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  1. Must book on mariner or voyager for any future regent cruise. Can be transferred once.
  2. Currently double onboard booking discount on just the Voyager and Mariner; trial program. Marc
  3. I will be getting off Cloud in the morning; ship in good shape. Yes, very casual, even jeans and t-shirts at dinner. Crew excellent although Expedition Staff is too large and somewhat useless (at least on our voyage with zodiacs in only two stops). This was my first trip sailing with Moss and I really enjoyed getting to know him. Petros is wonderful as Hotel Director. Marc
  4. I knew Regent would come through and correct the error. Marc
  5. Probably in-house brand; i.e., not a concession but Regent profit center (same thing happened when casino switched from being concession to Regent employees). Marc
  6. Jerie, thanks! With Michael as GM, you will have the best trained crew as well as the most courteous GM. have fun! Marc
  7. Jerie, we board when you get off; can you post names of CD, Asst CD, Social Hostess, GM, and Orchestra Leader? thanks, Marc
  8. Ample venues? There is one, observation lounge, and they only wash the windows when they are scheduled, not when it is needed. You and I sailed on same voyage from Barcelona to Venice in 2017, don't you remember how dirty the windows were during that cruise? Marc
  9. Don't do it! Don't go to Alaska on a ship that has no outdoor forward facing decks; just a waste of money. Marc
  10. My opinion is that Regent just screwed up; somebody in finance did not realize that the price on this cruise had been raised and that most of passengers booked at a lower price. I believe Regent will realize their error and fix this for those already booked. Just my two cents (based on almost 30 cruises with Regent with some screwups along the way), Marc
  11. Maybe Regent should move back to Ft Lauderdale (Port Everglades) which is a much easier port and airport to navigate; and flights are cheaper, too!
  12. Definitely have blackjack tournaments. Mariner Casino and Stars Nightclub are wonderful venues connected by a circular staircase. I frequently go into the casino just to use that staircase; shortcut from Deck 7 to Deck 6. Marc
  13. We have taken our luggage off ourselves (with Regent assistance) on last two cruises (Buenos Aires and Sydney) as we had early flights; wasn't an issue. Of course, if Miami is your first port in USA and you have to clear customs and immigration then it might be a problem; I would just ask when you get onboard. Marc
  14. Subject cruise, along with the Hong Kong to Vancouver Grand Voyage, have been removed from website; anyone know reason? thanks, Marc
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