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  1. It's a reality show, so they probably took liberties. Could have been over the course of months, but scrunched down into a TV show, it makes it look like total medical chaos. (body stuffed into the boat morgue, meanwhile, someone comes running into the medical office) "OH GOD, MY FINGER, IT'S FALLING OFF!"
  2. Blurgh

    Flesh Eating Bacteria in Spa

    I doubt they are maintained much during the course of the day, while they're crammed full of people.
  3. Blurgh

    Flesh Eating Bacteria in Spa

    If the temperature isn't held right, I don't think it matters. Someone pointed out in the other thread how long people will stay in the hot tub for... which would lead you to believe the temperature isn't being held right. I avoid those things like the plague
  4. Blurgh

    Yuck! Flesh eating disease no paradise!

    Hot tubs are nasty. Maybe not of their own merit, but people are nasty and people get into hot tubs, and you're depending on maintenance on a tub someone is stuffed in almost all day
  5. [quote name='larkz']"ME generation" is an ancient generalization (did you dredge that up from the Nixon administration?), and a not-so-carefully disguised way of calling somebody self-centered. WOW. Not sure what the heck it has to do with playing dress up. Why wouldn't the "ME generation" be people who demand that everyone else play the game that they want to play? Oh well. Since the rules are evolving -- there will soon not be an elegant night -- the rules will soon be 100 percent in favor of us who would rather be casual on a cruise ship. We win.[/QUOTE] At the cost of the line realizing they no longer have to provide a fine dining experience. That's the catch that everyone misses. No one here is really wrong. People blow off the dress codes. But the lines increasingly also blow off the fine dining experience. Why should I dress to the nines for fried chicken or eggplant parmigiana? Now, for the "fine dining experience", you pay. And I'm also pretty sure they're stricter about how you show up there.
  6. Here's the catch. The reason you have a "formal/elegant" night is because they are replicating a high-end restaurant where you are expected not to walk in like a schlub. If both the passengers and the line aren't holding up their end of the bargain, it's hard for either to complain about the other.
  7. I had an itinerary turned upside down once when I booked way in advance. IMO the site is lazy and always has been, so you may not get the best info on where and when you're going somewhere. If something looks weird or "out of season", it probably is. On mine we had a 9AM-midnight call in Cozumel in January, which made no sense. Sure enough, when the summer season was over, the entire port deck was shuffled and we were leaving at 5PM.
  8. Blurgh

    Carnival to simplify pricing!

    [quote name='kybluecruiser']Agree 100%!!!![/QUOTE] I do all my own bookings for everything, but I guess I can understand why someone can't or may not want to. You have to be vigilant when you're doing it yourself. To me "early saver" isn't a complicated process. That's basically how I book hotels. Book it way in advance, rebook when prices go down. But, when you drive to your cruise and you have 5 different hotels and a cruise to monitor, that can be a little bit of work.
  9. [quote name='FlaMilkman'][FONT="Tahoma"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]I doubt the guy would have hit you - almost every inch of public space is monitored by security cameras. That being said, you never want to incite an idiot who is probably heavily liquored up. They might take something of yours, purposely spill a beer on you, etc. A Carnival employee is going to avoid upsetting any customer at all costs. That includes the instigator. Unless there was physical violence they will cross their fingers and hope that the situation blows over without their assistance. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] It happens. You'd be surprised.
  10. Blurgh

    Atlanta/Miami: Driving.Lodging

    The problem with the Turnpike is that once you get past 192, you're committed to going to Fort Pierce. So you pay for an outer Orlando area hotel or you drive another hour + to Fort Pierce. I could see the argument people are using to take I-75, even though it doesn't make alot of sense to me, just because of the increased options along the way.
  11. Blurgh

    Not Good for the Conquest

    Calica was a fake port. LOL. I don't mean fake port like Costa Maya where this port complex is surrounded by nowheresville... I mean the port literally disappeared 30 minutes before departure. Went there once on Mercury, we were a little late coming back from Cancun (not a big issue considering there was a strenuous 4 mile sail to Cozumel for the next day). And when we got back... everything that was there in the morning was gone.
  12. Blurgh

    Atlanta/Miami: Driving.Lodging

    Haven't done it, but since you have to use the Florida Turnpike for this drive (well you don't, but it's much quicker), it lessens your options. Would guess either Gainesville or Orlando would be your stopoff. Probably something on 192 in the Kissimmee area, you don't have alot of places you can get off. Or maybe in the Universal area because that's where the Turnpike and I-4 meet. But I'm guessing since that's close to a park, it'll be more expensive.
  13. Blurgh

    Passengers not permitted to exit Legend?

    [quote name='vols_159']Anyone remeber the comment John responded to a couple months ago where they said they were gonna storm the security line and get off the ship security couldn't stop his group... John responded I wouldn't try that there will be Russian police there with big guns may find yourself locked up in a Russian jail... Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app[/QUOTE] Yeah, that's total BS in order to get their "piece" of the tour pie.
  14. Wonder what happened that escalated this to an airlift... but then a release afterwards. Airlifts are expensive, they don't do them for fun. All I can think of is maybe they thought there was a neck injury (copter would be an easier ride than an hour ambulance ride), but then there wasn't one?
  15. Blurgh

    MDR table assignments scientific or random

    I usually go in a group of 4, and have never been put at anything other than a 4 seater. I think they have universal preferences for frequent customers. When we went with larger groups we had to beg our way into a single table for the group, but ever since 4, it's always been a booth or a table for 4.