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  1. So...a Holland America Creamice is like a Frappuccino from Starbucks. Yes?
  2. For fourth meal we usually order a pizza each and a double order of wings. Good for watching a movie before bed.
  3. From the Uber website fare estimate. About $14.07 for UberX from Terminal 2 at FLL to Hollywood North Beach Park. About $14.41 from the beach park to Port Everglades. If you use my promo code gl2it when signing up you will get a discount!
  4. Yes there is a dorm sized fridge! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ancient...If your cruise begins in Amsterdam your departure port probably will not change. Is it currently schedule to depart from PTA (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam) located near Centraal Station? You can check the PTA website for their cruise schedule calendar. The Waterland terminal in western Amsterdam is a quick cab ride to the center city. The P&O and Cunard cruises were most likely port visits, not embarkation or departure points. Only port visits are taxed.
  6. This tax does not apply to ships with a turn around day. At least it will free up a berth at PTA. I would much rather depart from PTA instead of the Waterland terminal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. FYI that menu from Jett is from April 2017. Has it changed? I see many of the wines don't list the grape varieties. Americans, (Koningsdam's core customers) don't know the kinds of grapes used in wines from particular areas of France. Rudi's was not very busy on my 2 past cruises. We might try it on Nieuw Statendam, but Tamarind will most likely win out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. When choosing a quick cruise for March 2019 the other half specifically mentioned wanting to go on the cruise line that had LCS. He's been known to sleep through performances by the National Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony and our local North Carolina Symphony. He doesn't fall asleep at the LCS! Looking forward to hear what's to be played on Nieuw Statendam.
  9. Have you considered a one way car rental? That way your car will be safe at home, and no need to pay for parking.
  10. Club Orange as it stands now will probably not survive. Poor value. The CO dining room/open kitchen was a great venue for the winemaker's dinner we attended. Keep the room and open kitchen and find a menu/cuisine that people are willing to pay for. As it already has the kitchen installed how about staying open 24 hours with a contemporary menu with the best of the world's flavors?
  11. If you book thru Flight Ease, the price CAN change. Per HAL's FAQ, "Prices and availability are not guaranteed until the cruise and air booking are paid in full." In addition, under Flexible Fares, "Prices are subject to increase prior to the time you make full payment for your air-inclusive cruise or Land+Sea Journey."
  12. Neither would be similar to any HAL ship, but I would say that Royal's Oasis has more venues that approximate HAL's vibe. For instance, 150 Central Park is upscale with a modern menu, and their Chops Grille has US prime grade, dry aged steaks on the menu (at additional cost). Shows on Royal tend to be shortened Broadway productions. Performances are not quite Broadway caliber though. There is multiple live music venues including a jazz club. Old School HAL cruisers will appreciate the stocked library with comfy chairs. As large ships have many activities that kids enjoy, they tend to stay clear of more "adult" activities such as trivia and talks. Hope you have a chance to spend time in Barcelona, awesome city!
  13. Ever notice the cocktail waitresses in Vegas? As a gay man even I noticed that those at Bellagio were quite a bit different looking than those at the Flamingo or Circus Circus. Just an observation!
  14. Dining experiences like the one described are truly memorable and remarkable. Disney Cruise Line has the Remy restaurant which is $230 per person when paired with wine, and well worth the cost. I recall that all of the staff were astonishingly good looking, both men and women! Finishing the meal with a glass of Taylor Fladgate Scion port wrapped up a great experience. If we were to travel on Oceania, they would have to hold a spot for us. Good thing Tamarind is priced nice!
  15. Hear Hear TonyC1952 - one reason I really like Disney Cruise Line is that their nicer specialty restaurants Palo and Remy have a minimum age of 18! Seems like Club Hal is the way to go for the little darling.
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