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  1. Banditswife

    Carnival status

    We are Platinum on Carnival. We did a longer Holland American cruise a couple of years ago. The only recognition we got was that we were considered 1 star mariners at the beginning of that cruise. Which meant a "mariners" luncheon & a HAL tile. I do wish they would figure out a way to merge their loyalty programs. We'd like to try Princess, but stick with CCL for our current VIFP status & mini perks.
  2. Banditswife

    last minute cruise... dining time question:

    They try to accommodate, but I think VIFP does figure into it also. Diamond would be given preference 1st, then Platinum.
  3. Banditswife

    Carnival Hawaii cruise ?’s

    Good luck with your choice. Either cruise sounds good to me. So if you hate sea days, go for the southern Caribbean. If you love relaxing on a sea day, go for the Hawaiian.
  4. Banditswife

    Re-asking about bringing alcohol on board

    No. No hard alcohol or beer allowed. As MDSGU says- purchase it beforehand through bon voyage. It will be brought to her/your cabin on the 1st day.
  5. Banditswife

    Earlier and earlier ?

    Luckily, we aren't picky. We just book the least expensive balcony, paying close attention to what is above & below. But yeah I guess if you want a very specific cabin type &/or location- book early.
  6. Banditswife

    Carnival Hawaii cruise ?’s

    We just did the 15 day roundtrip from Long Beach in Dec of 2017. Loved every minute of that cruise. Cannot wait to do it again. As others have said. You must like sea days, but CCL added island themed activities to fill the sea days. Island crafts, dance lessons, naturalist speaker & "academy of fun" which was another speaker. Because it was a "Journeys" cruise, they had a midnight buffet & other things that have been cut from shorter cruises. Because it was a longer cruise, we got to know fellow passengers more than we normally would on a 7-9 day cruise. As others said the crowd was older, less kids, more veteran presence too. The sea days were cold & windy, but we hung out on Lido, the Casino, & other public spaces. The islands were beautiful in Dec, not sure about October. This was one of the best cruises I have ever experienced. The only negative was that several people got sick with some kind of bronchial virus. That many days in enclosed spaces caused it to spread throughout the ship. Luckily I got sick a day after I returned home. But it was still worth it.
  7. Banditswife

    Favorite Entrees, Appetizers, Desserts????

    My faves: app-chicken quesadilla entre-chateaubriand Dessert-bitter n blanc, or grand mariner souffle
  8. Banditswife

    Spurious OBC appears, then disappears

    Probably nothing to do with the $30 OBC, but when we prepay our gratuities it shows as onboard credit at 1st, then disappears.
  9. Banditswife

    has anyone ever sailed with a service dog?

    To the original poster: there is a huge (over 900 pgs) thread about service animals & cruising in the "cruising with disabilities section of this board. Don't let the huge legth of that thread scare you, I read the 1st 2-3 pgs plus the last 2 & got a pretty good understanding of cruising with a service animal. It does address the 'relieving" itself issues. Good luck.
  10. Banditswife

    Back from Miracle 11/11 Sailing

    We are on this cruise with you. There is an active roll call for this cruise. Personally, I am looking forward to those sea days. Since it is a "Journeys" cruise, I have read that there will be themed (Hawaii inspired) activities while on board.
  11. Banditswife

    Last minute newbie questions I haven't answered

    It's the bottle they are opposed to. I think too many people were smuggling alcohol in those bottles of water & soda. FYI: an 8 pk of bottled water through the cruiseline is only $4.50 if purchased online prior to cruise.
  12. I agree with those that say the Dream class is very easy to navigate. She has many features that smaller ships don't have, like the water park area. Dream class is our favorite so far. I found getting from one public area to the next very easy.
  13. Impressive, I'm happy they were able to help you out.
  14. Banditswife

    Help Us with Magic Cove Balcony input please

    We also prefer the coves to any other balconies. Using deck plans, we use the elevators as reference points, to see what is above/below the cove. We always try to be forward of the mid ship elevators. We also like to be on port side, watching people board the ship is a fun past time for us. The lifeboats above are a plus in our opinion.
  15. Banditswife

    Sea day fun

    We love to explore the ship, take naps in the afternoon, watch movies, play games on a tablet.