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  1. I don't think we know how it will pan out yet but they must be keeping quite a few cabins free in case isolation/quarantine is necessary. One thing I do think will happen is that everyone in your cabin will have to be isolated as they will have been in close contact with you. As for getting home, I would hope P and O would assist, but don't know for sure. Lots of 'not sures' there!😀
  2. enjoy every minute. Can't wait to hear your report on it.
  3. So sorry to hear that, especially as you have been so careful. I hope it turns out ok for you.
  4. We love P and O but we have been on QE and QM and to be honest we didn't encounter any snobbery at all. QM was fine, but the atmosphere on QE was magical and fun, not rowdy at all, but it seemed such a friendly happy ship.
  5. Talking of Premier Inn, as you were, The family wanted a meet up last week. Usually it's restaurants, but someone mentioned Premier Inn so we all turned up for breakfast. Six people, all full up, and had a great time for the princely sun of £54. It was amazing value. When we went on Queen Mary we stayed at West Quay Premier Inn and had a great breakfast. Afterwards the hotel foyer was full of people with cases labelled QM, some of them the precious Red ones, all waiting for taxis to the port. It was exciting and fun and not one snob among them.
  6. Have a great time. Don't worry about us! I, for one, will still be sitting here counting down the days. Seriously, enjoy every minute
  7. I gave in and bought a tiny fold up mobility scooter which folds to airport hand luggage size, with a trolley handle, to use occasionally on our Staycation in September and for days out... then we read that we could only take it if we had an accessible cabin, which we haven't. We were a bit upset because it isn't the prettiest of things, quite ugly in fact, but did what we wanted it for and the folded size was good. It was bought mainly for future cruises and days out. But if it was just days out we would have bought a different model. I just happened to glance at P a
  8. Or a heated debate over the canapes!
  9. You are sooo brave😀 Have a great time. Hope the kids really enjoy it! Kalos.. as said above, thanks again for the morning laugh.. it really does work for us all.
  10. I prefer smaller bath towels too, but if the rooms not too warm I would put the sheet round my shoulders while I TRY to reach my feet!!!🤣
  11. I hope it stays like that...... from 2000 on Oceana (last cruise) to over 5000 on Iona that could be a bit of a shock!
  12. I think I'll always be a dodgy sleeper but tonight takes the biscuit. Slept from about 12 to 1 am. Got up until 4, went back to bed couldn't sleep so here I am up again and absolutely wide awake (at the moment) This must be the worst day to stay up all night when I have an appointment at 11 am, then need to go to pick up an outfit for a wedding in 2 weeks, then have another appointment at 6 this evening. I wish there was a magic cure for insomniacs... I would be first in that queue.
  13. We splashed out on a Dyson.. it is fine.. we also bought one from the M Supermarket, which is the one pictured some posts ago with the little dog lazing by it. It was a tower and £25. To be honest it is just as good.. perhaps a little better than the Dyson and very quiet. £300 or so Dyson .. £25 M Supermarket. Feel a bit diddled.🙃
  14. I know a couple of gents on here have mobility scooters. (I'm a girl..) Sadly I am going to have a look for one today. I need it for things like days out, or shopping malls etc and for cruising! . I don't think I will make the length of Iona in September.☺️ I'm fine indoors and immediate area. Also any advice on what to look out for or to avoid. Any ideas for very lightweight boot scooter, folding with pulling handle, and have armrests. One was great E.F***i but the leg rests were on the wheel and the lite one looked strange. This post may
  15. As said above, may be a bit dearer, but the convenience and ease really does make up for that. Well worth it... in my humble opinion!!! (but of course that was in pre-covid times. hope its still good now)
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