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  1. I think that the poster refers to the indian scrapyards.
  2. Just returned from Kusadasi last Wednesday, with Jet 2, the flights were full in both directions.
  3. Phone call from Tui came on the 17th of March followed immediately by an e mail stating my refund would be processed by 18th of March. This of course never happened. I was never able to get through on the phone or by any means after this.Hope this helps others.
  4. It was not my intention to make anyone jealous, just to inform. I am not a vendor of fake news, and I certainly will not be posting my bank statement online. Why do you have to post in such a provocative way?
  5. Refunds are happening. See my comment on Tui Coronavirus thread. Thanks.
  6. Just wanted to let people know that the refunds are slowly getting done. My case was not a cruise this time but a Madeira holiday for 23rd March. Cancelled a week before travel due to the company cancelling . Phoned at home by TUI a week or so later and offered re booking but asked for a refund. Received an email that same day stating the money would be in my bank by 18th March, which never happened. Yesterday 27th April, the money was refunded to my account. Don't give up hope.
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