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  1. Generally there are casino classes on the first or second day. just stop in the casino the first day or look at your activities sheet. With $50, you might be better off using it on slot machines. It would go quickly on blackjack.
  2. I lost a gold and opal bracelet on a Royal ship. Couldn't find it the next day after wearing it, and thought it was gone forever. On an off chance went to customer relations desk and asked about it. After describing it, the nice lady went into the back. Out she came with it. Cleaner found it in the Asian restaurant after dinner. The magnetic clasp had opened and fallen off without my noticing. The bracelet no longer has a magnetic clasp! They are pretty honest.
  3. Try Rocky's for jewelry. It is to the left of where you get off the tender. Pretty good prices on some nice things. I bought a ring there that DI wanted a lot more money for similar piece
  4. Definitely use valet. Sometimes the ships leave from one dock and arrive at the next one. (Had this happen on Royal). If you have valet the young men get your car from the other lot and bring it to you. They also help load luggage and other miscellany. Don't forget to tip them, they work mostly for the tips. If you don't have valet you may have to walk over to the first building lot. There are 'shuttles' but they are few and far between. and, as I recall, they are just cars. Well worth $20 plus tip.
  5. Here is another recommendation for ParkN fly (www.pnf.com). I've used them for years. You park your own car and do not leave keys. Too much personal information can be found in your car from insurance cards and registration. The van drivers are helpful and polite. If you get there a little early, like 11 or 11:30, you probably will get a covered space.
  6. From the variety of comments on IVs, it appears the designers faced a common problem. I find that people who design things, like ship cabins and balconies, never have used the item they design. One of the good things about Solstice class ship design is that people who actually cruised helped the designers. Although not everyone loved the over-bed storage, in general the design of Solstice class ship satisfied most passengers. I'll be sailing again on a Solstice class ship later this year. I will leave the IV cabins on Edge to others.
  7. On trip to Cuba, on RCCL, the policy was to allow passengers to bring back and keep their rum purchases in their rooms. The reason given was that so many people do this, the ship doesn't have enough to room to keep it all in the designated storage room. 😁 So I guess it varies widely.
  8. Just found this and have enjoyed reading the comments. We will be on Reflection on a similar itinerary, also called Ultimate Caribbean, in mid-November. This is the one S class I haven't been on so I am interested in following along with your observations. I admit I don't read all the postings of the daily schedules as I like to be surprised. But it is great that I can actually read those of yours that I select, many posted by other people are too blurry. Keep it up. I will follow. Thanks
  9. Just want to acknowledge the honesty of Symphony staff. We had dinner at the Izumi restaurant on Symphony the week before Christmas. The following evening I realized that a gold and opal bracelet I had worn was missing. Without much hope for this antique heirloom, I went to Passenger services. I described the bracelet to a nice person. She went into the back, spent a few minutes and came out with my bracelet. I don't know who turned it in but was told it was a staff person from the restaurant. After reading several situations where people did not get what they lost, I thought this deserved repeating.
  10. I have. I would. Only you can decide if you should. If it is hurricanes you are worried about, IF, big if, a hurricane was happening while you are cruising, ships can generally avoid worst parts. Yes, hurricanes can happen in September (I live in Florida so I know). But they also can not happen. I have been through a hurricane on a ship, and only one day was difficult. I guess it comes down to : You pay your money, you take your chances. But I would definitely do a September Caribbean cruise, for the right price. Sue Ann, Venice FL
  11. Does anyone know how they set up twin beds on Harmony? My daughter and I are sailing in two weeks. When I was on Symphony in December, it seemed it would be difficult to separate the beds, given the closet configuration.
  12. I did a transatlantic between chemo and having surgery. Flew to Europe and took ship back. I did wear hair piece and scarves but I don't think anyone really noticed. If they id they were too polite to mention it. It was a wonderful way to travel while "sick." BTW, I am 5 years clear.
  13. Depends a lot on what ship. The newest ones are the most expensive but you should be able to get a balcony on a 7 day cruise, including Cozumel for about $2000 for both of you.
  14. In addition to giving good ratings on the survey, here's what I do for a great server. On my way out of the dining room, I seek out the maitre de or other manager. I name the server and say what a good job they did. Something like "Jose is a great waiter, he should be promoted." The response is always ,"Thank you, we'll reward him. Maybe a day off or a premium restaurant." This is more personal than the survey and a notation is made in their notebooks. I know this gets attention!
  15. Just check one. I was there in September and did this. First day was no tour off ship daytime, ship tour evening, independent tour day 2. Just one check. The customs people don't care once you have done one time off ship.
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