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  1. Will be on the Adventure of the Seas on June 8th, how do you get tickets for the ice show. Can you order them before you get on the ship.
  2. I am also on the Anthem 9/23, they have posted the change of itinerary, we will be going to Portland Maine and Nova Scotia, and giving a 50% refund of the cruise I think this is fair and it is better than getting sea sick. All have a safe cruise Joann
  3. I got off on the Splendor 10/30, wonderful time, the S/S cards were in our mailbox when we were able to go to our rooms. They are sealed in an envelope. One of our best cruises, did not have any issues at all. Great room steward, and our waiters were so friendly and took good care of us at dinner. Loved the dancing in the dining room. Any other questions just ask. Joann
  4. I also was on the Splendor, we had a great cabin steward, we had our stateroom done morning and night. Our steward was wonderful, he even gave us a gift and my sister was in the stateroom next to us and he gave them something also. I enjoyed the dining room waiters, the food, I am not that picky about food except that I do not eat fish, my husband had fish most of the night. I like the desserts the best, I sure had enough of that for the week. We were on Carnival last year to Hawaii, and the shows were amazing, I didn't see that in this cruise, the last night was the best. They need to change the lead singer, she doesn't have the greatest voice and I think they need to change that. We had a room on the Verandah deck, I was worried about the noise from above, but we did hear anything, we slept very well. We did most of the trivia games in the lobby. Breakfast and lunch buffet was very good, I feel that there were a lot of choices. We went to the comedy club every night and I thought the comedians were funny and we enjoyed it. I can say also that getting on the ship was organized, you received your number and waited to get on, we got to the pier about 11:30 and we were on by 12:30. Plenty of seats to sit and wait.
  5. Thanks for the great review, I will be on the ship on Saturday, I will post my review when I get back. I checked the weather looks like rain in all our ports. That's why they made umbrellas. Joann
  6. I will be on the Splendor this Saturday, I will let you know when I get back if they had it, we went to one and kind of participated and we laughed the whole time, and your right about it is amazing on what people will do to win. Any other questions, let me know I will give you a reply when I am back. Leaving on Friday for Fort Lauderdale staying over night there and have a service picking us up and taking us to the pier in Miami. Joann
  7. Thanks for the 2 of you on the review, I will be on the Splendor on Oct 22, I wonder why the dining rooms were so empty. I guess it goes with the crowd. We frequently sail with Carnival we always have a great time. I haven't been on the Southern Caribbean cruise, so we are looking forward to it. I will let you know how it was. I have read that they don't do singing and dancing in the dining room at night, we were on a 10 day cruise to Hawaii on Carnival and we danced every night, we had the best staff in the dining room. I like when they make it not so formal, its about having fun. Thanks Joann
  8. You can get a car service to take you, we are sailing out of Miami but flying in the day before into Fort Lauderdale, we booked a service it is $15.00 a person.
  9. Great Review love the pictures, you looked amazing in that red dress, I am booked on the Splendor Oct 22
  10. Thank you, wanted to see what movies they show, great movies. Love watching them under the stars.
  11. Thank you for all you input, I am so excited hearing all the positive things about the Splendor, I am booked 10/22/16 and counting down the days. One question did they have activities during the sea day to do. We were on Carnival to Hawaii last year and they had such amazing things to do, but we did have 5 days at sea to do them. Loved the days at sea. Joann
  12. Looking forward to review, I am on the Splendor in October Have fun, enjoy everyday
  13. 85th Cruise, that is amazing, I guess you have been everywhere by now. Good for you. I started cruising to late in life to get that many in. I have only done 12 cruises, we have done a lot of vacations, not all cruises. Keep going make it 100. Joann
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