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  1. Edmonton also have a Drive-thru test center now, so you don't have to be a room full of people while waiting.
  2. One of the common symptoms is fever, but it's not required symptom to be classified as Covid-19. Some, especially people with better immune system, can carry and spread the virus without ever showing any symptoms.
  3. Yeah, I tried putting in my online orders at Loblaws and RCSS and the earliest available slot is Tuesday. Since I don't need any essential supplies, I'm just going to do take out for the next week or so until this die now. Probably unhealthy, but I hate being in crowded areas. My friend went to Longos Friday night and it took 90min just to check out. Pizza for breakfast, Pizza for lunch, Pizza for dinner!
  4. They can always rearrange all the schedule and port of calls if they have to make money. i.e. LA/San Diego to Mexico to Alaska and make it a 10-14 day cruise.
  5. So where is the Equinox sailing too? they're still going to all the ports?
  6. Please, the only insult here is your profile stating you're from Canada as you're not acting like one in a time like this.
  7. Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. announced that it is suspending cruising in the United States for 30 days. It will begin at midnight tonight. -source: Twitter
  8. I highly doubt Celebrity will do anything besides give you the refund for the cruise. Since you have internet access, I would recommend making alternative travel arrangements now with your travel provider instead of researching on this board.
  9. So there's no certainty that she did caught it from the cruise. She might have caught it pre-cruise, during the cruise, transportation to the airport, on the flight back to Toronto, etc. Regardless, sail safe!
  10. CP24/Citynews still have it (yes, I'm aware they're not that great as a news source compared to CBC)
  11. Yeah, looks like it since she came from PR and the ports and dates match.
  12. Looks like there's a case in Toronto where a woman who tested positive after disembarking from a Caribbean cruise on March 8. Still waiting on confirmation of the ship. "They say one of their patients, a woman in her 60s, returned to Canada on March 8 after embarking on a Celebrity Cruise that landed on the islands of St. Thomas, St. Martin, Barbados, Dominique, Grenada and Puerto Rico." https://www.cp24.com/news/ontario-reports-17-new-cases-of-covid-19-total-rises-to-59-1.4850163
  13. Since your insurance is in the US, they will most likely based it on the travel advisory from the US government: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Canada.html
  14. They have to go over the top because they know a certain percentage of people are just not going to listen to them (especially the ones that don't like the Liberal government 🙂 ). If they said "just be careful", every one is going to ignore them. Extra medical supplies, chartering planes and quarantining people at CFB Trenton cost $$$. That said, it sucks that they're targeting cruise lines when other things like public places and airplane poses risks as well.
  15. It's called Cruise with Confidence for a reason because they're confident you're going to book again regardless of the price.
  16. Agreed. I was replying to one of the replies saying you can find it in the OVC.
  17. Depending on where you live, I would say Sushi on 5 is average. I'd rather spend the money on Le Petit Chef (if you've never done it on land). Food in the MDR on Celebrity is a bit better, but not going to blow your mind. Best french onion soup at sea! PBP worth it especially if you like hanging out at the martini bar. I wasn't able to find burger/hot dogs in OVC, but YMMV.
  18. Have a cruise coming up and hopefully it doesn't get cancelled. Fortunately, hotel and flights can be cancelled or changed without penalty. So in theory, will not be any lost. Will just be a pain to get cruise $ back.
  19. Unless they changed the policy again, you can only get cans with the Premium Drink Package. For Classic Drink Package, they only give fountain drinks, unless unavailable.
  20. Not frequently, but they did offer that on the Reflection on my last TA in November.
  21. Hi! YYZ based here. Yeah there's not much to do at at FLL, especially if you're flying Air Canada. I usually get the latest disembarkation and take my time slowly to get my backs and to the airport. As other have said, I would also recommend a Celebrity shore excursion as they drop you off at the airport, but if you're done all the excursion, you can also rent a car and just drive around the Fort Lauderdale area. I think Celebrity now also offers guests to extend the stay till like lunch time for extra fee. Since you already paid for the transfer, I don't think there's much you can do now. There are sitting area in the airport, but usually fills up pretty quick. Note, the 3hr hours rules depends on the airline. It is very common in Europe and Asia, but North American airlines have different policies. Each airline and location is different. I've been able to check my bags with AA 5hrs early and 4+ hr early with Delta. For future reference, I would not recommend using their transfer (unless doing an excursion) at Port Everglades as the airport is so close. Taxi and Uber/Lyft is way more convenient.
  22. 8:30am-9:30am - Breakfast in MDR 9:30am - 11:30am - Casino, activities in main theater (if any), Relax on pool deck with pina colada / Toasted Almond 11:30am - 12:30pm - Lunch at MDR or Buffet 12:30pm - 2pm - Walk around the ship to burn of some of the food and check out any pool activities. 2pm - 3:30pm - work out in the fitness center 3:30pm - 4pm - Afternoon eat in OV. 4pm - 6pm - Relax in the room <-- Usually catch up on TV shows and work email 6:30pm - 8pm - Early Show 8pm - 8:30pm - Martini Bar 8:30pm - 10pm - Dinner 10pm - ??? - Martini Bar rinse and repeat....
  23. Was on the Reflection and had no issues streaming Netflix and YouTube during non-prime times. Definitely easier during port days when the ship is not as crowded. Also, it was streaming at 480P. The connection is definitely capable doing what it was advertised. There are WAN accelerators on the ships (F5 maybe? sorry getting too technical), so most common websites would load faster. Not sure if it was meant to download 2.5hr NBA games in 1080p. They do throttle many connections, especially ones that take up tons of data. i.e. Apple Store, Google Play Store, Windows Update. Pretty much anything that people don't know their devices are using up tons of bandwidth in the background.
  24. Canada Place is overcrowded and customs is always slow. Don't let it ruin your cruise. I've done Honolulu to Vancouver on the Solstice twice and always have a good time.
  25. I was on the Reflection in November and didn't have any issue booking my prefer time and specialty restaurant the night before. My experience with Celebrity is they don't really fill up.
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