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  1. Thank you all for your helpful comments. The world cruise begins January 5th and ends May 5th. Our cruise begins in Singapore on March 15th. This puts us close to the middle of the world cruise. Would this make a difference to any of you? My wife and I are fairly independent, so if we’re on our own, then we’re on our own. This cruse is port intensive and hits a lot of “bucket list” places for us. I guess I’m looking to be reassured we won’t be treated as 2nd class cruisers. Also, this cruise is two years away, so I’m hopeful the fallout from COVID will have resolved by then.. Than
  2. Looking for opinions and suggestions here with two questions.. First.. my wife and I are considering booking a SE Asia cruise on the Mariner, March 2021. I noticed it will be a segment of an ongoing world cruise. Anyone have any experience with this? Will this cruise feel different to us than our previous (nine) Regent cruises? Would anyone consider this a “deal breaker”? We really like the itinerary, which is the primary attraction. Second... We have been in Mariner Penthouse A suites in the past, but are considering moving up to a Seven Seas (Aft) Suite. Anybody have experien
  3. Thank you all for your helpful comments. I‘m thinking we’ll go with the “aft” suite. Our previous cruises have always been in suites toward the front of the ship. This will be a nice change. Appreciate the information on the “secret” stairway to the Horizon Lounge as well. Now just hoping we all stay safe and cruising is back to normal by then!!
  4. We are thinking of postponing a cruise originally sailing this fall to the following year (2021). If we do this, we’ll be sailing on the Voyager. We’ve had 9 previous cruises on Regent, but this will be our first on the Voyager. Anyone have experience or knowledge of the Seven Seas suites (either fore or aft). Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated... Thanks, Steve
  5. Glad to hear it all worked out Rich. We had a “camera” issue a number of years ago on arriving in Venice. Also embarking on the Mariner. Not fun!!! I understand the “feelings”!! I’m at breakfast at the Ritz Carlton in Shanghai. Today we get a whirlwind tour of the Old City, the Bund and the Yu (something) Gardens. Can’t remember the name. Afterward...we board the Mariner. Must say...Deborah and I are ready. Shanghai is quite an amazing city. Most modern city I’ve ever been. Leaving LA and coming here is like being in Disneyland and traveling from Frontierland to Tomorrowland. Hopi
  6. Rich.. We are able to get FB and Google on our AT&T cellular plan, but not on Wi-Fi here. Of course, we’re paying $10 per day for the privilege. I love your your description of yesterday’s tour. I’ll piggyback back on your insightful narrative and add some personal observations. The Forbidden City was much larger than we expected. With the crowds, it had a certain “Disneyland” flavor, eithout the smells. What impressed us was how respectful the crowd was. The history, as you described, is fascinating. Last night, I kept seeing concubines and eunuchs in my dreams. At my age, no
  7. Thanks Rachel... that was very kind. I think it may be because you and I share the same profession. I’ve followed your blogs in the past with great interest. Deborah and I are doing a similar South America itinerary next February. And Rich... can’t believe I saw you a few hours ago and forgot it was yours and Ginny’s Birthday 😩. I’ve been known at times to be up in the “Space Shuttle” (just ask Deborah). Today was one of those days. Please forgive me. I lost track that we crossed the International Date Line getting here (like Phinneas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days). So....
  8. Morning of the first day... So, as Rich so eloquently described...AA Flight 181 started off with a “bang”. There was an unscheduled “Meet and Mingle”, before the “Meet and Mingle”. As we all were boarding and filling up the Business Class, one person said “Regent?”. That was followed by approx 10 other people saying “Yes, Regent”. Before we knew it, there were at least 14 people chatting as if we were old friends. It really was quite remarkable. The attendants actually thought we all knew each other. Great way to start the trip!! As for our first night... There’s a saying that goes
  9. Good Morning from LAX. I’m in the Oneworld Lounge getting ready to board AA flight 181 to Beijing. My name is Steve, and my wife’s name is Deborah. This will be our 7th Regent cruise, but the first time i’ve Ever blogged. A special thanks to Rich for starting this thread. I don’t think I can match his eloquence or clarity of thought, but my “neurotic skepticism” may add a different perspective. Like many of you, we planned this trip two years ago, when the spring 2019 sailings were first announced. As Rich previously mentioned, the itinerary has changed (not always to our liking),
  10. Rachel... I want to take this opportunity to thank you for this engaging and informative blog. We’ve never met, but your experiences kept me enthralled these past few weeks. Next February my wife and I (with friends) will be sailing almost the same itinerary, Buenas Aires to Lima. Having never been to South America, your thread has become a travel guide for us. Again...many thanks, and travel safely!! BTW... I’m also a physician, so I especially enjoyed your medical references...
  11. Here’s hoping Villanova makes another run!! Definitely our “team of choice”!!
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