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  1. We opted to stay slightly out of town and then just park at the port this time vs doing our usual park and cruise routine. Seems like it was a good decision - we’ve just been tooling around shopping all day, headed for lunch now, then not long after parking. I’m going to guess the shuttles will be a dogs breakfast with eve thing being compacted into a few hours now. At least the BW had a full coach bus for a shuttle last time we were there vs the minibus or van options the holiday inn and others use.
  2. Curious if they offered you all aboard any compensation for things? Flight changes and all that costs money we all know.
  3. I’m going to guess we will be doing muster tomorrow....since the email did say sail away would be right after everyone is onboard. Trying to do a rushed muster at potentially 8-9pm with thousands of hungry (and slightly disgruntled) people trying to make the best of dinner would be unlikely to go well. SOLAS gives 24 hours for it to happen. Although unusual for a cruise line to exercise that (particularly since *cough*, Costa Concordia) it seems likely in this situation.
  4. Got the email at 8:20 here. $15 PP stateroom credit seems a little weak to me considering not arriving at the port until 6:30 as ordered means not only buying lunch for many, but probably dinner as well. Reality is most people won’t probably get onboard until 7-8pm at the earliest. Well, it is what it is. Good news is no effect on our itinerary at least. Luggage is our next concern. My question is...will the staterooms be open as soon as we board? They’d have to ask current guests to vacate early so the attendants can turn them over. If th
  5. 8AM has come and gone without the promised update from Carnival. They did just pre-auth my credit card on file for $200 though. 🙄 Current location of the ship is still over 100 miles from Baltimore, although still making19 knots. Looks like there was some sort of hold up through the night.
  6. Last the ship popped up on AIS it was now making almost 22 knots, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say whatever mechanical issues were at play have been addressed. I actually just checked again and she's now reporting 22.6 knots so they are definitely running wide open now - that's actually faster than her normal service speed. She's showing off Cape Hatteras now so it's actually a little further north than I feared. Just measured roughly 120 miles to the mouth of the Chesapeake. At current speed that should put her at the mouth and picking up her pilot around
  7. Ack, 5:15. Well, it is what it is I guess. Will be a late sail away for us on the flip side - hopefully we can still make our full day in Half Moon Cay (first port day for us) as a result. Of all the ports of call on this itinerary that’s the one I’d least like cut short. 🙁 i
  8. The ship doesn’t usually arrive until 10am anyways, so arguably, by typical disembarkation day standards, you get to sleep in either way. Within reason.
  9. They often open up the wifi for free And provide some free phone minutes in these sorts of situations to allow people to make the necessary changes. Still not fun. But a potential reality anytime you cruise.
  10. At 8am today when she last reported on AIS the ship was still off the coast of Georgia and was showing she was only making 19 knots. I’d say arrival well after noon tomorrow is likely now. Even if they get their propulsion issues fixed and pick up speed they’re still going to struggle to make time. Guess we’ve got some time to kill tomorrow after checking out from the hotel.
  11. Thanks, glad to know it wasn't just me. 😉
  12. Seems to be fixed now. Tried it at my BIL's place earlier (just to rule out it was my ISP or something weird) and it was still dead...but now it's working everywhere.
  13. Can someone else try the msccruises.ca website and tell me if it's not working for them either? Again this morning I can get to the point of the choice of available itineraries, but when I select the one we are looking at (the 12 night on October 22 2020 out of NYC) and click the "Select" button to actually select a stateroom option, it just goes to a mostly blank screen with the MSC header across the top, and nothing more. And Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂
  14. So, the .com (USA) website appears to be working now. The .ca (Canadian) website appears to be still DOA. I tend to favour booking in our own currency as otherwise we're subject to the currency swings.
  15. Doing some Christmas eve dreaming and have been sniffing around at MSC after someone recommended we try the Yacht Club experience. However, both the MSCcruises.ca and .com websites appear to be broken. The .ca website just goes to a blank page right after you select a cruise, and the .com website just seems to freeze up part way through the selection process - can't even get to a stateroom selection. Tried on mobile and 3 different browsers on my laptop, same results. Can anyone else confirm if it's busted for them as well?
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