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  1. Hi Hattie I don't think the links to each of the stateroom numbers are working on the sticky.
  2. According to the Daily Programmes posted by Rakkor on 22 November, it was Chitra Bahadur Kunwar.
  3. Not sure if it is water but Cunard's gratuity on drinks is 15% so that would make it $3.80 plus 15% (57 cents) = $4.37 whatever it was.
  4. But we are talking about people arriving when they feel like it, albeit authorised, due to CWC status and/or Grills status. As Ray66 pointed out in post #24 which I alluded to in my reply, the arrival time for those with Priority was always noon but, for reasons best known to Cunard, it seems they have now started mixing the arrival times of all passengers hence the confusion for those of us who respect the information on the e-ticket. I imagine that is why you sought to query it with Cunard?
  5. Well, Cunard's FAQ's seem to confirm our original understanding that we do get priority embarkation. Q. Do you offer priority check in? Cunard Grills guests and Cunard Platinum / Diamond World Club members will receive priority check-in and embarkation in New York and Southampton. Priority embarkation is available to our Platinum and Diamond World Club members for voyages departing from New York or Southampton where operationally possible. Priority embarkation will begin at approximately 12:30pm. Priority disembarkation is also available to those in Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree but reading the conditions strictly, the CWC benefit we get is priority check-in not anytime boarding per-se. The fact that Cunard put an allotted time of arrival on everyone's e-ticket suggests that that is the time they require us to check-in and, in the event that there are queues, those with priority will be identified and ushered to the front of the line.
  7. DW and I are Diamond and we have also been given 14:30 for our forthcoming BTB TA next month. I must say that I've always understood the privilege to be priority embarkation which was supported by the hitherto noon check-in time we have previously been allocated. However, if one reads the benefit blurb verbatim, it actually says priority check-in and I wonder whether Cunard really mean that Platinum and Diamond Cunarders are given priority over others checking-in at the same allotted time as opposed to priority over the entire ship. That said, I suspect the "priority" relevance/benefit gradually reduces as the boarding process proceeds and there are little or no queues. Interestingly, Cunard uses difference language for the end of the voyage where Diamond members enjoy priority disembarkation.
  8. The simple solution is to switch off "Data Roaming". That way one can utilise data services whilst the device is connected to its "home" network but will not work when it goes out of range.
  9. There remains a possibility right up until check-in, albeit the nearer you get the less likely. The fact that luggage labels have been produced will not in itself prevent an upgrade. If you are upgraded new luggage labels will be available in the Voyage Personaliser for you to print off. Good luck!
  10. And.....if you book two separate voyages on the Cunard fare, you should select "arrange own flights" in the booking process as this has the effect of removing the included air travel that you wouldn't need along with a reduction in fare typically £240 per person each way on a TA. The option to arrange own flights is also available on a Saver fare but it doesn't result in a reduction; only the Cunard fare gives that.
  11. QE and QV both have Deluxe cabins which are significantly larger than the standard ones albeit they are only available as insides.
  12. You have to book within one year if it is a UK FCD, the sailing can be further into the future. USA FCD's are subject to different T's & C's. It is my understanding that the FCD is linked to ones CWC number and is automatically applied to a booking made against that CWC number whether the booking is made directly with Cunard or via a travel agent. If you want to use the FCD against a booking made via an American travel agent, you would need to quote your USA CWC number which will be different to your UK one, if you have one.
  13. The cheapest option is to take a bottle with you and pay corkage.
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