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  1. Correct, no slippers. You can ask for a top sheet under the duvet.
  2. Princess shampoo is horrible. Most women cannot even comb their hair after using it. If you plan on appearing in public after a shampoo, take your own.
  3. It will be listed in the Patter.
  4. Always enjoy following you and Brad on your cruises, your reviews are always entertaining and enlightening. Lago Mar has been my favorite hotel since my very first cruise. Love the wonderful buffet breakfasts before embarking on a cruise. Love watching the ships come in, gliding by the hotel at five in the morning. And love, love, love your Skipper, he is gorgeous! Karen
  5. Not really a conundrum. Princess reps are notorious for giving incorrect info. I would trust those who just got off the ship.
  6. Sorry, you got me there. But #4 is posted by a frequent Princess cruiser, and a longtime member of this forum. His answer is very reliable.
  7. Oh my goodness, read post 4 and 10 on this thread. It will give you your answer. Two people just got off this ship and said NO, the machines are NOT installed. Why would they lie to you?
  8. And there you have your answer! Unfortunately, most Princess representatives have never been on board a ship.
  9. You have an alarm on your refrigerator? I have to ask why???
  10. When I got home the night after disembarking, I went upstairs and I think I hit at least three walls. Gone the next morning. But it was sure worth it!
  11. Correct, that is what you are left with. You can ask to be supplied with a second chair, but there is no guarantee that you will get one.
  12. It is not sacrilege if that is how you like to eat it. I like steak sauce too.
  13. No, we will not have to wait and see, I think we all know that Princess will not put the chairs back. Enjoy your extra room. What will you do with it? Perhaps you can hop in place while drinking your coffee from room service.
  14. This definitely would not be my idea of comfort.
  15. Do you imagine this damage is due to storms of the last several years?
  16. Yes, I do. They get washed once a month
  17. We definitely had this problem at Grand Turk. People were falling all over the place.
  18. Yes, one chair for two or more people. We had three in an inside. I guess we could take turns using the chair.
  19. And now, nearly thirty years later, and it is pretty much standing room only once again on the new builds. Are we going backwards?
  20. That is not a top sheet, it is a duvet cover.
  21. Since the photos do not show people standing in the water, I would not be so sure that there is a shallow end, unless someone who was in the pool can attest to it.
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