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  1. Thank you all for the advice. Sounds like doing it on my own will be the way to go.
  2. Email the maitre'd about a week prior and ask for a table for 2 in the MDR. It makes for a much more romantic and private setting to enjoy - and doesn't cost a thing. Maybe go through the fun shops and order a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries to be waiting in the room when you board (starting about $50). It will make a very nice first impression. https://www.carnival.com/FunShops/item/LA7/berry-bubbly-package If you haven't already (and you can find and afford it) - get Faster To The Fun. The priority boarding, and early access to the room will also help. Otherwise - sounds like you're doing great. Congratulations - hope you have an amazing life together.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone ever jumped off the boat early and grabbed a cab to head over to Pearl Harbor instead of going with a tour. I really want to visit and pay my respects, but my wife doesn't want to spend 5 or 6 hours on a Pearl Harbor tour. We dock at 9, but I'm not sure if that is early enough to beat the crowds. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. We've only flown in one time for a cruise and it was the Southern Caribbean route out of Puerto Rico. Our plan was to fly in the day before and spend the day exploring Old San Juan. When we got to the airport, my wallet was missing! It had fallen out of my pocket when I was getting the bags out of the car. By the time I went back and got it they wouldn't let us check in because it was too close to the departure time. We ended up flying in the next morning. We barely made it to the ship in time! Had we been planning on flying the morning of originally, we would have missed the boat - lesson learned, always fly in at least one day in advance.
  5. The Breeze is my favorite - DW and I both really liked the décor (easy beach feel) and I loved the Ocean Plaza area.
  6. Just a quick note, and a few observations from a great father/son trip on the Carnival Valor to Cozumel (June 7-11) Overall, I couldn't have asked for anything more for a trip to celebrate my son turning 18 this year. I initially booked an interior cabin late last year for this sailing. I received an email about an upgrade offer to a balcony on the lido for $200 and took it. My son has only been on one cruise before and not in a balcony so it was a nice little bonus for our trip. I didn't tell him before about the cabin change but let him find out when we checked in. He want surprised to say the least. Weather - PERFECT - mostly clear skies, great temps, and smooth waters. We had a few dark clouds late in the afternoon in Cozumel, but not bad. As we left we hit some very mild waves and really it was the first time my son and I noticed the ship really moving. Food - as usual, very good. He had Guy's Burgers for the first time - loved 'em. Pizza was good, and all the dining room food was very good. Service - great. I can't tell you how many time my son noticed and commented about how hard the crew works. As a father, it really made me proud that my son noticed. Our dining room team really took good care of us, room steward offered me twice a day service, instead of pushing for either or, bartenders were overworked but tried to get to everyone as quickly as possible. Excursions - mixed bag. I booked the Terra-cross 4x4 and speedboat excursion for Cozumel. Our guides were amazing (shout out to Marco!) and the beach / speedboat portion was really fun, but the 4x4 was just ok. We drove through the city which was nice to see some new areas. The description said we would stop and switch drivers to make sure everyone had a chance, but we only switched once and there were four of us in each one. That was really the only negative. I also booked the "Behind the Fun Tour" as soon as we got on board. For those of you who have never done it - I highly recommend it. A neat 4 hour walking tour covering a lot of the back stage and crew areas with a meet and greet with the Captain on the bridge. Everyone we met was very nice and answered all of our questions. My son was very impressed with the tour and liked learning about life with Carnival and talking with the Captain. Entertainment - very good. We enjoyed the playlist productions in the lounge, laughed so hard with the comedy shows, and loved all the live music on board. Overall - Carnival did not fail to impress us once again. Some general observations - -Lifeguards were stationed at all the pools and hot tubs - this was the first time I've seen that onboard -The A/C in our room was the coldest I've ever had onboard a Carnival Ship, it was great -Last time I was in a balcony cabin, the slamming of the balcony doors bothered us during the night, but now the door would actually stay open and slowly close never slamming. -There was a distinct lack of Trivia for me (I'm a trivia nerd and really enjoy when they have 3 and 4 booked back to back which was missing this time) -Saw a lot of security on board talking with/to guests - more so than usual. If anyone has any specific questions, I'll do my best to try and answer.
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