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  1. Just wondering if CCL has put the chicken tenders back on the grill menu?

    I have two picky eaters that love those things and our last cruise in October on Dream had none :eek: I liked the grilled chicken breasts and didnt remember those from our previous cruise on Valor so I was happy happy happy :p


    On non-2.0 ships, the tenders are there with the

    burgers, dogs and fries. On 2.0 ships I could

    find them as part of little tender sandwiches

    late at night in the back grill.

  2. I think it's definitely a matter of opinion - I much prefer fountain soda to a warm can of soda poured over ice. In addition, if I drink more than one can of Diet Coke, I get a migraine - but the artificial sweetener content in the fountain drinks is a bit different, and they don't give me headaches. That being said, I'll stick with Carnival and avoid soda - but it's one thing I really wish they'd implement.


    I agree - fountain soda is better thancanned soda.Not sure about the other ships, but on the Glorythe Red Frog / Blue Iguana have SODA GUNS!!!They dispense Coke, Diet Coke and I want to say Sprite and Ginger Ale... maybe soda water too..

  3. One of the most frustrating things on our Carnival cruises was paying for the soda card and then having bar tenders and waiters ignore you. Bartenders see that sticker on your card and wait on "paying" customers first. They have also been very curt with us. In the lounges for shows, waiters would take my order for a soft drink and then never bring it since it didn't mean extra tips for them.


    I have heard of this happening to others and

    I have no problem believing it has happened.


    But to be fair, I have to say I have NEVER

    had it happen to me on 10+ cruises.


    The last cruise we were on I didn't but any

    "hard" drinks - just used my soda card at every

    bar. The service I received was excellent -

    and before ANYONE GOES THERE: No I am

    not good looking or even in good shape for

    that matter LOl.


    After a day or two, they would see me and

    have my Diet Coke poured before I even

    ordered :)


    One young man at a bar remembered my

    name after the first day and went out

    of his way to make sure he served me

    promptly even when his bar was very busy.


    And, yes, he got a cash gratuity at the

    end of the cruise. Smart servers seem

    to realize if you should provide excellent

    service to everyone, even the "soda


  4. It is because Carnival attracts a lower class of people, due to the cheap cruise prices. Not judgein just sayin. Sometimes it is fun to see all the drunks make fools of themselves. I cruise Carnival for price alone so I must put up with whatever comes aboard. Most of the time I enjoy the show.:)




    Class and income level have nothing to do with each other. Some of the most classy people I have ever meet do not have a penny to their name. I have also met a lot of very rich people that have ZERO class.


    And "drunks", as you put it, come from every income level as well.

  5. The port area itself (Tourism Village) is very secure

    with lots of shops. There's a great store that sells locally made

    woven goods with Mayan-influenced design. Neat rows

    of little shops for inexpensive but nice souvenirs.

    Of course jewelery and t-shirt stores abound.

    It is kind of like a Disney-fied taste of Belize.


    Outside the gates of the ports is a different story.

    They are working hard to improve the entire

    district around the Tourism Village, but it not

    a like Cozumel or Grand Cayman where we feel

    safe just walking about.


    If we aren't doing an excursion, we get an early

    tender and spend a couple hours shopping. Then

    we head back to the ship to enjoy some quiet

    time onboard.

  6. My SO is not a big soda drinker, but he does drink 1-2 energy drinks a day. Can he bring these onboard instead of soda?


    I did get harrased by security at check-in one time for bringing energy drinks on....


    He took 5 minutes to lecture me on how dangerous they are for my heart.. I was like "thanks Dad".:)


    Buy as stated, yes you can bring up to 12 each.


    They also have Red Bull and Green Monster on-board (at least on my last sailing) - and you can buy energy drinks in port.

  7. I think its worth it and make sure you only get one sticker.Im going to get flamed lol but only pay for one sticker and use it for both kids .Even when two use it Carnivals still making a ton of money



    Be aware they scan the S&S with soda sticker to verify the owner of the card.. if the kids were closer in age maybe able to get away with it. Or just have the older kid be the "drink runner"

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