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  1. cc cruiser

    Getting from Dover to Canterbury

    We used Ed’s Taxi Tours in Dover. We went to Canterbury, Leeds Castle & the White Cliffs. Ed was knowledgeable and fun! He was able to throw in a few stops we had not requested...a WWII aircraft museum and a Battle of Britain memorial. We put together a group of eight on our Roll Call Board and it was only £56.25 each. It was great!
  2. We used them in Edinburgh & we very happy with our tour. Our driver/guide was very knowledgeable & friendly. While I can’t comment on the tour you are thinking of, I would recommend the company based on my experience. Have fun!
  3. And don’t you know...within 5 minutes of posting of this, I got a reply from Rabbies. No need to pre-pay excursions. They get discount tickets for us.
  4. We have a tour booked on Rabbies out of Edinburgh to Rosslyn Chapel & Melrose Abbey. I know we are responsible to pay the admissions to attractions. Is it advisable to pre-purchase these tickets to save time? I emailed Rabbies but haven’t gotten an answer. Thanks!
  5. Thank you so very kindly! I think we will take a taxi to be sure we get there in time for our scheduled visit. You are so helpful, Tartan! We appreciate you taking time to help us!
  6. We will be there July 21-22! Very soon!
  7. We will be on the Celebrity Eclipse. Thank you!
  8. Thank you all for the good information! I was apprehensive about DIY in Edinburgh...but with your good recommendations, I think we can do it! We will prebook tickets to the castle & palace. Starting from the castle, we will spend 2-3 hours there. Then mosey down the Royal Mile, being sure to see Canongate church and St. Giles Cathedral. Then head down to the palace. My question is, what is the best way to actually get to the castle to start our day? I read about the ship’s shuttle and about buses. But I don’t know exactly where they let off passengers. If a taxi is the only way to get directly to the castle, does anyone have an estimate of the taxi fare? Thank you all so much!
  9. cc cruiser

    Excursion with kids

    Thanks so much!
  10. cc cruiser

    Excursion with kids

    Is the walk from Mullet Bay to Maho safe with a 4 year old? As in, wide shoulders on the road, not too much traffic?
  11. cc cruiser

    Private tour driver in chania other than lefty.

    I also have just about given up on Lefty, which is a shame. I really enjoyed his tour, especially the lunch at a little local restaurant. I have emailed him twice, no response.
  12. cc cruiser

    Chania Taxi - At Port vs Pre-arrange

    That sounds like a great plan. I will be following this thread to see if anyone has ideas. We will be there in October. If I find any information, I will pass it on.
  13. cc cruiser

    Antigua....Elizabeth Bell or Other Walking Tour

    Thanks for the input! Based on this and Trip Advisor reviews, I think we will just wait til we get there and see if one of the guides suits our fancy. We'll go prepared with a walking map & CC recommendations. And Turtles06, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Jewel review. Even though our itinerary is different, I got a lot of good information...and inspiration...from your info!
  14. We plan on using the ship's transportation to Antigua. Once there, we would like to do a walking tour. We are debating whether to pre-book with Elizabeth Bell ($25) or wait til we get to te jade factory and find an independent tour operator ($10-15.) I would imagine all walking tours would include the same sights. Does anyone have a recent experience they can share?
  15. cc cruiser

    Blue Hole vs. Dunns River

    I can recommend Courtney Taylor tours. We went to the Blue Hole & we were the only ones there. It has become more popular since then though. I can't imagine it would be nearly as touristy as Dunn River Falls! I think your mother-in-law would enjoy it. The friends we went with just sat & watched my hubby cliff jumping & swinging on the ropes. I just swam. And we all enjoyed it. It is just a naturally beautiful place.