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  1. We have well over $1000 OBC for our April of 2022 cruise due to several cancelations, travel agent perks & stock credit. Casino, gift shops, spa, gratuities, shore excursions, steak house, bars- many places to use OBC. Ours is a 16 day with many sea days, so I know we won't have a problem using it.
  2. I have tried to book these cabins with no luck, we even looked into those cabins with a walk way view. I think they are only on deck 6 & 7 of Conquest class ships. I wish there was a trick to it.
  3. Thank you all, we did book the RU2 rate for a 7 day. I like specialty coffee & non alcoholic beverages, so i figure I need to drink 3-4 a day to make it worth it- no problem.
  4. We booked a 7 day cruise using the RU2 rate which was about $150 pp higher than if we booked using a standard rate. It claims to include Cheers. So I am wondering if all the benefits of Cheers will be included, like specialty coffee, sodas, milkshakes, etc. We are not heavy alcohol drinkers, but we do enjoy the specialty coffee & a soda every day. Cheers would usually cost over $50 per day x 7 = >$350 for a 7 day. I am just wondering if there is any fine print I did not see. $350 pp is not worth it for us, but $150 is I think.
  5. These are my thoughts as well. I have managed to stay Covid free for the duration of the pandemic, but I would hate to unknowingly pass this virus to someone else. So I have gotten my 1st dose when it became available to me.
  6. We ended up canceling, I hope the ship does sail & I wish we could be on it. Should be a great cruise. The uncertainty was too much for us to deal with right now. Have a great cruise
  7. We are on the fence here. We have a 14 day booked for Oct 31,2021. We've paid for almost all of it using funds from previous canceled cruises. I would probably just ride it out, but the uncertainty is not fun. Do we book flights, hotels, etc & then have it canceled last minute? My question is: how far ahead of the cruise would we know if it is/isn't going to sail.
  8. Yes, we are still in limbo. As others have stated: CCL is trying to sell spa, shore ex, drink pkgs etc for cruises that probably won't sail. It does lesson my opinion of CCL. I've seen some hopeful information on other sites. List of possible protocols suggest: 100% testing before boarding, face coverings, limited dining room seating, limited capacity in public areas, shore ex must be approved by cruise line, enhanced medical dept, quarantine plan & procedures & more that I cannot remember. I will board the Pride with these regulations in place on Nov 1, if it sails, bec
  9. I feel the same way. If the temporary solution is to book only CCL excursions, wear masks, get Covid tests- I am ready to sail. With the reduced capacity factored in, it would be great. I've been to all the ports scheduled for our next cruise previously & wouldn't mind enjoying the ship while most others go ashore. I just need to get out of Kansas for a few days with someone else cooking my meals. I've posted it before: if our ship sails in Nov I will be on it- even if we only do 1 port & 13 sea days.
  10. Lucky you living in FL. We have our flights booked using air credit we had from a previous cancelled cruise, so if this one cancels we will have a limited time frame to book a different flight using those funds. But like I said earlier- I hope we do sail on Nov 1, but I w won't be surprised if it doesn't. Just dislike the uncertainty & waiting. I sure hope they don't wait until last minute to cancel.
  11. At least people booked on those ships listed in the article have a definite answer & can plan accordingly. Those of us with cruises booked Nov-Jan are still waiting for a definite answer. At this point I don't care if we sail or not, I'd just like to be able to know whether to cancel/book our flights, hotels, shuttles.
  12. I am just hoping they will let us know something about Nov cruises not included in that list. People need to have time to book or cancel flights/hotels/shuttle services.
  13. Interesting article. As far as construction costs: I am sure they are considering the costs to refurbish the older ships. Updating the older ships has to be costly, not as much as building a new ship, but still something I am sure they consider. We, personally, have never sailed anything smaller than a "spirit" class ship, we have never even considered a "fantasy" class ship due to not nearly as many amenities, very few balconies. If CCL can pack more passengers on the newer larger ships & keep crew & operating costs lower per passenger, I can totally understand the decision. I j
  14. Supposedly the ships will be at reduced capacity, so that might help. I would guess they will do the 1 hr covid tests or expect us to have them done within 24 hrs or something. Masks while we wait for test results. Just guessing. No self serve anything onboard. Our Nov 1 cruise has been sold out since March or April, so I am wondering how they would do reduced capacity if it does sail. We booked our flights months ago, thinking Covid would be contained by Nov. Optimistic thinking on our part. Our pre cruise flight is booked for Oct 30, so that gives us a couple of days to get tests don
  15. We're booked for Nov 1 for a 14 day southern route- I seriously doubt it will sail, but if by chance it does sail we'd be happy with 1 MX port & 13 sea days at this point. I know we have to port at a foreign port- any port would do, I just want to cruise again.
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