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  1. We have a B2B mid-February and our final payment date is mid-November. The only change I've heard of is that our January final payment is not due until 30 days before sailing but not sure why they did that. However, if you booked through a travel agent, you would pay sooner than those who booked on-line themselves.
  2. I uploaded a photo of our vaccination card on Royal's phone app for our cruise a couple of weeks ago but will wait until after we receive our booster shots this month and then will take a new photo of the updated card for our November cruise. Easy peasy!! Also, don't forget to have your negative Covid test supervised by a medical person or pharmacy at least 2 days (not hours) before your ship leaves (ship leaves Sunday, get tested either Friday or Saturday, any time of day)!!
  3. Thanks for your review John! I have just one question. Was Mamma Mia better than Cats (IYO)?
  4. May be discontinued, at least for now. I just checked a couple of my future bookings and no flowers available for purchase.
  5. It's under Internet & More, Gifts & Gear. Oh snap! Just looked there and no more flowers, I guess. Sorry!
  6. Remember, it is not based on "48 hours". It is based on two days, not hours. So, if ship leaves on Saturday, you can get tested anytime on Thursday.
  7. I am not 100% sure but I think the term "Safari" vehicle means that it is some type of an open air jeep. I looked up some St Kitts tours on Google and most of them specify air-conditioned vehicles, which are probably buses or vans. Since you are reading "open air" and "Safari", I am betting it's a jeep. Maybe someone else can answer your question from personal experience.
  8. I always had stir fry for lunch when Tom and I were there on our B2B. He even went and got my plate for me, so I could avoid seeing the dessert section! However, I came close to being reeled in when they had chocolate dessert day!! He only gained 4# and I remained even! Yay! Now, working on (not very hard) taking some #'s off before Allure in November. Probably still need that duct tape!😷
  9. I just went to Walgreen's site to check on availability for testing and all stores in my area are only scheduling 2 days out. They used to schedule 2 weeks out, so maybe it has changed. That may pose a problem for my cruise in November, as I was planning to use Walgreens and/or CVS. Hmmmmm. Just found this site which will find a testing clinic closest to you: https://www.solvhealth.com/covid19#get-tested Interesting ...
  10. Yes, our CVS in Eustis only does PCR but the CVS in Clermont will do the rapid, as well as Walgreens.
  11. Tom and I are also just off Allure for a B2B last week. We really enjoyed Mamma Mia!! As a matter of fact, Donna (the mother) was so into her role when singing the break-up with Sam song, that I even teared up!! IMO, all of the actors were excellent, so really hope you get to see it! We'll be back on Allure on November 8th with another couple and would go see it again! Much better than Cats John!! (Of course, that's not hard to do!) Have a safe, happy and very enjoyable cruise!! Bon Voyage!! The bartenders were very attentive and "generous"!! Cheers!!
  12. Hubby and I flew all of the way to Fairbanks (north Alaska), had a 3-day land tour including Denali animal preserve and Anchorage, boarded the Radiance in Seward, cruised south for 7 nights (included Hubbard glacier) to Vancouver, met our son in Vancouver for a couple of days, then we all took the train down to Seattle for an additional couple of days before our flight home. Had a great time overall! If you have any extra time, take it!! We hope to do it all over again someday!! Cheers!!
  13. Yep, we printed the PDF document from CVS, so hope they'll accept it!
  14. Got this from Royal today: At-Home Testing Now Available to Order We're excited to share that fully vaccinated guests can now purchase an at-home antigen test kit for pre-cruise testing. This option makes it easier to meet the recent U.S. CDC test requirement revision for vaccinated guests (a negative COVID-19 antigen or PCR test taken no more than 2 days prior to sailing). Tests are shipped right to your door, anywhere in the U.S., in three business days or less. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, during a live virtual visit with an eMed Certified Guide and get your results in 15 minutes. Click here to order your test now. As a reminder, we accept self-administered, FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests only when they are taken under live video supervision by a telehealth representative. Self-tests taken at home without telehealth supervision will not be accepted.
  15. If leaving the 9th, need testing done on the 7th or 8th but no sooner than the 7th (2 days prior) beginning September 13, 2021 (until it changes).
  16. I totally agree with the need for boater safety knowledge, as well as horse safety knowledge! I am in my late 60's and have owned and ridden many horses for half of my years, and now live on a nice lake and have owned and driven many boats. It's a shame that many do not know or care to learn a darn thing about safety! Anyway, your comparison prompted to add one thought - at least, if you fall off of a jet ski, you'd land in water (unless you beach it), and not on hard ground or off of a cliff somewhere! Ouch! Haha!
  17. We'll be on the Allure (hopefully) in 5 days and was invited to Royal Up about 30 days out. I have a couple of bids still pending, so I am hopeful to get a suite! Hubby doesn't know about it and didn't want me to bid, so, if we don't get it, I just won't tell him. Heehee! Of course, if we do get it, I'll have some explaining to do!
  18. And don't forget to add that the double points are for suites that are purchased outright, not awarded by the Royal Up offer!! Haha!
  19. I also read that RCCL will begin partnership with a company selling the home test kits which they will accept from cruisers. I think it's supposed to be linked to the RCI website sometime this month. I plan to utilize that option for our November cruise. You can check for an upgrade here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  20. Hello! I've read all of the answers here, which includes very good info! However, I will explain my personal experience as a first-timer to riding a jet ski. First off, I am in my late 60's and weigh 250#. My bucket list included riding a jet ski! Our ship docked at Labadee (not CocoCay) and hubby and I booked the ship's excursion. I, too, had some anxiety about it, mainly because, if I fell off, I was sure that I would be unable to get back on! The instructors were great!! We watched the safety video and listened to our instructors carefully. They asked about our previous experience and placed ones who had ridden a jet ski before at the front of the pack. With no experience, we were placed somewhere in the middle. Riding around the port area where the water was smooth was great and I was having a blast! Once we rode farther away from port, the water became pretty choppy and the jet ski was a little harder to handle. However, like our guides said, it is a fact that the ski is easier to control at a faster speed vs a slower speed. So, I drove as fast as I felt that I could without falling off! At one stop, I only demoted back one spot, so I was still in the middle of the line. After we finished our ride, the rider behind me exclaimed how well I did! She said, "Man, your butt was flying way up off of your seat but you hung in there a done a great job!" I believe she was surprised that I did that well, given my age/weight! In summary, the instructors are great and I do not regret doing it! Would I do it again? Maybe on a smooth lake somewhere but never, ever again in the open ocean!! Been there, done that!! Go ahead and challenge yourself or you may always wonder, "what if?" Have a great cruise!! Cheers!!
  21. You can try to upgrade on-line here (unless not enough time before cruise): https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
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