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    Grand Turk 1st time

    we are cruising to grand Turk in October. We planned to go to governor beach and conch graveyard. I hear there is a ship wreck you can see. Is that at governor beach or elsewhere? Also how far of a walk is it? Any other suggestions for 4 adults and 4 kids under 13? Thanks
  2. we are cruising to grand Turk, half moon cay, and Freeport. My grandson is 5 and 17 days away from 6 years old. How strict on board are they about age and camp ocean? Will they allow him in the 6-9 group rather than 2-5? I did call but the lady I spoke to was rude and basically said there's no way they'll allow it. 2nd does anyone know any good excursions you can do with a 5 years not thru carnival. He wanted to do the string ray encounter in half moon but again the lady said no way. He has to be 6 or forget it. At this point I am questioning why bring kids on cruises if all they can do it go to the beach?
  3. Profix

    Grand Turk - conch shells

    These are pretty awesome can you tell me which beach you were able to find these at? thank you
  4. Profix

    Has anyone recently been to governors beach?

    Where do I find the review Riley's mom spoke of? thank you
  5. Looking for some info and suggestions Day 1 Taking Ferry over to St. George and walking to Tobacco bay, this way we can see things (photo Ops) along the way. Spending some time there. then either (1) heading to swizzle inn for later lunch and off to Hamilton for habour nights. or (2) take the ferry back to the ship, hangout on the ship a while then head over to Hamilton (via Ferry?) does anyone have photos or know where I can see more about habour nights. also what is the cost per trip for the ferry and buses? Day 2 Horseshoe Bay (walking south to see other beaches) and then if we don't do swizzle inn, then off to swizzle in for lunch or dinner. Day 3 Spend time near or at the yard shopping and maybe snokel.. ? what are your thoughts or do you have any other suggestions. this is our 1st time to Bermuda and we'd like to make the most of it.
  6. Profix

    Cash or credit

    Thank you all for your answers. I didn't think it was accurate but I definitely wanted to find out. I will also find out from my cc company if they charge a foreign country try fee behand.
  7. Profix

    Cash or credit

    I have done cruises in the past and Mostly pay for things on islands with cash for the most part. However my friends & I are going to Bermuda in June and My friends mother in law says we cannot use American money there and must use credit. Is there any truth to this ? thank you in advance
  8. Profix

    1st time in Bermuda

    [quote name='mja2573']There is a waterfall? Where is it located?[/QUOTE] im not exactly sure but my wife says she heard someone say there was one near or at blue hole park
  9. We have never done this and since we have excursion credit we thought we try it in Bermuda. IS the training enough to get someone who has never tried it through it? what are your thoughts for a newbie trying it there?
  10. Profix

    beginner scuba

    wondering if anyone can tell me anything about the scuba excursions in Bermuda? We have never done it before and since we have credit toward and excursion we were thinking of trying it. Is it worth it? Do they give you enough training for someone that has never done it can do it? thank you
  11. Profix

    1st time in Bermuda

    [quote name='Charles4515']St. George is a must see in my opinion. Beaches, Horseshoe Bay as a must see. Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach, Tobacco are worth seeing. Hamilton. Fort Catherine, and Gibbs Lighthouse. Castle Harbour. Overrated, Caves, Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.[/QUOTE] thank you Charles, I was wondering how much is over rated and this at least gives me a start. I truly appreciate it
  12. Profix

    1st time in Bermuda

    We are going to Bermuda on Breakaway in June. Its our 1st time there. Ive read lots of the threads . We wanna see the beaches (better ones), Blue Hole Park (especially the waterfall) out side of those we aren't really sure.. What would you suggest to definitely see and things that just weren't worth it or not as exciting to see. My wife loves photography so Im sure she'll want some awesome pics to take home also. thanks for you assistance
  13. Profix

