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  1. We were on the Vista Sept 28- Oct 5, 2019. I believe the "butter" is actually margarine. Yes butter is much better, but margarine or oleo will do IMO. As far as no sugar packets: there were metal stirrers on the beverage island as well as a place to put used ones. I didn't recognize what they were at 1st, they were slightly hidden & not what I was expecting. But once I realized what the tiny metal spoons with long handles were, it was easy. I did not like the paper straws nor the sugar ones. But CCL says they are making these changes for the environment.
  2. Sailing the Breeze out of Pt Canaveral on Nov 2, 2019. Since daylight savings time ends Nov 3, I am assuming ship's clock will go back at midnight on Saturday Nov 2. Am I correct in my assumptions?
  3. This is what I did, threw plastic piece away & clipped S&S card to metal piece. Worked great except in casino. Had to take lanyard off in order for it to reach slot on machine. Ended up leaving it 1x. I would like to add this positive comment. The "ship specific" pin we received on the Vista last month was quite nice. Better than others we have gotten.
  4. Thanks for your review. We've sailed Miracle to Hawaii & loved the ship & crew. I am happy to read she is still a great ship. We are sailing her to Alaska in 2020.
  5. Yes there is a hair dryer, but not really powerful. So if your hair is long or thick, you might bring your own. There are body wash & shampoo dispensers in the shower. I use the body wash, but bring my own shampoo & conditioner. Hubby uses the shampoo with no issues. No lotion, so bring your own.
  6. We will see ya there. I am so looking forward to sailing her again. Is 1957 your birth year, if so we are the same age. There is a roll call for that sailing, you should join in.
  7. We are also of the opinion that the "Spirit" class ships are the best size in Carnival's fleet. We sailed her to Hawaii in Dec 2017, loved the crew & layout of the ship. With the drydock in early 2020, she will be even better for our cruise in May 2020. Our Hawaii cruise was 15 days & it was one of my favorite cruises. I am looking forward to our 10 days on her next May. If she was so bad, would people be rebooking her? Enjoy your cruise, no matter what you end up booking. IMO Spirit class are the best, with Dream class coming in 2nd.
  8. And I always feel guilty when we go to the Diamond/Plat guest services line when there is a huge line on the other side. I think most of us truly try to be considerate of others, but there is always that select few.
  9. I am a bit confused too. Just canceling the drink pkg should have been easy. I have never ordered nor canceled drink pkg, but I have canceled excursions. I did it right on the CCL website, very easy. They credited my credit card within a few hours, even though website said it could take up to 5 business days. This is something a travel agent or Carnival PVP could have helped you with. I am sorry you felt it necessary to cancel your cruise.
  10. It has been a few months, but this was what we did.. bought 3, got 1 free for about $127. Hint about buying more than the allowable 2 cartons per person. It seems they don't count the ones broken down out of the carton. This may vary by debarkation port. But we got by with 4+ cartons for 2 people last year. Also spread them out among different suitcases.
  11. I haven't tried looking at excursions yet. We have 3 cruises booked prior to this one. A few ports are duplicates to ports on our Nov 2019 Breeze cruise. So waiting to decide whether to go independent or CCL. Jamman 54: you'll have to invite us all to your poolside cabanas for a get together. They are a bit pricey IMO for just the 2 of us, so we've never booked one. Happy planning to everyone.
  12. Ok thanks, I just saw a picture of a yogurt parfait on the new menu & was looking forward to it. But the old menu is ok too.
  13. Thanks for your review, we sail the Breeze in November. Did she have the new brunch menus?
  14. Mdr for brunch or breakfast, we enjoy talking to other passengers during breakfast. We only hit lido buffet on an early port day, then I just grab a box of cereal or yogurt. If possible though, MDR for a relaxing breakfast.
  15. We do any time dining & have been seated well before 6PM. But for a big group, I think I would contact the Maitre d prior to your sail date, just so they are prepared for the larger group. Also, you can visit the MDR on embarkation day & they may be able to accommodate your group for early dining.
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