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  1. Normally, we are very satisfied Viking customers. Today not so much. A couple weeks ago, I struggled to get Verifly to accept my husband's vaccination card but finally with some creativity succeeded. The green check marks appeared with both of our pictures and I thought we were ready to go. Today, we received a call from Viking stating that they did not have my husband's info. Essentially, the only way to correct is to delete everything and start over. Of course, the Viking rep said that completing the app is not required. We should just be sure to bring our vaccination cards. Check in may take longer. The Viking rep was not particularly interested in being helpful. He told me to call Verifly. The Verifly rep was better but had no answers and said that Verifly has done what it is supposed to do. So I wasted time and effort and now we will waste more time at check. Most frustrating.
  2. The Verifly app did not accept my husband's card because the type of the second dose was not included on the card. I printed his record from MyChart which included all details and then took a picture of his card next to the MyChart data. It was accepted immediately.
  3. I don't have photos stored on this computer. Someone take a wildcard for me.
  4. I believe that I have found it. Koblenz in the fortress that overlooks the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. This wasn't a highlight of our tour. Of course, it was almost Christmas and the Christmas market grabbed most of our attention.
  5. Douro River Cruise--Lamego Santuario de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios Wild cared--I don't have photos stored on the computer. I have enjoyed following this thread.
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