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  1. My belief is that Regent will not sail unless passengers are free to walk around the ship without masks. Requiring masks for embarkation, bus trips, and disembarkation will be fine; but not on board. Given that most of Europe is avoiding masks, will be interesting to know what Sea Dream, Hurtigruten, Aida, and Ponant are requiring with respect to masks. Marc
  2. Many thanks; this appears to be a recommendation by 229 scientists based on review of other studies and no original work of their own; now I will hunt down some of the more recent analyses that this is based on. Marc
  3. d970, link doesn't seem to work; am I missing something? Marc
  4. Jackie, if you don't have a copy of the subject study why in the world did you reply????? You know nothing!!!! Please, I just asked a simple question about a link to the study on droplets staying in the air for an hour. If you are so kind to ignore pappy's posts please ignore mine too. Marc
  5. Pappy, I have seen that headline but I haven't seen the study; do you have a link to the actual study; I would like to read it and review the data. thanks, Marc
  6. Susie, when I saw you had replied to this thread I was wondering if there had been an earthquake and you had ocean front property in Las Vegas! 😀
  7. All this from CCL (and RCG too especially with respect to JV with Pullmantur and TUI and completing purchase of Silversea ) yet all we here from NCLH regarding disposing of ships and order of return of ships is crickets. After they cancel October and November cruises I sure hope they come out with new itineraries that are similar to what is happening in Europe or what Crystal is doing in Caribbean. Marc
  8. Full payment not required until it's usual due date. Marc
  9. Besides segments of Mariner World Cruise and a couple of other sailings that have gone up $100, I am showing no fare increases in 2022. You should have been able to get the OBC unless your category is sold out. My 2021 sailing also went up $100 and I was still able to get the OBC. Marc
  10. BA to Rio and Rio to Miami on Mariner in December are NOT "currently" waitlisted; seems kind of silly not to get rid of those itineraries at same time they cancel the LA to BA segments. Marc
  11. Can't you read the balance sheet? NCLH had way too much debt before this all started; they took their chances and then got screwed by the pandemic. This is exactly the same problem that had happened at Renaissance prior to 9/11. edited to add: Given that we know that when they put a block of cruises on waitlist that they will eventually be cancelled and when they eventually cancel the stock goes down that day; is anyone shorting NCLH today?
  12. Technically not true. Regent can send all their ships to Europe and Asia and sail there following their local rules. Marc
  13. Nothing new here; NCLH will go into bankruptcy at some point and FdR will be removed. Marc
  14. And having a panel of health experts is just window dressing; these are the important questions to ask.
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