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  1. not sure how RC handles pricing but NCL has a nice program called Bidding. it is not offered to all cruiser but some time after the final payment about 80 days out the luck ones get a letter to bid for an upgrade. you can move up 2 tiers for a few extra bucks. We moved from BB balcony SC 2 bedroom suite for $750 each on top of the cost of the balcony. we probably bid too much but was a great cruise and wonderful cabin. If you get a bidding offer you can move to a higher priced cabin at a fraction of the cost. Have a great trip
  2. we were on the Star two week thru Panama canal. in Feb 2018 Booked a BB balcony a year before the trip At 80 days got an bid offer. Sorry but do not recall if we offered poor, mid or good we got a SC 2 bedroom suite for $750 each I suspect we bid to much as our bid was accepted with in two days Do not feel bad for the up grade it was a great trip
  3. Think positive and good luck Last FEB I was putting my close in the closet on NCL Star. I found a photo on the top shelf. I gave it to my cabin butler and he assured me it mailed to the previous occupant of our cabin.
  4. it is an interesting process. we booked a BB balcony on the star for two week cruise, at exactly 80 days we were invited to bid for upgrade. I submitted a bid of $750 each. We were notified within two days that we were moved up to two bedroom suite SC. Best money I ever spent. Have fun bidding if you want to move up. all they can do is say yes or no.
  5. my husband and I both have Alaska Visa cards. We charge most of our food, and utilities and house hold expences each month to get our miles. we pay in full each month so thereeach are no interest fees. We use our miles to book flights. our trip in Aug was $5.60 each and twenty five thousand miles for one way first class. Sac to Van. I have not used the companion fare because we always have enough miles to fly. We are very happy with the miles program. especially if you are flying on pacific coast. yes they do charge $75 each year but your bags fly free.
  6. Seawoff


    Lynn a word to the wise Mosiquito is the national bird of Alaska. you would be wise to cover up and take bug repelent We are going on our second cruise to Alaska this summer and we lived there serveral summers so here is what I know. The weather is unpredictable be prepaired for sun, fog and rain and cold. Especially cold. my wardrobe is tee shirts, long sleeved tees, sweats and blue jeans. on the ship is climate controlled but keep a sweater handy take a parka and/or pancho, hats and gloves as well as rain proof shoes or boots. have a fun trip
  7. can you make a 2:00 flight if you get to the airport by 12:30? I had a 3:00 pm flight booked by Alaska air changed it to 2:00 pm
  8. We are senior so money and less hassel are our top priority. Alaska cruise planned for Aug 26th on Norwegain Jewel out of Vancouver. Overnight at air port hotel which provides a free shuttle. Looks like NCL is offering Holiday Inn at the Vancouver Airport for $110. Cruise day return to airport via free shuttle and pay for NCL transfer to port (they are quioting $15 each) or take a taxi to port probable around $45. I am still evaluating our options
  9. Thank you for the information. I saw $15 per person posted on the google search. do not know how old the information is however when I am ready to book and I they quoit me $29 per person then I will call a cab thanks for the heads up
  10. you might consider the NCL transfer bus, Eight people is a lot. I think charge$15 a person. We are flying in a day early, hotel shuttle (free) to a cheap airport hotel, then return to air port free via hotel shuttle and meet the NCL guide at the luggage area for transfer by NCL bus to cruise port.
  11. only one day just after Columbia, 45 knots an hour and 14 ft swells, too windy to sit by the pool and too rough to walk around crew placed barf begs outside of all eating venues Planning next cruise to Alaska in July of 2019, will definitely bid for a Penthouse Suite on the bow it is an awesome room
  12. never had a aft cabin but able to comment on a forward cabin. friends invited us to view the Panama canal from Suite 9000. The suite was lovely but the balcony was awesome. just made our day
  13. the Star cleared customs by 8 am we were off by 840, we were suite guests and we paid for NCL transfer to the airport so we got priorty disembarking. There were luggage porters in the hall to help us take baggage to the bus., quick checking with customs agents. on the bus to air port by 9 am cost $16 from Cruise port to air port ant took 20 to 30 minutes checked in and through security by 1030, walked a long way to our gate boarded our 1200 noon flight with time to spare, absolutely easy disembarkment
  14. Just off the Star on Feb 16th Enjoyed a two bedroom suite 11550. I can not be sure but it did appear that the balconies had a connecting door. Have a nice trip
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