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  1. Our Anthem cruise in July has been cancelled and in the cancellation letter it said if you accepted the option of 125% future cruise credit you should receive it by April 16th so this would be about 2 weeks from the email setting out the options. I have booked two cruises b2b for next May/June at quite a good price with the crown and anchor balcony discount! I hope to apply the credit to one of these cruises, it should almost pay one off.
  2. Just wondering, as anyone ever took the 125% future cruise credit from a cruise booked via an agent in the US and applied it to a new booking with a uk agent? Don’t know if this is ok or not!
  3. Tanks guys. So I will try and sort this with my travel agent xx
  4. Hope someone knows the answer, our Anthem cruise has been cancelled and one of the options is to receive the 125% future cruise credit! Does anyone know if this can be applied to help pay off an existing cruise or does it have to used on a new booking. Thanks, Dianne
  5. Same here little Britain, We should of been going to Norway 8 nts in July! Husband not keen on us travelling all the way to Southampton to travel to places we can visit easily. Might look at the lift and shift for next year. Think you were on one of our last cruises out of Dubai last year!
  6. We have sailed the Suez Canal 4 times and loved all those 🚢 cruises! But wow don’t think it would be much fun at the moment😂
  7. We have a b2b we would board as you disembark, Portugal round trip, 20 days. This was booked when they cancelled Connie, I’m also keeping fingers crossed!Dianne
  8. You have had a similar experience to us! I lift and shifted my Constellation b2b from September 2020 to Connie September 2021then once those cruises were cancelled moved the bookings to Infinity September, this is beside 6 other lost cruises over the last 12 months, I would be very disappointed if they cancelled us off these remaining cruises too. Dianne
  9. Just wondered about the user name😂We lookout to sea and the Isle of Man is right in front of us, thought we could wave🖐Hope you don’t have too long to wait for your refund! Funny enough we have a Norwegian fiords on Anthem for this July booked,would be the first time on this class of ship, don’t think it will sail so maybe I’ll be waiting for refunds yet again! Crazy times.
  10. Hi, Snaefell are you in the Isle of Man by any chance? I had two cruises cancelled by Celebrity on 13th January and my refunds were back on my card on 21st! Royal cancelled my April cruise in November and the refund took 4weeks! Hope you get yours back soon.Dianne
  11. Absolutely! I wasn’t expecting all that cash back so quick, bank balance has never been as good😂With all the ones we were refunded last year we bought a new car and gave the kids extra cash at Christmas
  12. My Constellation cruises, two b2b June and September were cancelled on the 12th January along with all the other Connie Europe trips in 2021! I’m happy to say I have received full refunds in my bank on the 21st of this month, In the present climate I think this is great😀Though I hope this is the end of my cancellations just thought I would share this with you all.Dianne
  13. This time last year we were on Jewel first part of b2b2b arrived home on February 11th 2020! Now 6 cruises cancelled so far since then and almost definitely more to come later this year! Cruising still seems a long way off!
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