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  1. Just a warning, these pillows do not claim to be down pillows, just feather pillows. A good down pillow is probably $100.00.
  2. Your son is wrong. There have been many under 60, uncompromised, and have gotten very ill and died of Covid 19, including children. And some over 90 have had the disease and lived. They do not yet know enough about the disease to make these blanket statements.
  3. Dress codes are really not important, but the butter shortage? That was another story.
  4. Maybe, but part of me thinks that shutting the whole country down now, for two weeks, might save a lot of lives and might be better in the long run.
  5. Not sure what you mean by this, could you please be more clear? The way this disease is spreading, I would not be surprised if no pleasure cruises are sailing in four weeks. Do you think that is unreasonable?
  6. I think if you are quarantined, that does not give you the flexibility to move around from cabin to cabin. They will quarantine you in your own cabin.
  7. I love an inside cabin, but no, I definitely would not want to be confined to one for a week, with no opportunity to leave it. On the other hand, I would feel the same if I could not leave an outside cabin. At least those in a balcony cabin can sit out in the sun if they want to.
  8. As of this morning, the CDC is advising citizens over 60, and those with compromised immune systems, heart or lung considerations, to stay home as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary travel, crowds, malls and stay home.
  9. Have not heard of a jam roly poly. What is it?
  10. I hope you have a wonderful cruise, and get to see all the ports you are hoping to see.
  11. I think the experience that everyone on that ship went through was dramatic. Not being accusatory towards Princess, or any passengers. I am very happy not to have lived that experience. Must have been horrible.
  12. She was also a passenger on that ship, relating her experience to those who were not. The fact that she is a published author does not make her a liar looking to make you believe things that are untrue.
  13. Quite honestly, I am quite happy not to have a cruise booked right now. We have been doing beach vacations the past few years, and that is something I really enjoy too. I love me a cozy inside cabin, but would not care to be locked up in one for a couple of weeks, unable to leave the cabin at will. I am not one to panic, but if I did have an upcoming cruise in the next few months, I would likely cancel it.
  14. I would call immediately and ask to be moved back.
  15. Someone correct me if I am wrong, I believe there is a charge for gelato.
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