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  1. If those type of rules are implemented, we will stop cruising until they are lifted. I just don't think they'd try to enforce something like that.
  2. We have cruised in late Jan, early Feb. Best time of year to cruise in my opinion. Not too hot, but like others have said the ocean water may be chilly. I also doubt cruising will resume by Jan 2021- but you never know.
  3. we've only done 1 AI, so I am no expert. Personally it was not for us. The food was not as good as on a cruise- at least the AI we tried. There were very few activities like shows or comedy club or casino at the one we tried. The hotel was pretty & our room was very nice, much bigger than a cruise ship cabin. Nice pools with plenty of loungers. We are not big drinkers either, so the free drinks were not appealing to us. Just my opinion
  4. We were also looking for Alaska sailings out of Seattle, but very few available. It may be a glitch, but it also may be that they are holding up on inventory until a vaccine is created. Also they know they have a bunch of canceled cruisers wanting to book their replacement cruises. So inventory might be lower than usual.
  5. We are booked for Nov 1 on the Pride. I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer.
  6. Our cruise is for Nov 1,2020. Final payment was last month. We made final payment knowing the cruise will most likely cancel. We had a B2B canceled in May & even though the refund took quite some time... we did get a full refund. That is our plan this time, wait for CCL to cancel & receive a full refund or FCC. Looking at the CCL website though, there were not a lot of cruises to choose from in late 2021.
  7. that's 3 of us waiting. LOL
  8. If you are booked on the Pride out of Baltimore for 15 days, then we are also booked on that cruise & paid in full. I haven't done anything yet. But we are platinum, so boarding & dining times are not issues for us. I will give it another few weeks- I do not see how it's possible for us to cruise, but am keeping my hope up. Plus a few of our ports, if not all are not allowing entry. Our itinerary would definitely change. I'd be ok without any ports, just 15 days at sea- but I know that is not legally possible, so we just wait.
  9. ok thanks, I think the OBCs being given now are more $ than what we got back then. But the discounted fare might come into the equation.
  10. I would imagine that Carnival has some kind of rule that your PVP is not "allowed" to contact you. Like others said- they could take you with them to new job, they could give you a bad impression of CCL, etc. As for Carnival contacting you, even though we are 5 months into this pandemic, the booking dept is swamped with cancellations & other calls.
  11. Thank you both. We booked through a travel agent, so when our replacement cruise cancels I will ask her to do that.
  12. This might be a common issue, but maybe not- we were booked on a canceled Mardi Gras cruise- well before Covid19. We ended up transferring that booking to another cruise around the same time as the Mardi Gras would have sailed. In doing so, we received a discounted fare plus OBC. While the new cruise has not canceled yet, I am pretty sure it will (Nov 1, 2020.) Will we end up losing our discounted fare & OBC? Just curious ... no big deal if we lose it, just wondering
  13. As I said, I am all for a digital type of muster. I would think the crew had "been there, done that" so many times they do not need the drill. New passengers on the other hand, do need to know what to do in case of emergency. I like the idea of watching it on the TV, then a check in point at the actual muster station, so that everyone would know where to go in case of emergency.
  14. We've been spending the refunded $$ on home projects... I do not think we will attempt to cruise in 2021, if our Nov cruise cancels. It'll be the 4th canceled cruise this year. I figure if I gotta stay home most of the time, I may as well enjoy my space, LOL
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