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  1. Red Ginger is our favourite!! I know, everybody's taste is different!! Our friends took the cruise with us all because of Red Ginger!!!!
  2. Agreed! It is wonderful to replace the "public" tub with a bigger walk-in larger shower!! Save space, more hygienic, and safer to walk in and out. Great! We like the design of the Vista. Can't wait to be onboard!
  3. Agreed with you. Celebrity no longer value their loyal customers. Luckily there are cruise line(s) that still do. We will change and stay with our another preferred cruise line which values their loyal customers and has not lower/changed their loyalty benefits. Very sad, as we used to love Celebrity...
  4. That is a great idea!! A win-win situation for both X and its loyal customers. Only happy customers will be loyal repeating customers - other wise, they will go somewhere else. Agreed: Celebrity needs to offer two prices on all cruises- AI and no perks included.
  5. Agreed! We are Elite+ too. We don't drink alcoholic - just don't like the taste! The internet is the perk that we can really use. Now that the new "AI" pricing is so much higher than before that I don't see the added value at all. Sorry, we will choose another cruise line and compare the value in our future cruise bookings.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. It will be a good business idea to have choices of pricing, i.e., one price for NOT always included but keep the old Captain's Club loyalty benefits; and another one for Always Included pricing. Celebrity is going to lost our business with the current price structure...
  7. Now that Celebrity has increased the cruise price to become "Always Included". They takes away most of the perks for Captain's Club Elite and above benefits. Now Celebrity includes drink package while Elite and above always have complementary drinks during cocktail hours and 290 mins free internet for Elite+. Now these amenities are included in the Always Included cruise price which you have to pay for them. It looks likes that you have to pay for your Captain's Club benefits which was included!! Your comments and thoughts please.
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