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  1. Some photos taken by Dr. Hopland, who is still on board. https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/photos-life-aboard-the-diamond-princess-cruise-ship-for-remaining-quarantined-passengers/
  2. We did the British Isles in May a few years ago. It was mostly drizzly, cool and overcast. Added to the ambience!
  3. The American doctor on the ship who reached out to his friend, the US Congressman, and helped spur the evacuation of Americans will not be on the flight. His wife tested positive. They were just notified. Here’s the latest: https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/breaking-elizabethton-couple-not-among-americans-leaving-cruise-ship-after-wife-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/
  4. Interestingly, the Hoplands are from the area where I grew up. All my family still lives there, so I follow the local news stations online. It’s been interesting to see how Congressman Roe - who’s also a physician - has played a role in bringing these folks home. You can read the local stories at wjhl.com. Here’s one: https://www.wjhl.com/news/local/congressman-roe-assisting-tri-cities-couple-on-quarantined-coronavirus-ship/
  5. We’re leaving in two weeks for a cruise on the Hurtigruten Midnatsol. For us, it’s a happy compromise. We get to make landings and experience that wonder, but we also get a larger, more comfortable ship. The price is right, too. We’re paying about $7K pp. Yes, that’s more than a drive-by costs. But I think we’re going to be very pleased with the experiences we have. We’re just so excited and ready to go!
  6. Happy to help. We were in exactly the same situation. We're loyal to Delta and fly it almost exclusively. But the American flight offers a better business class seat at a much better price - at least for us. We fly out Feb. 20 for our Midnatsol cruise. I'll let you know how the flight goes!
  7. I haven't flown Aerolinas Argentinas. But, like you, I was tempted by the significant price difference between it and Delta. I did a lot of research and read A LOT of reviews. Most of them were not good. Ultimately, we ended up booking on American, which was priced between Aerolinas Argentinas and Delta. We leave in about seven weeks, and I'm happy with our decision. I ultimately decided to spend a bit more and go with a known quantity. Best of luck to you!
  8. My husband and I are booked on the Feb. 21, 2020, cruise aboard Midnatsol. Can't wait!
  9. We were in the Haven on the Bliss a week ago. We tipped the butler $160 and the room steward $60. We didn't tip the concierge, as we didn't request any special services. We asked the butler for peanut M&Ms, potato chips, bar mix and chocolate covered strawberries. He kept us well stocked all week. We also ordered room service breakfast twice and lunch once.
  10. Leave Sunday on the Bliss - we’re in a Haven spa suite. Bid $1500 pp on a 2-bedroom and $2000 pp on DOS. Both were the max “strong” bid. Both rejected. Not surprised, as the ship has been pretty much sold out for weeks. Oh well - we’re thrilled with the suite we have!
  11. We sail on Sunday on the Bliss. Ship has been showing sold out for awhile now. I’m in a haven spa cabin and have bid on the 2-br family suite and the DOS. At two days out, both my bids still say pending. Should i just accept there’s zero chance, or can I continue to hold out hope? Thanks!
  12. My understanding/experience is it’s not enforced at all. We’ve always shown up early and plan to again on Sunday.
  13. No question for me - Bliss all the way. Much newer ship. Gorgeous amenities. And the food is a hundred times better on NCL. We find Princess food to be on the edge of inedible.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
  15. Hi all. I've read that 10 people can race at the same time. We're a party of 12. Can two adults ride together in a two-seater? If so, could we all race together if we did eight single karts and two doubles? Thanks!
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