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  1. Richard you are not going to book anyways so what difference does it make to you?
  2. Thanks; wife not going to be pleased as Jamaica will remain one of the few countries that I have been to and she has not been to. And, I would prefer shipboard credit rather than go to both Cozumel and Costa Maya. At least I will get my Dunn's River Falls excursion refunded. 😃 Thanks for the insight! Marc
  3. I am surprised how expensive the segments are given the amount of availability. I am sure Drib has the real cost comparisons so can correct me if I am wrong; I just can't see paying those prices; especially on the Singapore to Tokyo "drive by" speed transit. Marc edited to add: 2022 Lisbon to Cape Town 23 nights 16,799 - 3,800 air = $12,999. 2023 Lisbon to Cape Town 24 nights 17,699 - 4,000 = $13,699 Very comparable fare but the latter has been waitlisted for quite a while whilst the former needs to be sold in next few months.
  4. A trip to Asia and John Freedman is a fantastic lecturer. A trip to Alaska or often South America and Terry Been is a fantastic lecturer. On the other hand I have had some not so great lecturers. One special lecturer of note was Alan Stern just after New Horizons passed Ultima Thule who showed us videos that had not even made it to the press yet. As for entertainment, it is hit and miss. Production shows are very well done; a lot of invited entertainment is standard cruise fare; the locals brought on board in many ports are wonderful. Marc
  5. Still no word from RCI regarding Cayman Islands. Initially I thought they would replace Cayman Islands with Costa Maya or Belize; however, I am not sure if the transit times would work. Any thoughts of possible replacement? If they just cancel Cayman Islands and replace with sea day, will RCI give us shipboard credit in lieu of refund of port fees and taxes for Cayman Islands? thanks, Marc
  6. If you are having problems with math; second segment is only 13 nights. Last segment is actually 21 nights as you cross the international date line. Susan, Singapore is 13 days later so a much quicker transit of Southeast Asia.
  7. Nice, a real world cruise (although backwards) instead of a Grand Asia Pacific. Time changes at noon will make it more palatable. Of course, 120 days is a bit fast so will be interested in seeing the actual itinerary.
  8. Don't forget that February is the peak of the rainy season.
  9. Except Splendour debuted in Feb so a lot shorter Caribbean season. With both Splendor and Grandeur in Caribbean for full winter, I wonder if they can fill both ships.
  10. Hopefully you are on the 6 January Splendor cruise as we don't get back until am of the 6th. 😀
  11. Until enough people book they will all be low occupancy. This limited occupancy was a way for all the cruise lines saying they were sailing light for health reasons instead of the fact that they couldn't sell them out.
  12. Have they added a port visit to Norfolk, New York, or Newport with your extra day?
  13. Kwaj Girl, I know it is an apples to carrots comparison due to COVID; however, what was your impression on Symphony cruise to Bermuda versus Seven Seas Mariner cruise we were both on a few years ago. Both docked at Dockyards so I would think they would be similar but Mariner had additional ports, too. thanks, Marc
  14. Any word yet on potential modifications to schedule for tomorrow's cruise? thanks, Marc
  15. We are new to RCI. My wife drinks lots of caffeine free Diet Coke; how much would they be individually versus drink package (I think $10 per day). I drink both whisky and beer. I cannot see how I can drink $57 per day. How expensive are craft beer or UK/European beer? How expensive are standard whisky such as Johnnie Walker Black or Jack Daniels? thanks, Marc
  16. I am a Delta traveler; I can leave AUS via JFK and get to Athens by 1015am. Of course, I don't know your dates.
  17. That Lufthansa arriving at 5pm sounds wonderful; not like you are going to hit the town that first day and now that more hotels are charging for getting in room early getting into your room early in day is not a given. Arriving at 5 and getting to hotel by 7 and then enjoying a nice dinner sounds like a great plan to get over jet lag. Just my two cents, Marc
  18. Any word on whether the CSO will be extended past 31 October? thanks,
  19. Anyone here planning on boarding her tomorrow? Looking forward to sea mail.
  20. Worked for me; I went to first port and then down half way was link to get excursions emailed to you; I tried to copy the url so maybe this will work for you. https://www.rssc.com/cruises/NAV220824/activities/regent-choice-plus-free/day-3# see you on board
  21. Maiden Explorer cruise from Venice went waitlist this week. Whilst Oceania changed all their Venice stops to Trieste, Regent hasn't made the same move for Explorer or Splendor. Could Regent be preparing to change the Explorer restart to the Caribbean?
  22. Doesn't matter; will be interested to hear if this makes if from option to actual booking; someone will catch it at some point (even if you have two different booking numbers).
  23. I understand which is not a legal cruise. Miami to NYC violates PVSA.
  24. Pcardad, thanks for posting that; unfortunately, those are the rules now (especially pertaining to refunds) and not the rules for when I board in December; who knows what those rules will be (especially pertaining to refunds). You pays your money and you takes your chances. edited to add: If CSO is extended past 1 November and if Regent decides to follow the CSO for cruises out of Florida, either the Splendor and Explorer transatlantics will have to be passenger-less or there cannot be passengers onboard for 14 days after arrival in USA. That would mean earliest boarding of Splendor in Miami would be 21 December delaying my 17 December cruise.
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