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  1. And he looks super handsome in it!!!
  2. I very much agree. We are all different, and different things appeal to different folks.
  3. Good luck with that! Princess is very iffy about letting you do that. A plate of cookies yes, anything cooked from the MDR, no.
  4. Love the Ruby. Fantastic ship.
  5. Hilton Marina. Embassy Suites is highly overated. Never liked it.
  6. Although if you are going to keep the door open between the rooms, why would you need a baby monitor?
  7. The true answer is MAYBE he can, if he has one available. No guarantee.
  8. Geesh, have you all gone crazy? This is the party, having a great time? I feel for the crew who had to clean this one up. I will be at the IC, eating all the chicken salad croissants, and the pavlovas. No, I will not save any of you one.
  9. To me, it sounded like they were dressing for their own enjoyment, not yours. (as it should be)
  10. But really, if a couple enjoys dressing up for each other, why not? I can think of no better reason for doing it. I wouldnt worry about what everyone else thinks. If you are enjoying it, good for you!
  11. I have some of these aluminum straws and hate drinking from them. I use a straw to keep cold drinks from my teeth. These are like the aluminum drinking glasses that were popular when I was a kid. Anyone know if they make heavy plastic straws that can be used more than once?
  12. I guess that is fine if seeing pics of your waiters children is important to you. That is not what good dinner service means to me. Neither is marginal service. I will always be gracious and kind to all who work onboard, but have never felt the need for closer or more personal relationships with our stewards or servers. Everyone is different.
  13. Not recently, but have been twice in July. Yes it was hot and humid, but we are beach people, and so no problem. I think it rained once on the first trip, as we were in line waiting for the tender back to the ship from Princess Keys. No long term rain for us.
  14. Waiters hovering over me would drive me crazy. That is not a relaxing experience, and would be enough to keep me OUT of that dining room.
  15. No Sorry, I have edited this as I thought it applied to the sister in the cabin next door.
  16. Room service is a good option, it is free and easy to order.
  17. And I quite agree, just find it odd the way they spell it out. They cannot seem to go one way or the other.
  18. I doubt if anyone could construe a skirt with a good blouse as "formal wear".
  19. Am I wrong in thinking the soda package includes tips?
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