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  1. 22 hours ago, getting older slowly said:

    I agreed.... but i must say able bodied people who use the elevators to go 1 or 2 floors....


    In the evening deck 9 to deck 17, then deck 17 to deck 6... we tend to use the elevator.....  other wise stairs.... unless bringing food back to our cabin




    PS  art auctions as ok... as it clears the deck 7 out...   lol 

    It might be nice if they designated one elevator for disabled folks only

  2. 29 minutes ago, Steelers36 said:

      My going on a cruise under new guidelines, along with anyone else, is not going to be irresponsible behavior or you are simply indicating no faith in the cruise industry to adapt to a new norm.


    I am fine with you going on a cruise should they sail.  MY going on a cruise would be, for me, irresponsible behavior.  

  3. 9 hours ago, Steelers36 said:

    I liked your post.  Very reasonably stated.  The "doom and gloom" set likes to post about all the bad stuff and things aren't or won't be safe and the tone of those posts are such that they think everyone else should feel the same way. 


    There is a never a 100% guarantee in life and I think the major cruise lines are not going to mess this up because their very future existence depends on it.  


    This is one Canadian who believes that not all Americans are crazy actors with COVID and ready to infect us as soon as we cross the border.


    I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes.  

    The "doom and gloom set"?  Many of us are seniors with several other health concerns.  This virus could be life or death for those seniors.  This isnt like catching a cold.  I would call it plain and simple common sense.  I will follow the guide lines that the health experts lay out,  rather than the  cruise line guide lines, because my future existence depends on it.  I dont think that you should feel the same way,  you can believe what you want,  but someone elses life could depend on your behavior.

  4. 20 minutes ago, voljeep said:

    CDC set to let no sail order expire ..... hopefully


    let the cruise lines and cruise ports make their own decisions

    Un huh.  Unfortunately the wrong decision could negatively affect the health and well being of millions down the road.  I would prefer to put my future in the hands of the health professionals, rather than the cruise lines who need to make a buck.

  5. 5 hours ago, Grego said:

    If the bookings we have in January and March are not cancelled, we will be on them. There is even a chance that if the end of December voyages over the holidays are still going, we might change the January and try to get on the December voyage.  We will not succumb to living in a cave. 

    We are in the middle of a pandemic.  The numbers in this country are going up every day.  The epidemiologists expect a long winter with this disease. I find it amazing to see the number here that think ships will be sailing in January.  Anyone on Cruise Critic that can afford to cruise yearly or semi yearly probably lives in a nice home, and we are lucky for that.  These days so many are losing jobs and cannot pay their mortgage and are in danger of losing their homes, but I doubt any here actually will succumb to living in a cave.  On the other hand, perhaps if more people did follow the advice to living carefully for awhile,  this disease would cease to spread so quickly, and we might all have a chance to get rid of it.  You know, like New Zealand did.  In this situation, we are not just responsible for our own lives, but for each others lives too.

  6. On 10/21/2020 at 4:03 PM, SNJCruisers said:

    So obviously we're not safe anywhere till a vaccine is developed.   I hope that you have a healthy bank account and get your groceries and other goods delivered so you can stay bunkered down.  

    Just curious, do you feel perfectly safe to cruise at this time?  Will you truly enjoy it, even with all the restrictions that will be put in place?

  7. On 10/13/2020 at 6:22 PM, cheone said:

    We will be cruising  in Feb with our corona virus shot. Operation Warp Speed will make this happen.  

    Operation Warp Speed is as follows:

    1.Moderna and Pfizers Phase 3 trials ends in 2 weeks and results will be published.

    FDA will approve the vaccines in Nov. based on the positive results of Moderna and Pfizers similar vaccines based on a RNA messenger.  

    2, US govt awarded Pfizer a $1,9 million contract in July to produce 100 million doses to be delivered by Dec.  Already 40 million in stock today.

    US govt gave Moderna $1.5 million for 100,000 million doses to be delivered by Dec.

    3. Military will distribute the vaccines to Mckesson as soon as there is a FDA approval.

    4. Mckesson was contracted as the distributer for the vaccines as McKesson has 1,000s of Distribution

    centers throughout United States.

    I wish you a wonderful cruise, but I would be more than surprised if it happened in February.


