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  1. I'm happy to see this topic about favorite foods and thank you for starting it. I especially like Room service coffee Lobster in champagne sauce in Luminae Prime rib in the MDR Eggs benedict anywhere on the ship Coffee from El Bacio
  2. I had a similar issue. I booked 2 tours for a May cruise using OBC and got a receipt showing that I had the tours and a small balance of OBC left. Couple days later I got a bill through email and Celebrity wanted payment for the tours and said that I had no OBC. It took several phone calls to get the OBC put back on. Celebrity said that I had changed the booking and that is why I had no OBC. I booked through Celebrity and had not changed anything--just used some of the OBC for tours. I got a new confirmation showing the OBC as correct. The new confirmation showed a non ref
  3. I just booked January 16, 7 day Mexican Riviera this morning. It just appeared available Friday after the Hawaii cancellations. I'll be very annoyed if it is cancelled and I was not told that this morning.
  4. EastoftheBoston, thank you very much for your very complete answer to my question. I now understand how one gets to the Top Sail. Your review has been helpful in many ways. Thank you!
  5. EastoftheBoston, thank you for your great review. We will be on the Seaside later this year and have room 16003 that will be next to the one that you had. You mentioned that you expected no foot traffic. I thought there would be an entrance to the Top Sail Lounge in that area, but apparently not. Is the entrance on the other side and how did you go from your room to the Top Sail? The drawing is unclear to me as to where one enters. I ask this question as one in our room has some difficulty walking.
  6. Thank you for the answer about inside YC suites and the one chair and no sofa. If we decide to go with MSC I believe we'll have to go with the balcony suites. I appreciate your help.
  7. In reading all the above I'm wondering about seating area in the YC inside suites. Is there a couch for sitting or just couple chairs? We are considering the inside suites, but not if there is no couch for sitting. Thanks for any info about this.
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