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  1. I love to buy a few of the rum cakes, to snack on in the cabin, or to take for gifts. At home, I make my own.
  2. In that case you are wise to stick to your cell phone. Two or three books would be perfect for a 15 day cruise for me.
  3. Actually a real book is not much different in size than a Kindle, might be a bit heavier, but its worth it to me, and for my nickle, totally practical. I guess its simply a matter of whats important to you. And my books are much more important to me than a bottle of wine. Folks carry those onboard. We can each name our poison.
  4. Actually, I think there are a lot more than a few of us. Kindle does not do it for me!
  5. You could still go, and just stay on the ship when in port. Better than missing the whole cruise. Sorry, I was still typing when Cruise Raider made his post. He gave good advice.
  6. I will agree that Princess is at fault for not enforcing their own guidelines. But the endless discussion here I believe comes from new cruisers asking questions. There will always be new cruisers wanting guidance, and isnt that part of the purpose of Cruise Critic? Many gave me much asked for advice before my first cruise, and I was glad for it.
  7. Nope, you do not. Ladies can wear pants with a fancy glittery top, a nice dress, and hubby can nicely get away with a long sleeved shirt and tie, and many go without the tie.
  8. Yes, we were, and we had a mini with a balcony. Perhaps its because I grew up on the shore and frequented beaches in NY, NJ and Connecticut. Very different from the Caribbean.
  9. On my first cruise I was terribly disappointed to never smell the ocean, not once the whole week. Then someone pointed out to me that the wonderful ocean smell comes from seaweed on the beach, not the saltwater itself. If true, very disappointing.
  10. Then I would be hot on the trail of the Maitre D. I dont enjoy getting anyone into trouble, but it sounds like this young man too much enjoys being rude.
  11. She did say she spoke to one of the white coats, not sure who that would be. Who would be the correct person to speak to, if after speaking to Rene himself, things did not change?
  12. Wonderful review, but I dont understand why you did not report Rene after the first day. I am not aggressive, but I would have.
  13. Not that its worth anything, but I dont think its fair either.
  14. The arrival times are just a suggestion. You can both arrive together at the same time.
  15. What is dock confirm, never heard of it? Possibly meant duck confit??? Closest I can come to it.
  16. Put me on that list please. I despise Kindles and Nooks. Happy for those that have them and love them, but for myself, I much prefer a real book.
  17. You totally misunderstood my response to someone taking straws from a restaurant to take home. My point is that they are not there to be "taken" in bulk for your own personal use. They are to be used for the drink you purchase in the restaurant.
  18. To be honest I am also old enough to have used paper straws in my youth. The problem is I don't remember whether I ever had a problem with them.
  19. All the plastic straws you want are not free at McDonald's and Burger King. They are happy to give you a straw for the drink that you purchase from them. They do not expect to supply you with an endless amount of straws to take on your next cruise. That is why you should buy your own.
  20. It would be more eco-friendly if ships would stop dumping into our oceans, on purpose.
  21. It would be more eco-friendly if ships would stop dumping into our oceans.
  22. Yes, I think so too. One is understandable, butt three is half the trip, thats a real shame.
  23. Not necessarily accurate. I doubt everyone would include casino play as a cruise cost, many do not go near the casino. I found dining room and buffet coffee perfectly adequate, and could live without the alcohol drinks. So I would imagine it could be done for quite a bit less. Of course, I would have to trade the parking costs for the price of a plane ticket.
  24. And you would trust a Princess Rep to answer THAT Question?
  25. This thread is about those not having a partner to save the chair. People who are traveling SOLO.
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