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  1. We are on the Gem now i was Told all cabins are booked. I was also on this ship this past July and it looks like a few less people although there are not as many families so i figure that’s why. The crew is amazing the seas not so friendly but still have a great time!
  2. Hello We are cruising in March sailing on a Friday. We plan on driving in on Thursday and i am looking for suggestions as to where to stay in a NY hotel but not in the city. I am worried about rush hour traffic. We do not plan on any sight seeing just driving in to be closer to the pier. We have cruised from NY previously but we stayed in NJ and went thru the Lincoln tunnel but it was a Sunday and we breezed in but thinking the traffic will be terrible during rush hour. Any suggestions would be appreciated I am thinking maybe 30 minutes away.
  3. Hello, We have decided to go the day before our cruise which leaves from NY in March. We have previously stayed in NJ and crossed thru the Lincoln Tunnel but it was a Sunday so we breezed in. It was easy and convenient. This time we are leaving on a Friday and not sure if the Lincoln Tunnel is a nightmare on a Friday morning. Or where open for any suggestion starting to stress as to where to stay.... would you suggest that is not in NYC that we can stay coming from Massachusetts about maybe 20-30 minutes away. Thanks for your help!
  4. Looking for advice on shore excursions for San Juan, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. John and St. Thomas from people who have been to some or all of these islands. My group are really not beach people and they don't want to hike, snorkel, sail etc. and I am the one that has to pick what to do......looking for suggestions that don't include the beach. Many reviews I have read reviews on say boring like the train and trolley rides which were on my list to check out..... All suggestions welcome all of us are in our 60's. Help the decisions is on me! lol
  5. Hi all, i have sailed from New York before but on a Saturday or Sunday. Our March cruise leaves on a Friday and I have 2 concerns. First we are thinking of maybe driving on sail day from Boston. For those who have ever done that how long was the drive on a Friday morning from Boston to the pier. Stressing about traffic and missing the ship. My next question is if we leave on the Thursday before which would be after work around 7pm where would a decent hotel be thinking maybe in CT about 2 1/2 hours out of Boston? Thanks for your help!
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