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  1. Ah, so you drank the kool-aid. 😀 Still haven't found reference to 6 August hearting. I cannot imagine that NCLH would set up time and date for earnings call while the hearing is ongoing.
  2. I think you didn't read the whole thread. 😄
  3. It sure is simple for RCG and CCL; and since Arnold Donald was a classmate of mine a long time ago I know he is smarter than the average bear. I believe Richard Fain is smart too. Simple for those two but somehow difficult for NCLH or they have an axe to grind damn their customers along the way.
  4. Is the hearing on the 6th the chance for NCLH to make its case or is it just for Florida to make its case on change of venue?
  5. . . . and for all of us that believe in personal freedoms.
  6. I am close to 100% confident that Seven Seas Splendor will sail from Miami on 17 December (with me onboard); I am less confident that Regent will be part of NCLH at that time.
  7. By 15 November there will be a half dozen RCG and a half dozen Carnival ships sailing from Florida. If NCL does not have a single ship sailing from Florida at that time then the company is in a world of hurt and FdR will be long gone.
  8. Regent (NCLH) will not move from Florida (including headquarters). Just learned that Crystal that had been 100% vaccinated is now allowing unvaccinated kids under twelve. Cannot imagine NCL saying they will not sail with kids under twelve. There are still lots of twists and turns prior to Regent's first cruise from Florida on 15 November.
  9. I didn't realize that you are still onboard; thanks.
  10. And the two positive cases; are they heading home today, too? Or, do they get another week onboard; at least until they have a negative test or two?
  11. Jim, Mary just wants the ability to substitute the picture of her "beau du jour" so that she can get him easily onboard.
  12. If you have a bad travel agent this is a time to find a new travel agent. 😉
  13. ZERO NCL (or NCLH) ships are sailing worldwide; as reported above JADE is first to sail on Sunday. CCL and RCG and Crystal are sailing. MSC and the rest of the European cruise lines are sailing. Only major cruise lines not sailing are NCL, Oceania, and Regent; all owned by NCLH. Florida is a red herring; NCLH is not sailing anywhere.
  14. No word on Insignia NZ/OZ segments nor Marina South America. Hopefully news at NCLH earnings call on 6 August.
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