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  1. Thanks for that. It certainly seems like it might work for us. Just back from New Year Cruise.. first one after an accident last year. I was no help with lifting the cases and I think OH found it a bit wearing. We always drive down the day before and getting the cases in the hotel then back out again was a bit difficult for him.. now we aren't spring chickens!!!!
  2. Never considered sending the cases ahead, but after our last cruise, lugging heavy cases, and after reading this thread we might just consider it next time. I have just been reading their website, and all is clear apart from disembarkation. How do they get the cases for the journey home? Normally, of course, they just go outside the cabin door late on the last evening. Can you kindly explain the disembarkation procedure regarding the Baggage Handling Co.. Many thanks.
  3. I saw it too. Unbelievable. I think the drinks package has to be for everyone in the cabin, or it would be impossible to police, and open to problems. I always try to research... but I have friends who never research their holidays and say they will find out things when they get there. They even told me that they think I probably spoil our holidays by knowing too much before I go!!!!!I'm not over the top at all but like to know some bits.
  4. Is it possible for you to travel a day earlier.. just in case of flight delays? Some great overnight deals at Southampton Hotels and no worries.
  5. indiana123


    It's already been mentioned.. but worth repeating. We went through all the questions on what we thought was the official website then, at the end, we were asked for a fee ( £30 plus).. we then realised we were not on the official Government free site. I realised it should be free but my Partner didn't. We nearly got caught. Definitely no fee for EHIC and marvellous service.. ours arrived in a few days
  6. Isn't Black and White Night formal? We all dressed up for it.
  7. Yes Noro was on board... probably for the last week. They jumped on it very quickly with stringent changes on board ie service only at buffet. no self service. No wine glasses on tables etc.. salt , pepper and other bits only in sachets and loads of advice. Recommended no handshaking Captains gala did not take place. Multi hand washing and sprays. We were asked only to use the public toilets if necessary. Lifts using knuckles only, and more bits and pieces of advice. Although one day they announced that no cases had been reported they kept all precautions in place, which we felt was the right decision. We were told by a crew member that it was a big outbreak but to be honest we saw no evidence of illness.. ie we didn't see any poorly passengers.
  8. We were off today. We didn't actually have to get off early. We knew we would be in early and they then said we could leave a bit early if we wished. We were ready so we left a bit before 8 ... the baggage hall was almost empty of people but crammed of cases. Of course.... the breakfast buffet was full!!!!!!! We did hear that people doing a back to back were requested to leave between 10 and 12 as they were going to do a sanitisation and deep clean before reloading. Also a team went on to take down the decorations. Oh well...back to real life!!
  9. We are on it too. Someone said that the Bay is very bad at the moment. Lets hope it's blown away by the time we get there.
  10. This has all made me smile and remember. Thank you. Who could forget the riparian entertainment or their weekend on their Son's friend's yacht which was a rust bucket. Hyacinth and Basil Fawlty are still way up there with the best and well remembered
  11. So do I.… just a bit of lighthearted fun
  12. That made me laugh! So much can be learnt by browsing on here. It just didn't cross my mind to ask the steward (so long as he tells the truth). I will certainly remember that for future use if needed.
  13. Yes, I thought they would have had to sort it ready for the next year. Probably just a rotten berth. We couldn't do any more than laugh. Have fun everybody on NYE, Madeira is another fantastic place to be that night. couldn't believe what we were seeing. We will be at sea on Oceana, but we will be celebrating well!!!
  14. It sounds as if you are either in Amsterdam overnight or going into town for the evening. That sounds like great fun. I hope so... we were on Cunard on a short New Year cruise. We all waited eagerly on deck and at midnight the fireworks started, but most of them were behind tall flats near to where we were berthed and there was so much smoke that we couldn't see anything else. It was so bad that it was hilarious and everyone took it in good part.. even the captain asked us if we enjoyed the smoke and listening to the fireworks!!!! That was a few years ago now so things have probably changed. It was a never to be forgotten experience!
  15. A hot air thread maybe, but although we like a table for two on our cruises because in real life time together is limited, I would be more than happy to share a table with the three banterers. Good senses of humour and good fun I think!!
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