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  1. Had lunch at the automat every year (as a teenager) with a bunch of friends during Christmas season after ice skating at Rockfeller center. FUN!!!
  2. You can go up to the buffet and make your own plate of cheese and crackers, and fruit, and take them back to your cabin.
  3. There is no excuse for food served cold 3 nights out of 7, nor is there an excuse for rock hard potatoes every night. Sounds like a bigger problem than people who like to complain. The wait staff, for starters, has too many tables to service.
  4. We had 10 at our traditional dining. Even that was a bit tight.
  5. Well, after looking at these two gentlemen, I think kilts should actually be a requirement, regardless of the dress code. Delicious!!!
  6. Afraid not, he passed 35 years ago.
  7. On each of my cruises, I saw a gentleman dressed in his kilt. I vote YES! Many years ago I married a man from Edinburgh, who of course had his own kilt. You will not be overdressed, and will get many approving looks I'll bet.
  8. You are correct. But if you have your cheese sandwich, plus a bowl of hot soup and a cup of coffee, it then becomes a bit difficult to manage finding a place to sit and eat. I think we are all aware that everyone has paid their fare, but for Heaven's sake, we are discussing restaurant space.
  9. Of course you can, but I also understand the OP's wanting to have a table to put his bowl of soup and a sandwich on so he can eat it. The IC is a food facility, so it stands to reason that those who get food there would like a place to eat it.
  10. It would be appropriate for Princess to have a small sign on these tables, designating their use for IC patrons. The Library should be the place for game players. Do the newer ships have libraries anymore?
  11. As much walking and exercise as possible. I try to eat my sweets before lunch, and nothing at all after dinner.
  12. Ha, thats what I did too. Its hard not to
  13. Hey voljeep, We havent seen any pics of food TODAY. They are my favorite, and I for one, would like to see some! Will ask Dani to post one of the butter for you, I promise.
  14. As wonderful as these people may be, meeting waiters and head waiters would not be high on my to do list if I were being moved at three in the morning due to water seeping into my suite or cabin. Sounds as though the OP has had his hands full getting through the first couple of days.
  15. Very true, and in todays world, that could end up being a bit of a dangerous argument.
  16. Since the OP was asking my opinion of why I would gain 10 pounds on a cruise, I gave my honest opinion. So who would I be insensitive to, ......myself? I am usually pretty honest with myself, no need to lie.
  17. Oh Dani, hoping you have not made a Grand mistake in your kind offer. Cruises fly by so quickly, you barely have time to enjoy it yourself with your family. We will all understand if you come home and just write a review, and try to cover some of the questions asked. Most important that you have fun with your family.
  18. Oh my, LOVE french toast, with bacon and thin sausage links swimming in syrup. Kindred spirits! My family gets ill if the bacon touches the syrup. They dont know what they are missing.
  19. Understood that as you live in Florida, it would not be special to you. I am eight hours drive away from my favorite beach, so I find Princess Cays to be a bit of heaven on earth.
  20. And he looks super handsome in it!!!
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