    3 days in Bermuda...help me plan our time

    [quote name='layn133']Just back from our NCL Breakaway cruise to Bermuda and we had an AMAZING time. Here is an overview of our itinerary- it worked out perfectly!! Day 1- St. George and Renting a Boston Whaler The ship arrived in Bermuda around 7am, people began getting off around 7:40am before announcement was made- so if you are in a hurry to get off it may be worth hanging around Deck 4. We went to the buffet around 7am and ate breakfast before we headed out for a long day. We got off just about 8am and headed right to the St. George ferry line. We had gotten our 2 day transportation passes on the ship so we avoided that line. There was only 3 people in line so we sat on benches nearby and people watched. Around 8:30 we got in line (at this point there was 5-6 people). I am glad we got in line then because within the next 15 minutes the line got really LONG! We took the 45 minute ferry to St.George and walked around town. Not a lot was open at this point but we just poked around. Then we walked to Tobacco Bay for some snorkeling. We visited The Unfinished Church on the way and then hung around and snorkeled for an hour or so. It was fairly busy there and a lot smaller than I expected. We ate a quick beach lunch there (the fish was good!) and walked back to town. We found it not entirely intuitive to walk around, especially when trying to find the bus stop. I think I was expecting something with clearer labels. The map we got from guest services on the ship helped. We took Bus 11 (could have done 1,3, 10 or 11) to Grotto Bay. Here we rented a Boston Whaler for 4 hours from Blue Hole Watersports (on Grotto Bay Resort's beach). We chose them over some of the other popular ones because we wanted to explore Castle Harbour and Castle Island. This was beautiful, secluded and fun. We saw two sea turtles on our trip and got to see Nonsuch Island and several forts. The only negative is it was a bit choppy so it was hard to get in and out of the boat. We were able to anchor in near the beach and hop off in about 3.5 feet of water which was a lot of fun! We ended up back in Hamilton with intentions of going to Harbour Nights but we were too tired and went back to the ship via the Hamilton ferry instead. It looked like the lines to get there were lengthy- but heading back to the ship was a breeze. Day 2 (Flyboarding and Beach Walk) My husband did flyboarding in the dockyard through Coconut Rockets. He loved it so much he is already looking for places to do it locally. I would describe it as Iron Man on water. You have to check it out! My husband does waveboard and snow board so he found it pretty easy to get up but I think I would have never made it. I did see a range of people successfully doing it throughout our trip though. Check out my video below to see more. We had lunch on the ship and spent some time in the spa before heading out to the beaches. Here is my one definitely recommendation- do not go directly to Horseshoe Bay- take Bus 7 (you can't take the Special Bus to do this) one stop past Horseshoe at Warwick Bay. From there you will get off at a fairly quiet beach- if you go to your right you will be at Jobson's Cove which has beautiful rock formations. And if you continue following the sandy dune path, it will take you on a walk (probably .75 miles) to beach after beach and hillside with amazing views where you will often be the only people on the beach. It was breathtaking. There are lots of photos in the video below. You will end up at Horseshoe and can take the bus home from there. And an even better bonus- the sand was actually pinker that way! My only negative- and it was a big one for us :(- a bag of my husband's snorkel gear was stolen off the bus. The driver had told us to leave it wedged in front because he had a fishing rod with him. We did and then sort of got pushed to the middle of the bus (standing room only). When we got back to the front the bag was gone. Sadly someone even had the time to take out some of the fishing gear and left it- which bothered me because it meant it was very planned out. I have to say the bus driver was not very nice about it- he didn't even say sorry or do anything, he shrugged his shoulders and said I am not sure what happened, someone must have taken it while I wasn't looking. He would not even tell us his name which was disappointing because when we did go to the dockyard police station they said it would have been helpful. I will say the police were nice about it- but they acknowledged there really was little they could do. The good news is that my husband had purchased it on his credit card recently- and it turns out they cover theft of purchases from the last 120 days! Day 3- Hidden Gems Tour (booked through NCL) This is a pricy tour- but it was an amazing way to maximize the last day in Bermuda. The tour runs from 9am-4pm and since it is booked through NCL- no worries if it runs late. The 10 person tour consists of a walk through Tom Moore's Jungle where you will see a blue lagoon and then a dry cave exploration where you will have a hands on experience with all of the features of the cave (Did you know that you can tap on some of the stalactites they make a musical sound?). Next up was swimming in a cave (which was my favorite part!) and then cliff jumping from 10 or 15 foot cliffs. After you leave the jungle you have lunch at St. David's lighthouse (amazing views!) and then snorkel at Cooper's Nature Reserve. The trip ends with an ice cream parlor stop (included) across from The Swizzle Inn. The tour guides were informative and personable and narrated the entire tour along the south short. I can't recommend this tour enough. Hope this is helpful to someone! I learned so much from reading these boards and wanted to give back in some way. :-) If you are more visual- there are lots of pictures from our 3 days on the video I made of our time on the islands [url]https://youtu.be/p3tUDuW2l-U[/url][/QUOTE] We tried to watch the video but it says it is private? thanks
  14. following as our cruise is mar 21
  15. Profix

    beginning to rethink RCI

    After reading many of the on board reviews and seeing things have improved over time I am looking forward to this cruise. I still have some hesitations but Im sure they will be fine and we will enjoy our cruise