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  1. Nobody seems to understand that there were no charges when we changed credit cards. We had not even boarded the ship. Had NCL said that changing cards would have been an issue, we would have gladly retracted our request. As far as complaining on the ship. I agree it is a desperate attempt to solve the problem, she is only trying to get someone to help us with a name or contact to for us to use moving forward. My wife is having a lovely time. She has approached them once on the ship and that was it. Please don't make comments based on assumptions. We are very reasonable people wh
  2. Please read my post for the facts. The $300 is a valid charge, but my wife already paid it. Valid, but duplicated because it Both credit cards were charged for the same amount. 3 cruises on NCL in 6 months. That certainly would warrant attention if I owned NCL.
  3. We registered the new credit card prior to boarding and asked if it was possible to make the change. Come on now, do you think I would pull out a random card that is not in their system and attempt to use it with out their prior knowledge?? I have a letter from NCL stating that they did in fact have prior authorization to use my wife’s card.
  4. We will try anything at this point. We have exhausted all options. Regarding the issue on the current ship , I agree that they don’t want to be bothered about an issue that occurred 6 months ago, but a supervisor could make an attempt to alert the proper dept within NCL. If you owned a restaurant, would you want a disgruntled customer who got food poisoning without some sort of compensation, standing around discussing it with those who are waiting in line For a table. If I am a business owner....... I think not.
  5. Thank you to those who responded and offered insight. My wife was told on Sunday that since the matter occurred on a different cruise trip. It was out of their hands. She was denied access to a supervisor. They are valid charges. Reason for the change in credit card was for points. My wife scanned her card and signed electronically for the ship to use that specific card. I will send the same letter to the CEO of NCL. Thank you for the info. Chase Bank sided with NCL which blows my mind since NCL couldn’t give a reason for the back charges. I am n
  6. Hello fellow CruiseCritic subscribers, It pains me to create this new forum, but I want to warn those that read this post to be aware of NCL's poor customer service and their attempt to take money from their passengers without just cause. My hope is that NCL will see this post and do the right thing to erase their negligence. My wife and I are avid travelers and in fact we have taken two cruises on NCL this year and ironically my wife is currently on a third cruise with NCL's Breakaway with a friend. My last contact with her today indicated that she is getting nothi
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