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  1. Wow! So helpful and laid out in such a user-friendly way. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I know a lot of people will be extremely grateful to you for this :D
  2. Awesome!! I have come to the realization that I can google pretty much anything and get an answer! Lol!!
  3. I know....BUT, there is a way around it! I googled "how to fix photobucket 3rd party hosting" There is a youtube video that walks you through it... go to 'tools', then 'more tools', then 'extensions', then 'get more extensions', then 'fix photobucket hotlink fix', then click 'add to chrome' and it worked! I was able to see all of the menus! as long as you do it in the chrome search engine.
  4. There is a thread by 'flagmom' called Sunshine 8 Day Menus from the 2/24 sailing. She posts pics of every menu!
  5. According to the deck plans on Carnival website, it is not a connecting cabin.
  6. There is a post listing the Vista 6 day menus! :D Its in a thread by Serene56 called Vista 6 day fun times. Thanks Serene!! It was posted last night If I knew how to link it to this post I would but I don't know how to do that - sorry!
  7. Any chance you have the menus for dinners in the MDR? Was hoping to see ahead of time so that we can figure out which night we should go to the steak house.
  8. We have been to both. We loved Mr. Sanchos. Nice beach, pool with swim-up bar, the food on the all-inclusive menu was very good...loved that it was not a buffet - they give you a menu and you order what you want and they bring you as much as you want. It's fresh and yummy. Very relaxing and fun day. Playa Mia was pretty good. We chose it primarily because of the pools/slides that they have since we have kids. Food not as good and not as 'private' of an experience. Felt more crowded and touristy. Would go back to Mr. Sanchos in a heartbeat. Would probably pass on Playa Mia again.
  9. Well, you can order a drink and wait the mandatory 5 minutes between drinks, and then order a shot to add to your drink. :D And there is your double shot drink!
  10. Hi All, I just reserved these 2 staterooms on the Vista for spring break. Usually I book our cruises myself online but I decided to call Carnival this time because I was having difficulty locating connecting ocean view staterooms on my own. This set of cabins (1465 and 1469) have the little "connecting staterooms" icon when I look at the deck plans on the website. However, when I looked at it on a different location (still on carnival's website!) it doesn't have the icon indicating that they are connecting. And then other websites that show deck plans - some say yes and some say no! The woman I spoke to from carnival assures me that they are connecting but I'm not sure how she knows for sure since there is varying info. Anyone know how I can find out for sure if they are connecting rooms?? By the way, an obvious solution may seem like I should have just chosen a different pair of connecting rooms but unfortunately, there are no others available. Thanks for any help!
  11. I second Little French Key in Roatan. We spent the day there and had a wonderful time.
  12. Thanks Hawkeye. No, unfortunately, I haven't prepaid for any specialty dining yet. We have only been on one other NCL cruise so far and one of my favorite things was going to the various specialty restaurants each night. I'm going to have to figure this out and decide if it will be worth it to book ahead or not. So , if you don't buy a SDP but you do want to make reservations online before your cruise, how does it work with paying ahead of time (since the restaurants are now a la carte as compared to a set price per person?)
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