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  1. Okay, here’s my understanding—please tell me if I’m wrong! Our base cruise fare was $1500 for one stateroom. On my invoice, it shows I paid $1000 for me, $500 for my bf, and $0 for each of the kids (Because it was Kids Sail Free). Does the FCC come back exactly like that? So I’ll have $1000 I can use only on me, $500 I can use only on my bf, and nothing for each of the kids? And then how is the extra 25% distributed? Evenly to each person in the stateroom? This is what I thought the RCI rep told me when I called, but I just want to make sure others were told the
  2. I called about this earlier today. The rep told me they were creating a list of those of us with BofA onboard credit, using the cancelled sailing’s reservation number. When we rebook, it should automatically apply to our new sailing. (Although I’m going to call closer to that date if I see it applied!)
  3. We're on this sailing too. :) (Myself, the boyfriend, and our two daughters.) We're bringing most of what you listed, plus clear waterproof phone/ID/cash bags to wear on us while in the pool or the beach at ports. Also probably going to bring a little sponge and dishwashing liquid to clean out the refillable Coke cups they'll give us with the soft drink plan. See you on the ship!
  4. We're renting a Jeep while in Grand Cayman. I'm trying to compile a list of places we might stop. So far I've got Starfish Point, the blowholes (worthwhile?), a beach somewhere (the less busy, the better), and a lunch spot somewhere. Where would you go if you had a car in Grand Cayman? FWIW, we're two adults and two elementary-aged kids. We're more interested in nature/beach experiences, historical points of interest, fun casual restaurants, and out-of-the-way spots than in shopping or the bigger tourist draws (like the turtle farm or swimming with the dolphins). Beach-wise, I've n
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