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  1. Great news! Thanks to all of you for the helpful info my CC friends provided. We contacted RAD Car Hire again and supplied copies of the insurance info in our contract. They have now said their first correspondence with them was a mistake. We owe nothing for the accident. The “No Excess” insurance we purchased covers the damage on the other vehicle! So thank you for encouraging us to follow up before we wrote that check! Lesson learned!
  2. Thank you so much, Leigh. We will follow up with Rad on Monday.
  3. Thank you all for your input and research! We just got home from our holiday, so we are actively looking into this. The quote #11 is the exact wording from our car hire company. It looks to me as the “no excess” insurance we purchased should cover $1900 damage to the other vehicle. Is that how you are reading this? If so, I wonder how to handle this from across the ocean!
  4. Thankfully, no one was injured in our accident. It was just a bump. My husband didn’t see any damage. (He wishes he had taken a photo). The lady he bumped into to got an estimate.... it’s $1900 NZ. Of course, we want to be fair & will pay for any damage caused by the accident. We have asked for a second estimate. And we told the rental company we would pay the repair company directly. We did pay for the extra “excess” insurance, but evidently it only covers the rental car. Our credit card does not offer car rental insurance. And our own insurance has a $1000 deductible, so we will pay out of pocket. From what I just read, NZ has a no fault policy, but is that just for bodily injury?
  5. We did purchase the “excess” insurance. We were told by the rental company (Rad Car Hire) that there would be zero out of pocket expenses if we were in an accident. Then when we called to report the accident, they said the insurance only covered the rental car. We exchanged information with the driver of the other car. No police report was filed. Unfortunately my husband didn’t take pictures of the damage on her car. He said it was very minor. She was afraid that there were some plastic parts broken that we could not see. She is supposed to send us an estimate of damages. But we haven’t heard anything back yet. It’s been over a week. I need to do more research on this “excess” insurance.
  6. We have returned from our wonderful adventure and thought I would report what we did on the three days we rented a car. Bay of Islands: We were able to see so much! We made a brief stop at Haruru Falls. Then headed to Manginagina Forest. We arrived before the cruise excursions so it was a very peaceful stroll. Heading towards the Kawiti Glow Worm Caves, we stopped at the famous Kawakawa bathrooms..and there was a very good bakery across the street. We loved the tour of the caves. Our guide was the youngest member of the family...a very bright and lovely 14 year old. I was impressed! We still had half a day so we asked her for recommendations for the afternoon. She recommended Stone House Heritage Park and we were glad we went. It was a lovely historical park, a lake and many beautiful flowers. On the way back to the ship, we had time to stop at the chocolate factory and Kauri craft shop in Kerkeri. This was a fun and full day! Tauranga: Here we stopped at the Okere Falls and Tutea Falls. It was one stop and a really nice walk. We enjoyed watching young, adventurous rafters going over the waterfalls! We continued on to Te Puia where we had 1pm tickets already purchased. Just a hint...you can arrive before your “show time” and begin your visit and see the geysers. The ticket time is just for the Maori Welcome Show. We only had a little time after our Te Puia visit to go see the Blue Lakes and Green Lakes. They are very close to Te Puia, but we only had time for a quick drive around. (In retrospect we should have skipped going there.). We drove straight back to the ship, but could not find a gas station to fill up the car, so my husband dropped us off in town and drove back 3km to the nearest station. Traffic was really bad by then & my husband barely made it back to ship in time. (There is more to that story.... leaving the gas station, my hubby back up and bumped the car behind him. It did no danger to the rental car, but the lady he hit said there was a dent in her bumper. We had purchased “no excess” car insurance, so he gave her his name and the name of the rental company. Now the rental company claims the insurance only covers the rental car.....hmmmmmm....they are supposed to email us an estimate for the repairs) Akaroa: Since there were 4 of us, it was more economical to rent a car than take the ship shuttle to Christchurch. And ....we got a BMW convertible, so we travelled in style! On the way back, it was warm enough to put the top down which was simply fantastic. The best part of our journey was the scenery. We are not city fans. If we were to do it all over, we would skip Christchurch and just enjoy a longer drive in God’s gorgeous creation. As a further note, just be aware that the cars you rent will likely not be new. The newest we rented was a 2012. But they were clean & in good condition. Car rentals in the ports are expensive. There were 4 of us splitting costs so our “excursions” were still less expensive than the ship’s. And a lot most flexible. New Zealand is gorgeous! Enjoy exploring!
  7. We are using Rad Car Hire in Tauranga. Its not cheap... But we are splitting it 4 ways, so it's less expensive than an excursion.. And much more flexible! 😁
  8. Yep, we noticed that also. So we were able to find a company that would meet us at the pier. Yay! Time saver!
  9. Spontaneity is my middle name! We are so looking forward to all the natural beauty NZ has to offer us! Thank you for your advice and encouragement!
  10. I’m a little behind technology times....what do you mean by data Sim? We have rented a GPS with each of our cars. Will that suffice?
  11. Thank you so much, Host Bonjour and 3Shelaghs! Such great, helpful info! We appreciate tips from people that have had memorable experiences! My husband is a very experienced driver. We recently lived in Germany for 5 years & he drove all over Europe, many tiny villages, in a standard car. I think he’ll be great. We have cars reserved in 2 ports: Akaroa, Tauranga. And for Bay of Islands, we have a car reserved in Kerikeri. It looks like that is 20 minutes away, but there were no cars available at the port. The other three ports, we will DIY by foot and shuttle buses. Any other suggestions are more than welcome!
  12. Our NCL cruise in January goes from Auckland to Bay of Islands, Tauranga, Napier, Picton, Akaroa and Dunedin. We are interested in Natural beauty and cultural events. There are 4 of us traveling on a budget. We are thinking of renting a car in each of these ports so we can get out and see the countryside. Any “Must sees” for road trips from any of these ports? I’ve done a bit of research, but sure would like to hear some of your recommendations! Thanks!
  13. Thanks, Hank. We will be in Tenerife on a Sunday. It appears Cicar is not open at the cruise terminal on Sundays. Any other suggestion?
  14. We are looking for an excursion in Tenerife. We were there a few years ago and did a full day overview of the island, including Mt. Teide. Has anyone been on the Celbrity excursion Music, Magic and Motion? It sounds interesting, but I can’t find any reviews on it. Otherwise, we may want to do something on our own...but info is scarce. Has anyone had a really good day DIY?
  15. Hi Lady Gator! Have you made it to Ibiza yet? Did you find a walking tour? We are going in November and good info is hard to find. We are on a waitlist for Spain Day Tours there. Would like any tour, but like you cannot find a walking tour review.
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