  8. 1 hour ago, Hlitner said:

    Really?  I would take you back to last winter when the CDC (and even Dr. Fauci) said masks were not only unnecessary but were dangerous!   And if you  are one who takes WHO serious then perhaps you missed this item from late March:



    How soon we all forget.  In fact, I live in Puerto Vallarta during the winter and flew home in mid-March.  At that time we were all being told that masks were "dangerous."  When I went through the immigration hall at DFW there were a few CDC Officials standing by and they were all wearing masks and PPG.  They stood next to the CBP staff, none of whom wore masks or gloves..even though they do face to face with nearly all travelers.  Just saying 🙂


    I spent much of my adult lifetime working in the healthcare insurance sector and learned decades ago that folks tend to "selectively hear" what they want to hear and ignore much of what they do not want to hear.  And most folks have very short memories...especially when it comes to forgetting what does not fit their personal agendas and beliefs.  So when you say you "never once heard any expert argue that masks do little" you were either not listening or selectively dismissing what was widely said and reported.



    I never heard  it said that masks were dangerous.  I did hear, like you, last January, that masks were desperately needed by medical workers, and we should not worry about buying them.  Of course, since then, much study has proven that they are a front line against the disease.  I am talking about now,  medical experts say this is an important way to protect onself against the disease. As you do not know me, I am amazed that you know so much about what I think and know.  By the way, I stand by what I said.  I have not heard, ever said by anyone., that masks do little.  Only that they were needed for medical workers.  I also do not have a "personal agenda", except keeping myself and my loved ones from contracting this virus.  I expect that most people share that "agenda".

  9. 23 minutes ago, Hlitner said:

    I would just offer an observation.  Cruise ships have long done a great job when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting primarily because of their protocols to mitigate Norovirus.  For cruise lines to suggest even more cleaning as a means to mitigate COVID is somewhat disingenuous.    What do we know about COVID?  It is primarily spread through the air.  While the CDC (and other experts) acknowledge there is some risk (actually unknown and unproven) of surface spread it is the air spread (enhanced by coughing, sneezing, singing, etc) that seems to be the main risk.  So ships can clean all they want and it will do little to prevent COVID (but it might help prevent the dreaded Noro).   To prevent air to air contamination the ships need to enforce social distancing and promote mask wearing (some have argued that masks do little).  




    I have never once heard any expert in the health field argue that masks do little.  The only people I have heard say that are private citizens who do not want to wear masks.


  10. 19 minutes ago, Cruise Raider said:


    I've read a few sources earlier this month that cite the CDC stating that all 50 states should gear up to have a plan to roll out for a potential CoVid vaccine by November or December.  While I have my doubts and feel it is a very optimistic view of what will actually happen, it isn't just politicians stating this.  


    Having a plan to roll things out when the vaccine becomes available means just that.  Figuring out a plan to roll things out.  Not quite the same as having a vaccine in hand ready to give to the public. I do not believe the public will see a vaccine for Covid 19 anytime in 2020.

  11. 4 minutes ago, Roger88 said:

    I keep hearing news that we are getting the vaccine by the end of this year. As soon as the vaccine will be around, there wont be any limitations and this covid thing will be considered as just another type of flue that can be easily curred 

    And who are you hearing this from, that might be qualified to know?


    1 hour ago, Babr said:

    Based on what public health officials and doctors involved in vaccine development say, I think the October-November approval of a vaccine is more aspirational than real. Once released, the logistics of getting people vaccinated would take a long time. It may be mid-2021 before it is readily available to the general public. In the meantime, the vaccine is not likely to be 100% effective, so we may still have to follow public health guidelines until the virus is well controlled. 

    As much as I miss cruising, I’m in no hurry to return to something so greatly altered that it is no longer the same experience.

    I doubt very much that a vaccine will be available this year.  The claims that it will are not coming from epidemiologists, or any one else in the health field, but rather from politicians, who do not know what they are talking about. 


    However, that aside, I dont think I would enjoy a vacation with all the potential restrictions.  My last  cruise was very different from my other two cruises, and not in a good way.  Service was really lacking, food quality was way down from my previous cruises, and the poor servers in the dining room had so much more responsibility than on my previous cruise, I hesitated to ask for a second drink.  At 76, I would be a high risk passenger, and would probably be safer with a beach vacation on land.  Just my two cents.


  13. 2 hours ago, darienill said:

    I've had the same thought.  The closer it gets, the less likely it seems like it will happen. 

    If the ports are closed, then NO.     If they impose the guided ship tours only rule that's even harder.

    Most of the Caribbean ports I've been to so many times that we just go to lunch or a bar for a drink and stroll around.

    My question is if no cruise, then what to do in February?????


    LOL, shovel snow???

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