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  1. Of course you are right, I should have kept it current by calling it iHop. But still nothing says 60's like Hojo's!
  2. I was on the Zuiderdam about a year ago and it was changed. Not sure why reducing seating in Crow's Nest was thought to be a good idea. Talks held there were often interrupted by toilets flushing and bar noise.
  3. Got it, two way glass. Why worry about losing breakfast in the Pinnacle when they offer you Howard Johnsons?
  4. So I get it now, if you want a view of the ocean you have to look thru a spoon.
  5. Yes it did say on the menu in orange (of course) to ask your server what the special was, but he didn't know and had to ask. Not blaming waiter (he was great), just seems it would be easier for all to just print on the menu what the actual orange meal was. Also none of the orange specials seemed interesting. Orange Club might make sense on other ships, but on this one it was a bit of a joke.
  6. On the Veendam recently I called it Club Light Orange - PG Breakfast still available (thankfully), at dinner you got a menu with a nicer cover. Probably thought up by same person who felt libraries aren't a good idea. Or blocking the view in the Crows Nest on newer ships with a giant screen no one looks at.
  7. Just returned from two weeks on Veendam where we possibly had Club Light Orange. Welcome note in Neptune Suite made no mention of breakfast in Pinnacle but instead talked of some kind of special breakfast in MDR. However Pinnacle was open in the AM. Seems like they are phasing it out to me. Too bad, that was a nice perk.
  8. We're going on the Veendam in a couple weeks (Montreal to Miami) and wondered if anyone knows is April dry dock included upgrading suites with USB ports and large interactive TV's etc. like the newer ships have. Just trying to figure out what cords to pack. We're in a Neptune. Thanks in advance.
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