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  1. NancyIL

    Marriott Hotels only In Barcelona

    I stayed 4 nights at the Four Points Diagonal in June 2013. It was a nice hotel, but not walking distance to the sights we wanted to see. I just checked rates for July 2019. The Four Points (Category 4) requires 25,000 Marriott points/night, and the AC Sants (Category 3) requires 17,500 points/night. We'll return to Barcelona in early November 2019, and I'm trying to decide between the Renaissance Barcelona and the Alexandra Barcelona (Hilton) - using points.
  2. The May 7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise went from $579 pp to $1,267 pp, and the July 8-night Norwegian Fjords cruise went from $978 pp to $1,611 pp!
  3. Checking prices is getting annoying - as the advertised price on the web site almost doubles as soon as you try to book it!
  4. Thanks for posting this! I wasn't seeing any 2020 Europe cruises on the web site - until I logged in.
  5. I hope to book the 2020 Transatlantic from Copenhagen...on whatever ship and to whichever US port!
  6. I'm reading that Jewel will replace Serenade in Northern Europe in 2020. If so - it should be the ship that repositions to Boston for the Canada/New England cruises.
  7. I loved our stay at the Hyatt Regency on the Hudson in Jersey City. We took the ferry one way to NYC and the train back, and both stations were close to the hotel. The view of the New York Skyline across the Hudson was fabulous. https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/new-jersey/hyatt-regency-jersey- city-on-the-hudson/newjp
  8. I'm not sure about the new boards - but you used to have only 20 minutes to edit your post. When you are within the 20-minute time period - there will be an "edit" button at the bottom of your post. I tend to edit my posts a lot, and my previous post was no exception!
  9. Just an FYI: "NCL" is Norwegian Cruise Line, whereas Royal Caribbean is "RCI." I think itinerary is most important when choosing an Alaskan cruise, and my personal preference is for smaller ships. If Glacier viewing is a priority, then choose a Princess southbound cruise going to Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier. Princess's northbound cruises go to Glacier Bay and College Fjord.
  10. NancyIL

    Which would you pick: Celebrity, Princess, or HAL

    After 2 Alaska cruises each on Princess and HAL - I did b2b cruises on Radiance of the Seas in May 2017. We had a wonderful woman who lectured about the ports, and gave commentary when we were at Hubbard Glacier. Whether or not she was a "naturalist" - she was every bit as good as the speakers on my previous Alaska cruises.
  11. NancyIL

    Room mate no show procedure

    I'm sorry that the medical news for your friend hasn't been improving. If she does have to cancel, Celebrity will refund the taxes paid for her portion of the cruise. The rest will come from the insurance company. Regarding paying for 2 people and getting charged a single supplement (which will not apply in your situation) - I can only explain what happened to me. My sister and I were on a very inexpensive 7-night Caribbean cruise, in an inside cabin, and the fare was less than $500 pp with the senior discount. When my sister cancelled and I lost the discount - the cruise was repriced as a new single booking @ ~$1,139. I had to pay the difference between what the two of us had already paid and the new, higher amount. It was then up to me to file the claim for the higher amount and then reimburse my sister for what she had paid. Fortunately, most travel insurance policies will reimburse you if you are charged a single supplement when your travel companion has to cancel for a covered reason. This was on Royal Caribbean in 2009. I hope you'll have a great cruise - even though it won't be the same if your friend can't go.
  12. NancyIL

    Room mate no show procedure

    The OP will be fine because the cruise is next week. However, sometimes the remaining cruiser has to pay a single supplement - depending on the date of cancellation - relative to the departure date. I sailed solo twice - after my sister cancelled last minute for covered reasons. The first time it was a week before the cruise, so we were in the 100% penalty phase. I informed the travel agent that my sister was cancelling, and my sister had to file the insurance claim. The second time my sister cancelled was 3 weeks before the cruise. We were NOT in the 100% penalty phase, so not only was I charged the single supplement - but I also lost the senior discount, as it was my sister who qualified! My single fare was higher than the fare had been for both of us, because it was based on the current price for a single cruiser at the time of the cancellation. I had to file the insurance claim, and then I reimbursed my sister once I got my money from the insurance company. Needless to say - I haven't invited my sister on another cruise! ;)
  13. NancyIL

    Room mate no show procedure

    You are in the 100% penalty phase for cancellations. That means that if your friend has to cancel, she will get her taxes refunded from the cruise line, and she'll be reimbursed for the rest of her cruise fare after she files a claim with the insurance company. You won't have to pay a single supplement. I hope your friend won't have to cancel. However, if she does - I'm sure the Trip Insurance Store will provide helpful info for filing an insurance claim.
  14. NancyIL

    Stay on the ship during Castaway Cay

    My most recent visit to Castaway Cay was on the April 2018 westbound Panama Canal cruise on the Wonder. In the past, I'd spend a few hours at the beach, eat the BBQ lunch, then return to the ship. This time my roommate and I walked the 5K, went back to our cabin to shower, then decided to stay on the ship. We enjoyed the onboard movies that day. :cool: