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  1. We are in the middle of a pandemic. The numbers in this country are going up every day. The epidemiologists expect a long winter with this disease. I find it amazing to see the number here that think ships will be sailing in January. Anyone on Cruise Critic that can afford to cruise yearly or semi yearly probably lives in a nice home, and we are lucky for that. These days so many are losing jobs and cannot pay their mortgage and are in danger of losing their homes, but I doubt any here actually will succumb to living in a cave. On the other hand, perhaps if more people did follow the advice to living carefully for awhile, this disease would cease to spread so quickly, and we might all have a chance to get rid of it. You know, like New Zealand did. In this situation, we are not just responsible for our own lives, but for each others lives too.
  2. Just curious, do you feel perfectly safe to cruise at this time? Will you truly enjoy it, even with all the restrictions that will be put in place?
  3. I wish you a wonderful cruise, but I would be more than surprised if it happened in February.
  4. Only my opinion, but you asked. I would cancel. Medical experts are predicting a very bad winter for this virus. You are not young (neither am I) and who wants to get onboard and worry? In my humble opinion, I dont think they will go.
  5. True, but we definitely know what disasters will be occurring in winter of 2021.
  6. I never heard it said that masks were dangerous. I did hear, like you, last January, that masks were desperately needed by medical workers, and we should not worry about buying them. Of course, since then, much study has proven that they are a front line against the disease. I am talking about now, medical experts say this is an important way to protect onself against the disease. As you do not know me, I am amazed that you know so much about what I think and know. By the way, I stand by what I said. I have not heard, ever said by anyone., that masks do little. Only that they were needed for medical workers. I also do not have a "personal agenda", except keeping myself and my loved ones from contracting this virus. I expect that most people share that "agenda".
  7. I have never once heard any expert in the health field argue that masks do little. The only people I have heard say that are private citizens who do not want to wear masks.
  8. Isnt that the truth! We didnt know how well off we were.
  9. Having a plan to roll things out when the vaccine becomes available means just that. Figuring out a plan to roll things out. Not quite the same as having a vaccine in hand ready to give to the public. I do not believe the public will see a vaccine for Covid 19 anytime in 2020.
  10. And who are you hearing this from, that might be qualified to know?
  11. I doubt very much that a vaccine will be available this year. The claims that it will are not coming from epidemiologists, or any one else in the health field, but rather from politicians, who do not know what they are talking about. However, that aside, I dont think I would enjoy a vacation with all the potential restrictions. My last cruise was very different from my other two cruises, and not in a good way. Service was really lacking, food quality was way down from my previous cruises, and the poor servers in the dining room had so much more responsibility than on my previous cruise, I hesitated to ask for a second drink. At 76, I would be a high risk passenger, and would probably be safer with a beach vacation on land. Just my two cents.
  12. Very true, isnt that why we all joined this forum, for discussion of cruise related things?
  13. Do you expect that the buffet will no longer exist, or that buffet meals will be served by staff (no longer serve yourself)?
  14. Just a warning, these pillows do not claim to be down pillows, just feather pillows. A good down pillow is probably $100.00.
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