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  1. My husband isn't tiny and he was fine last week in the cave tubing. You do have to pick your butt up but it only happens a few times and it's kind of funny.
  2. You can leave it on the bus. I was a little worried about it but literally it was untouched. The bus driver hangs by the bus.
  3. We used water shoes with a little thicker soles. Worked fine. Of note, Butt's Up would not let you have your heels uncovered (like they would with a sandal or flip flop).
  4. We just got off of the Breeze. I think my family would agree that this was the most fun we had! Great excursion company. Because we were on a bus that had a majority of cave tubing only, we were given a private guide for the tubing and for our ziplining. The cave tubing should be a must see if you are going to Belize. Butt's Up stands apart of the competition because we were the only ones I saw NOT carrying our tubes through the rain forest. For those of that are deterred from doing the tour because of the hike, it's not horrible. I am definitely not in shape and made it. I would definitely get water shoes. Our Butt's Up guide worked with our kids so sweetly. Triaged me after I fell on the rocks to stop the bleeding and kept checking on my injury. The ziplining crew was amazing as well. One of my kids was terrified with the heights and decided that after our 2nd climb, that he couldn't do it. They walked him all the way back and ran back to join us. Now THIS I will say, if you are out of shape at all, it's a lot of stairs and climbing. It's doable but you won't power up like the staff. However, they were accommodating for our different speeds. The runs are pretty amazing. Wear longer shorts. I was in swim shorts and it wasn't comfortable. Mid-thigh and down would be my recommendation. Big John was our excursion leader and he was amazing. We did another excursion elsewhere and it did not seem as well run as this one was. The tamale lunch was great. My picky eater said that was his favorite part. Go figure. Kids have the option to try the tamale OR grab a soda and chips to hold them over. We were back to the ship within plenty of time to get back on to the tender.
  5. Has anyone done this tour with Butt's Up? If so, which part did you do first? I am trying to figure out how dress everyone.
  6. Pretty much sums it up. As of right now, it is suppose to rain in Roatan the day we do Bodden's monkeys and sloths. Anyone know if they cancel the tour? And yes, I have already emailed them.
  7. We generally put cash into our sail and sign card, and do not have credit cards. Does anyone know the amount the hold is for a 7 day cruise pp for debit cards? I know it takes longer to drop off, which is fine if you have that cushion. I checked the Carnival site and the link goes nowhere.
  8. We are booked to go with Butt's Up. I am trying to figure out the following things: Do I need a water proof bag for our stuff? And if I have this bag, what do we do with it while we are ziplining?
  9. We are looking at doing this in a few weeks with Butt's Up. Anyone done this yet? I know it says to expect to get dirty. Any way to wash off afterwards? I have 13 year old that has never driven a 4 wheeler. Can he ride with one of us?
  10. No issues getting to them and back to the boat in plenty of time? So worried to use a non-Carnival tour for this.
  11. After watching several reviews on youtube, it looks like many of the balconies either overlook the balcony below OR can be viewed by the balcony above. The only ones that I can find on the deck plans that appear to be the normal stacked way are deck 8 mid-ship balcony rooms. Am I missing any?
  12. I would have to say after reading all the reviews, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the Sunshine is ready for a good dry dock but we had a fantastic time. Anyone have any questions?
  13. We are looking at different options here. He doesn't seem to have any newer reviews.
  14. Was she in a balcony or an outside cabin on 6?
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