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  1. I know that we can pay to have Celebrity do laundry, but does the Eclipse have any public laundry facility where we could do our own laundry? I haven't seen it on other Celebrity ships, but thought I would double check as we are starting to pack. Thank you.
  2. Also interested in this. Primarily a wine drinker and trying to decide whether the upgrade is worth it and what the differences really are once on board.
  3. Did the tour back in December. It was interesting. We did see the Bridge, I-95 corridor, Engine Control Room, provisions area, laundry and galley. Might be forgetting something. We did not get to see behind the theater. The group was split in 2 for the Engine Control room, so we had a bit of down-time waiting for the other group to go and come back. It was very interesting.
  4. Not sure if you can really order from the hostess. Just got back from a cruise on Empress. A couple of mornings, my wife slept in while I went to breakfast in the MDR. I would order a plate to take back to our room so she had something when she woke up. They would just give me it with the cover still on it. I've seen the same thing at other meal times. But this was not ordered with the hostess, it was another meal ordered at the table.
  5. Just got back from the 8-night December 23rd cruise to Cuba. There was 1 "formal" night. Dress Codes were: 12/23 (Day 1 - embarkation day) Casual/70s 12/24 (Day 2 - Havana): Casual 12/25 (Day 3 - Havana): Casual 12/26 (Day 4 - At Sea): Formal 12/27 (Day 5 - Cienfuegos): Casual 12/28 (Day 6 - At Sea): Casual 12/29 (Day 7 - Grand Cayman): Casual/White Attire 12/30 (Day 8 - At Sea): Casual
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