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  1. Another thing you might consider, is that you have to wait five minutes between purchasing bottles of water on the cheers package. We would try to get several bottles to take on excursions with us, so we would start early, and hit several different locations and stock up! Sometimes we would also get a few bottles of powerade, but I believe we only were able to get those at the casino bar



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  2. We also drink a lot of water. We sailed the Valor in April 2016, and had the Cheers package. I honestly can't remember if the bottles for the teeny tiny ones, or the 16 ounce ones that you get in multi packs at home. Sorry I can't help with that. But I do know that they were definitely not the really large bottles



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  3. We sailed Carnival valor April 2016. Originally hadn't planned on going to dinner on formal night, but the last minute decided to do it my husband and teenage son only had nice khaki shorts with a nice polo shirt. We were turned away from the dining room for that night. But all other nights they were able to wear their nice shorts with polo shirts without a problem



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  4. Last year I called to see a price for upgrading from an anterior to a balcony, and was quoted a an upgrade price of $1000. About a week or so later I got a phone call from Carnival offering me an upgrade for $250, which I jumped on! I'd like to think that my phone call played a part in snagging that upgrade deal, but one never knows



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  5. We will be visiting Nassau for the first time in February, we will only be in port from 9am to 2pm. We will have our 2 sons, age 14 and 10. I don't think we will have time for any excursions, so we are considering going to Atlantis to walk around only and then to Senor Frogs. Can anyone tell me if these are nearby (within walking distance) to each other? Also, can we just walk around Atlantis for free if we dont want to use the water park or pools. thanks!


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