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  1. I am in Ohio, I can confirm that school is canceled for the next 3 weeks. They also said 3 weeks FOR NOW. They will contact us if it is extended........
  2. No where in that article does it talk about money........
  3. It would be nice if NCL would offer perks or OBC to those of us still cruising.
  4. NCL Sun on March 23rd out of Port Canaveral. Unless ships start getting turned away at our ports or some other major development, we are still going.
  5. Everyone who knows we are going on a cruise has sent me this meme. I bet I have it 20+ times in my message box.......
  6. Booked to go on the Sun on March 23rd. I am not canceling unless something drastic happens between now and then...... Here is my question though. If we cruise, and someone on the ship falls ill, and the entire ship is quarantined off coast for 30 days, who pays for the room while we are there? I called NCL and asked the question, they did not have an answer. "You shouldn't have to pay" they said, but they didn't have a policy or anything. I am going to need more than a random customer service agent agreeing I shouldn't be responsible for the cost. I read in another thread that RCCL has a policy that states the passengers are responsible for any time spent on the ship after there disembarking date.
  7. I have 4 upgrade offers. I bid on 3 of them. Which one will they take? I bid the most money on the one I want the most, of course, then less on the others. I called NCL, the person I spoke with did not have an answer, instead of me an email address to send an email to and ask. Thought I would ask here first.
  8. Bumping up an old thread, here is the formula they use. I just got off the phone with them. Booked the cruise 90 days from sailing, now 26 days before sailing, price dropped significantly. They take the price difference between the 2 first passengers. Add that together. Then offer 25% of that total in OBC. Example. Passenger 1 original fair = $1000 Passenger 2 original fair = $1000 Passenger 1 cheaper fair = $800 Passenger 2 cheaper fair = $800 (passengers 3,4,5 etc, do not count) Difference is $200 per person, so $400 total. 25% of 400 is $100 of OBC. Edit: They also look for a room upgrade, which only consists of the same room type you booked. I booked a sail away balcony, so they looked for a sail away mini suite, which of course were all already booked. So no dice, I get the OBC.
  9. Thanks all. Like I said in my OP, I already watched videos on YouTube, it happens, some of them are 2 you posted.......
  10. We have the opportunity to upgrade from our balcony on deck 8 near aft, to a mini suite, somewhere. LOL. Is it worth $300? (that is what I would bid) The youtube videos make it look like the room is marginally larger. Are there other perks that go with a suite?
  11. I am on that cruise. Booked a balcony room for $417 a person a few weeks ago.......
  12. We cruising on the Sun to the Bahamas for Spring Break. Looking at booking a shore excursion in Nassau "Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day" through NCL. Has anyone done this excursion? Does NCL limit your time on the island? The excursion details state 5hrs, but what if we wanted to stay longer? We are in port from 8am-5pm, excursion says it starts at 8:30am. What if we wanted to stay until 3pm or 4pm then head back to the ship? I can purchase the excursion from other companies, but like the idea of using NCL, unless they are going to limit our time.
  13. We are considering getting a day pass for our March 25th visit to the Bahamas. Is the pool heated? I have heard the ocean will be fairly cold in March, and the girls will want to swim. It was suggest we get a day pass to a resort. https://www.resortforaday.com/lighthouse-pointe-at-grand-lucayan/#2020-03-25 Thoughts?
  14. I think we've decided to book the Sun for Spring Break, last minute gig. Anything special we should know about NCL, The Sun, rooms, etc? We have only been on Carnival cruises........ Sail away balcony? Price isn't bad......... Oceanview?
  15. THANK YOU. We have only ever been on Carnival cruises, so am curious to try out a different cruise line. I like the intinerary better on the Sun. Is there enough to do for 2 adults and a 16yr old on the smaller ship? What about room sizes? How do they compare? Both Oceanviews.......
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