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  1. Well, then you know. However, I don't understand why the new deck plans are accurate on the other changes but not regarding the "concierge lounge". Guess I'll just wait until my November cruise and ask the concierge myself.
  2. The RCCL website. Click on "ships" and bottom of page click on "deck plans" and go to Voyager of the Seas. There will be two sets of deck plans. One for the period 8-9-19/10-20-19 and another for 10-21-19/4-25-21.
  3. The deck plan in place after the dry dock still shows the concierge lounge in its original location. There is now a suite lounge and a diamond lounge in the locations indicated in the above comments. It looks as though there might be 3 special lounges in the new configuration.
  4. Princess Elite just matched to MSC Black.
  5. Thank you for your response. I hope to do a Viking Ocean Cruise in the future. I am doing another cruise on HAL the end of April so taking on the Viking one 2 months earlier was a bit much. lol. Perhaps we'll meet one day on a cruise.
  6. Received my IRA account information yesterday reflecting the stock market situation---as a retiree they constitute my resources. Reason is prevailing so think I will forgo this cruise regrettably. I already am committed to 2 cruises this year---transpacific in April and Singapore to Sydney in November. Enjoy your upcoming cruises and thanks again for the information.
  7. Thank you for the information. I have been looking at a transatlantic on the Star next month. The rates are great for a solo.
  8. Has anyone been on a Viking Ocean Cruise? If so, were there any activities directed toward the LGBT community? Particularly interested in anyone who also traveled solo with them. Thanks.
  9. I had to respond as my first cruise was the same as yours (if I recall correctly it was on the Stella Solaris). Memorable cruise as there was a group of Greek-Americans on board and the crew loved them and I got "adopted" into the group as a fellow American. It was a fun, enjoyable cruise. By the way, I think a solo traveler should get double points as well!
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