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  1. Thanks for posting this. The answers are helpful! We've signed up for a vow renewal on our January cruise on the Sky. Hubby picked the day we're in Costa Maya because he doesn't care about getting off the ship there. I hope that day works and they don't switch it to a sea day. Or, if they do, they let us know well before we sail (not the day we get on the ship). Our two DDs and I want to get hair and makeup done for the ceremony. I'm already anxious about whether we'll be able to get the times we need, together, for hair & makeup, lol. So good to hear from everyone here that it's worth the $$.
  2. I'm excited for this! Will definitely sign up for it on our January cruise!
  3. Yes, I did both on the laptop yesterday and on the tablet today. Honestly, I've had this issue on the site forever. I just never come on here until I've booked a cruise, but I have this trouble with my laptop every time I start using the site. I can't even tell you how many times I've reset my password. I've lost count.
  4. Done. Did not work. Will not allow me to log in. The only way I can login is if I reset my password. I have done that at least a dozen times over the last fews days. In fact, every time I go to the website, that's what I have to do. I know my password. I know I'm putting it in right. It will not allow me to login. Even then, when I reset the password and I can SEE I'm logged in, once I hit the "Boards" tab, it says "To access this feature, please join or log in to this group," and BOOM, I'm out again and can only get back in by resetting my password. Which of course takes me to the home page, where I'm logged in ... until I hit the "Boards" tab. Round and round we go. I cannot use the site on my tablet. Or my phone. The same password thing happens with my laptop (yes, I've cleaned the cookies on that, too). Unless I leave the window open on my laptop at all times, it logs me out and will not let me log back in. I have to change my password. Every time. Every. Single. Time. However, at least when reset the password and it takes me to the site and I click on boards on my laptop, it takes me to the boards. But God help me if I log out, because I have to reset the password all over again. It's ridiculous. I don't always have my laptop, so I can only access the site when I'm home.
  5. My Samsung tablet shows that I am logged in. I had to click on "Desktop site" to do that. However, even though I am logged in, when I click on "boards" and try to click on the little bell, or "unread," "following" or "participated," the message comes up "To access this feature, please join or log in to this group." From that page, if I click on the three lines in the top LEFT of the screen, I get these options: Home, Login, Register & Settings. I don't understand why login is an option when two page clicks earlier, I was indeed logged in. So, I go ahead and click "login" and enter my username and password. I type it in, and a little message briefly pops up at the bottom of the screen that says "false." So.... I hit the back button a few times and find myself back at the home screen, where once again the "logout" option is next to the little person/profile icon. Which of course means I'm logged in. But I'm not. I can't go anywhere from there. When I try to, it's tells me "you must login ..." It's a never-ending circle. Please help.
  6. LOL, I'm thinking you might be right! Not very many in the roll call, so I don't know where else to advertise it if I do organize one. I guess I'll gauge interest in the roll call group and see what I get. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't someplace I wasn't looking, where there might already be one. Thanks!
  7. Thank you. nobody on the roll call is responding to my question about whether one is set up yet, so I'm guessing it hasn't. When you say "Have you asked about it?" I assume you mean in the roll call. If not, and there's someplace else I should ask, please let me know where that is. I do know that Cruise Critic doesn't sponsor them. I've only ever done one on a Royal Caribbean ship, and it was great. Would really like to do another. Do you know, are they just not as prevalent on Princess? Just curious.
  8. I apologize if this has been asked before, but since there are over 3,000 pages in this "Ask a Question" section, and no search box (???!), I'm posting this. How can I figure out if there's a Meet & Mingle for my cruise (Regal Princess December 16)? Where can I search for that? I'm on the roll call page already, but there's no mention of it there. I tried various ways to search before I posted here, but having spent about 30 minutes already, I gave up. Thank you for any help!
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