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  1. Thank you. A little aside.. I did an order (its a very cold store!!) which had £10 off. It was a one day deal. The day before delivery I went in to add some bits and the £10 off disappeared. It seemed like I couldn't edit a special deal even though I ordered on the day! I hope that makes sense.
  2. Can I ask how that works? Can you book without actually placing an order at booking time or do you have to make up mock orders in advance then edit them nearer the time? Thanks
  3. During the first lockdown my daughter's inlaws arranged weekly quizzes on Zoom We didn't know some of the participants at first, but we sure do now. They were absolutely hilarious and we had jaw ache most weeks! 😄 During this second lockdown its mostly the older ones of us that have the quizzes. Its still a real tonic. Honestly those that can, but haven't tried one.. have a go at a lockdown quiz its a real tonic. My first round was funny/silly/ rude place names.. I just googled and up they came.
  4. Yes, I think you are probably right there Andy. Its strange how quickly things can escalate.. it seemed to get really very serious all of a sudden.
  5. Its getting scary here.. I live in the worst place in England for Covid. Rumour has it that most cases here are in our three prisons with very high percentages of infections stated, but I don't know if it is that thats not helping the figures or if its in the general population. I did say some weeks ago about a lady I know who borrowed a friend's COPD lanyard because she didn't fancy a mask. She had some weird ideas. I think the message got through eventually but perhaps people like that helped put our small community where we are now. I'm not going out t
  6. God help that bloke in the testing station if he ever gets man flu!"🤣
  7. My daughters and family are staying away for the same reason amajaa. I think it is the right decision We were on Oceana then too Hollyjess. Our paths must have crossed! I think we are so near having a vaccine that it is a bit foolhardy to relax the rules too much. We could land up in a worse position than we are in now, all for the sake of a few days... and as some has said I'm not sharing my Quality Street o ☺️r my pavlova
  8. Hope you are now on the up Damian. I hope everyone can get back to some kind of normal soon.... best wishes to everyone x
  9. When I was a Secretary/PA my initials were VD. which went on every letter. I didn't think anything of it until I heard someone who had some documents bellow "Give them to the lady with the unfortunate initials!!!" 😀
  10. So would I. I saw him in pantomime and he really was the star of the show. Most of it he was in drag... all us girls were really jealous.. looked stunning!!!!!
  11. Turkey crown and all the trimmings from M and S and Morrisons here too. Xmas pudding for me (lots) but not for him! Christmas must do is watch Love Actually.. again ..its on every year.... the first time I watched it I didn't really get it, then the penny dropped but every time we watch it we see something we missed! Sad really🙃
  12. Wow... I could have written that... word for word it is exactly how I feel. I was absolutely fine in the first lockdown. Perhaps its because we live in the same area... or could be long lost cousins!!!!😀
  13. OOOOOOOOH feeling really guilty now. 🤥 I'm making s** all for Christmas this year!!!! I lie ... there are only going to be two of us and we are in the middle of a bungalow purchase. We are just going to slob around before the move kicks off, hopefully after New Year, and might even stay in our pj's ☺️🤣 BUT I do have an Ocado/M and S delivery booked.. now there's gold dust! I got in quick. Have fun in your kitchens everyone.. what you are all doing sounds wonderful
  14. Agree with you 100% Presto2. I hope everyone stays. You've kept us all going since March, for which I thank you so much x
  15. Not meant to be disrespectful, but just to have a giggle... especially us girls! ☺️ Made me laugh
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