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  1. They will be implanting a chip with the vaccine so you can easily be scanned to verify vaccination.
  2. I was thinking of Qantas requirement. BTW, Regent has just extended until sailings through 31 May the delay of final payment until 60 days before sailing.
  3. Have any of the trials included pregnant women? I wouldn't think the approvals forthcoming will include pregnant women or women who may become pregnant as there would be no way to identify potential for birth defects yet. Also, if you have recovered from the virus (and have antibodies) would you still need to get vaccinated to travel?
  4. HostJazz; glad to see you in Regent forum; we have really missed Host Dan since he left; glad to have you aboard. Marc
  5. HAL and Seabourn just did the same thing; again, NCLH is bringing up the rear. Marc
  6. I am just saying that Regent will still sell you an eight night cruise in February regardless of CDC action; so, your explanation to shippy for Regent's actions is incorrect.
  7. Dave, there are 8 night cruises in February out of Miami that are still for sale; need to find a different reason. Marc
  8. UAE over 1,000 cases a day; Japan over 1,500 cases a day; and then this from Australia: [quote] Australia has become the envy of the world after hosting the largest sporting event since the coronavirus pandemic began. Thousands around the globe who tuned into the State of Origin decider were stunned to see over 52,000 eager fans packed in Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium with no social distancing and very few face masks. International viewers watching in countries with hundreds of thousands of active infections marvelled at the spectacle as almost all major sports worldwide are now playe
  9. Didn't Crystal Confidence 2.0 come out prior to 1 October? Weren't you supposed to get all of your money (including the $1000 admin fee) back? My Crystal Mahler booking was cancelled 12 October so I hope I am eleven days behind you in receiving my refund.
  10. Crystal has waived the administrative fee. I am at 35 days since cancellation and have not received credit to either credit card; hopefully will get the credits in next six weeks.
  11. Then they sell a five day cruise from Bermuda at the end.
  12. They can certainly sell a five day cruise to Halifax and then an 89 day cruise from Halifax to New York and satisfy the CDC order. Just waiting to see what Regent does. Marc
  13. This question is only for those that have booked the full 94 day voyage. Have you kept your booking or have you proactively moved your booking over to 2022 (almost) identical voyage? I feel confident that if this voyage is cancelled Regent will offer us the 2022 voyage at the same cost (2022 is a few thousand more expensive); however, good cabins have already disappeared from 2022 so I have this conundrum whether to jump ship now or wait it out. Just curious as to what others have decided and what was their thought process that led them to their conclusion.
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