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  1. Last time we were in Ocho Rios we used hired a local taxi for half a day. We visited Noel Coward's House (Firefly) and the Sun Valley Plantation. Back near the port the driver took us to an observation point where we could watch others climbing the falls without us getting our feet wet!
  2. P&O have announced the cancellation of its world cruise sailing from Southampton in Jan 2021. I wonder if Cunard will be doing the same with QM2 and Queen Victoria?
  3. Looks as though another on of my cruises will be cancelled. I wonder if the World cruise would have more chance of going ahead if it went out via Dubai?
  4. I read in a UK newspaper that South Africa is not allowing International tourists into the country until Feb 2021. I wonder what effect that will have on the 2021 world cruise?
  5. jsailox Cunard told me that I couldn't use a FCC on an existing booking. Has the policy changed?
  6. According to the internet, the QM2 is heading west out of the English Channel. Does anyone know where she is going?
  7. My next cruise is not until May 24th and I'm hoping that, by then, Cunard will have a clear and definite refund policy. Does anyone know why the QM2 is only doing 2 knots in the middle of Walvis Bay?
  8. QM2 has now turned about and is heading towards Durban with an ETA of 13.00 30th - local time
  9. Does anyone know what is happening to the QM2? It was due to dock in Durban, but it appeared to be sailing at slow speed a few miles offshore and then it was anchored outside the port. It is now said to be sailing at 11 knots away from Durban!
  10. I would check availability with Hartley, but Day 4 looks best
  11. I cant swim, so I thought I was being very brave. It was a most enjoyable experience and probably my only chance to see what goes on under the waves.
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