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  1. I think the theater and atrium are the biggest downers on the Vista. I will be sailing her again in May but we booked the Havana area, which we've had twice before. Honestly, we pretty much hang out there all day. We did have one minor complaint and that was a few of the "fun staff" members. Sometimes, they just weren't that "fun". One example was when we were playing a cornhole tournament and he moved the boards to be really far apart, around 36 feet or so. It was so far many people couldn't reach the boards and when I told him they were too far apart and that according to the American Cornho
  2. In addition to the bracelet, a sticker is placed on your card and until they get to know you it must be shown prior to entering. And yes, we watched as two women were told to leave who insisted they could be there because they were Diamond class. Nope! And honestly, it makes me mad when people try to sneak in because I paid double price of what my balcony usually costs just to have the private area free of small children. It isn't that I don't like kids but being on the lido deck with swarms of children in the hot tub having pickle fights....well, lets just say I just value my kid free zone an
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