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  1. WE are going on a British 12 day cruise in May 2020. I am starting to think about packing. I know I will need a raincoat and layers. I am wondering if people dresss in the morning for their tours and remain in the same clothes for dinner or do people change every evening. How many formal nights are there on this itinerary? 90% of our cruises have been in the Carribean which I believe are less formal. Any information you can provide would be very helpful.
  2. I totally understand your question. I also wonder can you just dress morning till night for the cruise. Is there any reason to change from your morning outfit on tour to dinner on the ship. We want to only bring 1 suitcase each and seems like that might difficult on a 12 day cruise with 2 additional days in London. I assume there are several formal night on the princess ship. Do people really dress up? Help!!
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