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  1. I did receive my refund from Princess to my Costco Citi card. Still waiting for Citi to refund my money. They keep extending it. First it was to verify the funds. Now it is to process the transfer back to me. I will be using a different CC going forward. Citi will have a significant loss as we cruise over 100 days a year.
  2. My Chase credit card sent me my cash in 2 days My Citi card is still verifying the refund from Princess even though Chase had more cash to deal with. May not use my Citi card any more for travel
  3. This is not a dispute. It is the cash from the Princess refund that I requested be sent to me.
  4. I am still waiting for Citi to refund my Princess refund. They are still verifying???????????
  5. Finally All 6 cruises refunded minus $200 Future Cruise Deposits. Haven't checked our Princess accts to see if they have been posted back to the accounts
  6. We were on the June 13 Alaska. I had 5 cabins. Tomorrow is 90 days. I filed a complaint with the CA BBB today
  7. I understand your frustration. I am still waiting for the refunds for my family cruise (5 cabins) Wednesday, July 1st will be 12 weeks, since I cancelled . I was told it would take longer than normal so expect a refund in 4 to 6 weeks.
  8. Was the representative on the main reservation line or a different number?
  9. I hope that your October cruise happens. The Prime Minister of Australia just restricted all international travel through 2020 and possibly to mid 2021
  10. Welcome to the home of the frustrated. Even though we are frustrated many great proceses that people utilized to help expedite their refunds
  11. The Prime Minister just announced the travel restrictions. It will take a while for the cruise industry to adjust. Just don't book cruises that you know won't happen. If cruisers do book, they will find themselves completely frustrated as many of us are waiting for refunds.
  12. Allen, Congratulations. Can you provide the specifics on how to file with the FMC? I went out to their web site which appears to focus on shipping.
  13. Had the 2nd part of our B2B cancelled. We had to get our own hotel on 3/8. We received our reimbursement check for the hotel today, 6/22.
  14. I do feel that loyal passengers with over 700 cruise days and 127 booked in 2020 should receive extra perks
  15. We are also Elite. It appears it doesn't mean anything any more. Even on Board they treat the Club class better
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