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  1. Well I think we have been very fortunate, we are elite plus now but well before this we were invited to 3 captains table; 3 dinner in specialty restaurants, and a number of bottles of wine and other complimentary gifts! Most of these times we were in ocean view or inside cabins, no idea why we got these, but very nice.Dianne
  2. We have sailed with p&o many times but that was when our kids were small and always had a lovely time! But once the family had grew up it was no longer our choice. RCL We have sailed lots of times and still enjoy. But Celebrity I think are a different product and are our brand of choice! Next years prices do seem expensive I’ve booked a couple and will wait and see if the price drops before final. I would take the refund and look out for better deals in the future. Dianne
  3. I’ve shifted my September2020 to Sept 2021 so hope they keep Connie!
  4. So understand what you are saying! When my Dad was alive he hated us going away so we used to tell him about a week before we went, I know my kids will give us a hard time if we cruise this year with the virus fear, they used to carry on when we cruised anywhere there had been the slightest unrest. Friends as well have told us they know we won’t be cruising for years 😂hope to be sailing all five we have booked so far for next year!Stay safe and keep your dreams.
  5. I agreeKTB Nothing worse than someone breathing on the back of your neck in a line! Same as sun beds, I don’t even like my bed next to the hubby unless there’s a good gap😂
  6. I received my refunds in 4 payments all to same card on the same day, when added up the refund was $100 less than what I had paid! I emailed my agent and she said the other $100 would be on my card in a couple of days, and that has been the case. No idea if the $100 was a mistake but I’m really happy and relieved to get all the full fare back!
  7. Hi everyone! Just checking my credit card balance and a lovely surprise! Celebrity have refunded my cancelled June cruise, it’s been in my account for 4 days so I’m very relieved. I got 4 separate payments which when added up were $100 short of my fully paid up cruise. I’ve emailed my agent to see if they have made a mistake, but hey at least I’ve got all the rest. This cruise was cancelled in the last round and I requested a refund on the 17th of April, so under a month, that to me is acceptable in the circumstances, I hope you are all getting your refunds soon.Dianne
  8. I know this is different, as I was booked on celebrity western Mediterranean. But I managed to get an eastern Mediterranean for next June it was the same ship leaving a few days later for the same length 10 days. But very different itinerary!
  9. di T

    Hello 2021!

    We are in the same position and yesterday I moved my September/October cruise to next September. Actually feel relieved because I was also resigned to Europe 2020 cruises not sailing! The sunny weather has been a blessing and I’ll now be happy when this is over and I can go visit my daughter and baby grandson in Aberdeen! Just need to fight for my airfare refunds😂
  10. Hi everyone, well I’ve been a busy bee the last couple of days! I decided to see about the lift and shift for my b2b in September this year, I contacted my agent and she moved them to September next year same perks and actually $100 less to pay next June! It was the same ship and same duration and almost the same itinerary. So I’m happy I would of been making final payment next month. I had the first part of my June B2B cancelled by Celebrity and I’m waiting for a refund, the second cruise I expect them to cancel any day! So I decided to get in touch with the agent I booked these and nearly all my cruises with to see if I could do the lift and shift with the 12th June cruise on Connie to one on the 14th next year, cruise length was the same but the itinerary was east med instead of west as was booked. Delighted to say no problem! Dianne
  11. Think I’d go for the 10 nights on Connie, some great ports there! But all three look good
  12. Favourite ship and my favourite destinations! Thanks for the memories
  13. The ship is not shabby in my opinion, in fact I would be happy to sail on her even though it looks like the facelift isn’t going to happen soon! We had four cruises on Connie last year the last one in October 2019! We have had the first part of our b2b cancelled and are waiting for them to cancel the June 12th leg.I believe this ship has one of the best crew of any Celebrity ships and we have been on six of the other ships. The ship is older but well kept!
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