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  1. Sounds a good offer! We will be on the same cruise also inside with no perks so would be great 😊Dianne
  2. That’s what I get from my TA in Florida I’ve had no problem in many bookings with her! When I book in the uk or direct with Celebrity cruises I get the guest copy as well. Dianne
  3. I think it must be US cruisers only, we have sailed 30 times with Celebrity in 9 yrs and have never had a thank you email! Would be a nice gesture. Dianne
  4. Yes they will give you the first one if you ask, I know a lot of people collect them; we have the same cabins this time it is better! Dianne
  5. Oh you are in for a treat! Only thing is it’s an addiction 😂 We like to be away for 3-4 weeks so that’s one of the reasons we mostly do b2b, and there’s changeover day when everyone is leaving and you are only half way through😊bliss!
  6. Sure you will have a great time! Love this ship and have done many b2b s in the med never tire of it
  7. Thanks for the information, we will be on the same cruise first part of our b2b! SameCD and captain as our June cruise, Alejandro is great fun! Dianne
  8. We were on the ship last month as well! Same thing happened Captain said he was trying not to arrive early, lovely ports of call on those cruises! We will back on September/ October for similar b2b and I’m counting the days😄
  9. Have had fresh fish and mussels brought on board in the morning and served at lunch, this has been on a number of our med cruises with Celebrity! Much better than some of the frozen stuff they usually serve, a real treat!
  10. Correct we did this last November on Celebrity we left the ship the night before to fly home when she was overnight in Abu Dhabi, there was no charge only downside we missed a day of the cruise
  11. We had the same experience on last months b2b, a lot younger folks on both cruises a few more family’s and a nice up beat atmosphere! Like you food wasn’t great but service was very good. Still one of our favourite ships and looking forward to our Autumn cruises on her! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Dianne
  12. When we were on last month he said he would see us on our b2 b at the end of September/ October
  13. We also love those wee espresso/ gelato drinks! On our b2b earlier this month the first part we had a beverage package so had quite a few of those😉but second cruise just had our elite plus benefits so had to buy them so as said only teas and espresso, late etc included
  14. Haha, we just breakfast in the Captains club in Tuscan fresh fruit and brown toast! But we always get a big discount on the speciality restaurants, Hubby goes to the gym every morning for 2 hours as he does at home, I read and wander round the ship while he does😂Dianne
  15. On both cruises there was a good mix of nationalities which I do like, on the first we were invited one evening to a cocktail party with live music for all the Brits on board! Went out of curiosity it was really nice but have never come across this before.We found the age groups a lot younger on both cruises to what we are used to but that’s something I liked! Everything went on to after midnight, we have been on ships when 10.30 is bedtime😆Even though these are quite port intensive cruises people seem to be lively enough.Dianne
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