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  1. My apologies, I misunderstood.
  2. Do you mean you prefer any ship without a promenade?
  3. I also would much rather the food be prepared in the kitchen. I cook all the time at home, dont need to watch them prepare it at my table.
  4. That was just plain mean
  5. Skai, I absolutely agree with your post. The beef in the dining room is nearly inedible. Not a bit thrilled with the MD food, our local restaurants put them to shame.
  6. Had lunch at the automat every year (as a teenager) with a bunch of friends during Christmas season after ice skating at Rockfeller center. FUN!!!
  7. You can go up to the buffet and make your own plate of cheese and crackers, and fruit, and take them back to your cabin.
  8. There is no excuse for food served cold 3 nights out of 7, nor is there an excuse for rock hard potatoes every night. Sounds like a bigger problem than people who like to complain. The wait staff, for starters, has too many tables to service.
  9. We had 10 at our traditional dining. Even that was a bit tight.
  10. Well, after looking at these two gentlemen, I think kilts should actually be a requirement, regardless of the dress code. Delicious!!!
  11. Afraid not, he passed 35 years ago.
  12. On each of my cruises, I saw a gentleman dressed in his kilt. I vote YES! Many years ago I married a man from Edinburgh, who of course had his own kilt. You will not be overdressed, and will get many approving looks I'll bet.
  13. Only on the butter subject.
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