it. I am still waiting for something/anything from an MSC cruise that was canceled in mid March (over 90 days ago) so I am very impressed with Cunard and grateful.
  14. CONGRATULATIONS! I was supposed to be on that same cruise. I, too, have received no communication since I filed my request for a refund. However, unlike you, I am still waiting as no refund has found its way to me. It certainly would have been nice to have spent the past week on the Queen Mary II.
  15. Thank you for the responses to my question. I guess the "mystery" of refunds will continue.
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