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  1. Hawaii has successfully? implemented a 72 hour testing requirement. $250 quick test at DFW on the way to HNL.
  2. Oddly they can not be reserved in advance. Neither suites nor higher frequency cruisers have preferred access!
  3. It’s sad to think that she didn’t already own her own Boeing 777.
  4. Try using Google Flights before running a mock booking on EZ Air.
  5. ChatKat - Crystal could give a weekly update on what percentage of refunds have been returned, number of employees working on refunds, and dollar amount refunded so far.
  6. I don't believe any cruise line has been forthcoming with information. Compare this to Delta airlines. About once a week I receive an email outlining their current procedures and updates. Keeping customers informed is a smart business move, even if the news is bad.
  7. If a company is unable to pay it's secured debts, guess what, they won't be paying their unsecured creditors! That means your refunds won't be paid either.
  8. I can imagine Carnival corporate consolidating into four lines. Princess and Holland America Cunard and Seabourn AIDA, P&O UK, P&O Australia and Costa Carnival Cruise Line
  9. Since the Diamond Princess HVAC systems have not been updated, although sanitized and disinfected, it is unlikely the Crown has had any HVAC upgrades. It would be in Princess Cruises best interest to release any information regarding any completed upgrades.
  10. Only the Crow’s Nest on deck 12 is accessible from the interior. The open deck 14 “Sky” is only accessible via exterior stairs.
  11. According to princess.com Royal Princess arrives at 6:15 AM in Los Angeles and departs at 4 PM on October 3, the same day. I’m sorry but that’s business as usual and in no way enough time to thoroughly clean, sanitize and disinfect the entire ship. Will these cruises take place? I think they will, but Princess is setting themselves up for failure if new procedures are not implemented between cruises.
  12. Huzzah! According to USPS Informed Delivery a check from Bottomline Technologies will arrive today! This is for reimbursement of expenses for the March 1 Regal Princess cruise that had a delayed return to Port Everglades, not a cancelled cruise. That would be 91 days from my submission date.
  13. I believe we will see no anytime dining, and three traditional dining times. 4PM, 6PM and 8PM. In addition, the main dining room, nor the buffet, will be available to everyone every night. For example, a seven night cruise would require dining in the MDR four nights and three at the buffet or a specialty restaurant. This would probably require specialty restaurants to be included in the cruise fare. Availability for the specialty restaurants would be based on Captain's Club level and cabin level. Reservations for your three buffet or specialty restaurant nights would be made online prior
  14. Not too surprised! We'll cruise again, but will not be booking until just before the cruise. No need to tie up my money, and have plans changed by the cruise lines.
  15. There are no protections on a debit card in the US, other than those provided by the bank (which are usually quite slim). NEVER use a debit card for a major purchase!
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