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  1. I am not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination, and am not at all impressed by the new Sabatinis menu. Give me a plate of lasagna or veal anyday. Is this new menu a hit with cruisers, or not?
  2. Why should the bartender get upset over having to serve a soda? That is his job.
  3. Thank you everyone. Have turned off notifications, and will keep my fingers crossed!
  4. Never had this problem before. Two days ago every new topic posted on this forum started showing up in my email. How do I turn this off? Gave a quick look here, but cannot find anything. Thank you if you can help.
  5. I really think the question continues to be asked because there are always new cruisers who want to know what the actual onboard policy is, and because Princess has always been inconsistant from ship to ship. Obviously there are also two groups with two different ideas of what they want to wear in the main dining room, or lug to the ship in the first place. And so the war goes on.
  6. If you wish to go to the buffet, certainly you can. If you wish to go to the main dining room you should. There are no fashion police. Enjoy your dinner!!!
  7. Unfortunately your fellow passengers will keep doing what they are doing, and Princess will never in a million years notify passengers of that kind of problem.
  8. Maybe I stand alone, but that menu would not thrill me. I would prefer something from the IC, or pizza from the Lido deck.
  9. You can certainly bring a couple of bottles onboard with you.
  10. If there were one thing I could change on Princess it would be to go back to the days of soap, lotion and shampoo of old. The garbage offered now must save them a ton. Oh LOL, edited to wish for the Beef Medallions back again too, on the Always Available menu.
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