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  1. I am not looking for all the bells and whistles. Ship age means little to me, knowing how often the refit the ships and update everything. I hear people talk about enjoying the smaller ships. I have only been on, I guess, "mid size" ships. The allure of the mega ships does not entice me. I do not feel "the more the merrier". Specifically, what about the smaller, older ships, do you like? Is there enough to do for people that don't really participate in the planned activities? Pools good? Hot tubs good? I appreciate your post, but didn't really answer my question about
  2. The Fascination is scheduled to go in to dry dock/refurbishment Nov 2020. We are looking to book a Spring Break 2021 or summer 2021 cruise. We like the Fascination's itinerary. Based on the reviews, the ship is in pretty bad shape. How well do they refurbish the older ships in these dry docks? Of course they do not redo the rooms, but do they bring the ship back to "like new" condition? With the less expensive cost of an older ship, we can afford to book a suite, so we will be in one of the larger/nicer rooms...... Thoughts?
  3. Thank you for the detailed reply..... Our itinerary is close to yours: 2 sea days Aruba Curacao Amber Cove La Romana 1 sea day While I am thrilled about Aruba and Curacao, I am less interested in Amber Cove and La Romana. I have an excursion planned for Amber Cove, but I think we will just hit the beach in La Romana for a bit and head back to the ship. I have a few close friends that said both stops were just ok. It's not just a few petty complaints, it's pretty wide spread across all online forums, FB, IG, and other
  4. I am on MANY auto forums, so I deal with it regularly. It just never makes sense to me. I filter it out anyway, so really, it is just a waste of space and clutters up the thread, which is my main issue with it. I am not concerned about that small stuff either. Rust and worn carpets aren't a concern. You will find that on any public property, not just a cruise ship. I am more concerned about actual functionality issues I have been reading about. AC not working, sewage systems breaking down, entertainment shows/acts being canceled, etc.
  5. I appreciate the replies, but all of the people making the obvious comments about the ships age, salt water, rust (I never asked about rust??), etc, aren't really necessary. You are pointing out the obvious....... I have been on ships that were 20 years old and looked new. It all depends on how the ship is holding up to the thousands of people weekly getting on and off. That is why I asked for recent passengers to post. All cruise lines care for their ships in different ways. Carnival isn't known for top shelf. I think this question is perfectly valid. Light me on fire for this pos
  6. I really appreciate all of the replies. Very encouraging. We are booked in a balcony on deck 11, hopefully we won't notice any of the sewage smells.
  7. I keep seeing posts about the poor shape the Magic is in. Can anyone confirm this? The daughter and I love going on cruises, but the wife is less than thrilled. I chose this cruise (June 6, 2020) because of the itinerary. Based on the reviews I am seeing, I am considering moving to another ship/cruise. If the Magic really is in bad shape, I do not wish to expose my wife to less than excellent conditions to sour the taste of cruising even more. We are trying to convince her in to booking more! We are still 8 months out from our cruise, so conditions will only get worse........ I am
  8. Yes I have reached out to the easily found companies on Google. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on private independent tour guides. When we visited Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman, I found some private tour guides that were "word of mouth" type advertisements from people on cruise forums. They turned out to be the best experiences we have ever had when doing excursions. Looking for something along those lines if possible......
  9. I've read web pages, reviews, and topics, most are very old and outdated. Who has done it? Who did you rent from? Any up to date tips/tricks/info? Our cruise ship is docking at 9am, after most tours leave for the early visit. I do not want to do the 2pm trip because it is in the middle of the day. Thinking of renting the jeep so we can do our own thing, hit some beaches, and see the island ourselves........
  10. We are visiting Aruba in June 2020, docking from 9am-11pm on the Carnival Magic. Most Natural Pool tours depart at 8:30am or 9am, too late for us given our arrival time. I would prefer to NOT take the alternate 2pm tour, in the middle of the day, I have other things I want to do. Are there other options that don't cost $1000+? Private tours?
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