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  1. If you don’t want to post your details you can fax and have a response in 24 hours. I fax from the local PO because my business gave up faxing years ago. I am hoping they make it into the 21st Century soon!
  2. Thank you! We are staying in Yokohama so all good. Nice to get a little extra shopping done before we sail.
  3. Anyone who has cruised from Yokohama on HAL Know whether you can disembark after you have checked in and boarded? Ship doesn’t sail until 11pm but checkin starts at 1pm so we are wondering if you can get off and wander around before sail away time. Obviously have to be onboard for the safety drill but there are some great places that would be nice to walk around after dark.
  4. One of my closest friends is a Family Doctor and recommended my husband and I both got the yellow fever vaccine before we are 60 for this reason. We had to explain to our new Dr (we have move to a rural area) and he didn’t want to do it, wanted to wait until we were going somewhere we had to have it...until he looked up the latest research and was more than happy to do it while our risk was low. We paid the retail price of the vaccine in Australia (around US$80) but our health fund reimbursed all but about US$30.
  5. We book a Neptune a suite so have unlimited laundry. We always write cold wash or ask for items to be dry cleaned. I have only ever had one issue and that was a ladies dress that was supposed to look crinkled that I asked not to be ironed. They must have worked super hard to iron it because it’s been flat ever since. I just laugh...it’s like a completely different dress now but still a favourite! Its a fantastic service and makes packing much easier, especially if you are on a long trip.
  6. I love the Corner aft for the size of the balcony. I once read a description of the movement of the ship there as “a dog wagging its tail” it does move a bit differently but, in my opinion, is WAY better than a forward cabin. We usually book a Neptune GTY but have never lucked out and been allocated a Corner aft on a GTY booking, I think they are just too popular!
  7. My kids always look forward to a supply of Perky Nanas when we go to NZ. Had heaps of trouble finding them last year! We were worried they had stopped making them!
  8. RCCL do look after their suite guests. The concierge lounge is nice with the cocktails in the evening, quite like a club lounge in a hotel. They also had reserved seats in the theatre and deck chairs for suite guests. When we went they didn’t have a separate suite restaurant and we weren’t keen on the food. The new restaurant would be a big improvement. It’s hard to beat a Celebrity Suite if you can get one at the right price. They really look after their suite guests. An alternative may be an aqua class cabin on Celebrity which has a separate restaurant and access to the thermal suite which she may enjoy.
  9. 100% agree! The north offers the Maori Cultural experiences and the geothermal wonders...there is nothing like bubbling mud and geysers! The south is gorgeous and my favourite but that’s because of the mountains and fiords which you are very familiar with.
  10. Definitely contact RCCL special needs dept. We were in Noumea last Sunday and noticed some of The HOHO buses were wheelchair accessible, others weren’t so you could get around but would have to wait for an accessible bus.
  11. Update from Lautoka today. Several local vendors selling tours on the wharf. Most are pushing the Nadi/SLeeping Giant/Drive around town tours. My husband was looking at snorkeling and was offered Beachcomber Island with transfers to Vuda Marina by minibus then boat to Beachcomber. Morning tea, lunch and non motorised water sports included for F$95 then F$90 by the next vendor...so prices are definitely negotiable. There is a FREE shuttle bus service provided by the Tappoo shopping centre which takes you right into the middle of town. If you are just going for a wander around town and wanting to look at the shops it’s a great option. The shopping mall is in the heart of town, very clean, air conditioned, has bathrooms and eating and drinking options. We had been to Fiji many times so wandered around the town then saw a new release movie at the very nice cinema for less than A$5. If we were up for it we could have enjoyed a beer or wine from the cinema bar while we watched the movie.
  12. We were in Noumea last Sunday. Basically everything in town is shut. Morning market is open until noon. Casino supermarket across from cruise terminal until.12.30. Not sure even they would be open on Easter Monday. I recommend you ask on TripAdvisor Noumea forum and a local can tell you. HOHO bus ticket was A$12 or $24 with Duck Island water taxi when bought from cruise terminal in town. Free Internet access was limited to 5 minutes at cruise terminal or 2 hours at park in town. Just sit anywhere shady in the park and you should get access. You need to have your mobile phone so you can receive a txt to get access.
  13. We were in Vila a few days ago. We like taking the water taxi to town from the ship. This time the water taxis were offering to take you to beaches off the harbour for a swim and pick u up and bring you back to town or the ship rides seemed to be $5 each pretty much anywhere in the Harbour. Other people negotiated longer hires of the water taxi to poodle around and do some small boat siteseeing. I don’t know the price but wouldn’t be outrageous.
  14. Thanks. We can drop off luggage and wander on from there and come back later to board.
  15. Just wondering if we are still able to leave the ship after embarkation at the OPT. Himself was hoping to have lunch then nip off and see his workmates before the final all aboard. We have done that in the past but I thought the rules had changed and once you are on you are on. If not, what time would be the earliest he could drop luggage? Sailing is Noordam this week. Thanks
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