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  1. You are absolutely correct. I clearly didn't read the question completely the first time around.🙄
  2. According to @honeymooncruise36 it was at 00:30.
  3. Well, reading between the lines one can guess the outcome. The OP only requested 2 options in his order of preference and Cunard is unlikely to have refunded money when they could hang on to it and please their customer at the same time.
  4. Having reread the OP’s question (I now realise the full $4,000 has been paid one way or another), I think the $500 cash deposit paid on the second voyage is the one that will be forfeited with the potential of the $625 FCC also being forfeited. No doubt, this is why the question was posed. As I see it, the 125% uplift on the first voyage deposit was compensation for Cunard not having to refund the cash and to promote future business. The fact that the OP wishes to cancel the second voyage where the FCC was utilised does not, in my opinion, reverse the OP’s agreement to accept the terms and conditions upon which Cunard offered the FCC in the first place. That said, it ought to be open to the OP to reallocate the $625 FCC (stemming from the first voyage that Cunard cancelled) to a third voyage providing this is done in accordance with the terms and conditions of the FCC which may, or course, include a term precluding such a transfer. Putting taxes, fees and port expenses aside, any cash refund is only likely to amount to $2,875.
  5. Why does the $125 balance of the FCC not remain on the OP's account to use on a future (voyage no 3) booking?
  6. I would say $500 because even if the whole $4,000 had been paid you would only be liable to the 12.5% deposit amount which is $500.
  7. By leaving them on, they are ostensibly part of the cruise fare albeit paid post cruise.
  8. I'm getting a match with Jeju-do, South Korea
  9. I think you will find that $1.11 was added to your check for service. The price of each coffee appears to have been $3.70, so, 2 x $3.70 = $7.40 plus 15% service = $8.51.
  10. That looks like the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse so, Rockland, Maine?
  11. No I wasn’t and regrettably I never sailed on QE2. My love affair with Cunard began in 2011 on QM2.
  12. Grundarfjordur, Iceland, perhaps?
  13. That looks like the Sofitel Grand Sopot Hotel, so I shall say Sopot, Poland
  14. Congratulations @bluemarble, it is indeed Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The photo was taken from the top deck of the tender whilst returning to the ship following a shore excursion. This was QM2’s maiden call to Sihanoukville, Cambodia on 15 February 2015.
  15. It's all explained here:- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-covid-pass
  16. I shall hazard a guess of Chennai, India
  17. This is Old Port in Portland, Maine.
  18. That looks like Donegal Town.
  19. I'll take a stab at Killybegs, Ireland.
  20. Absolutely, and that goes for the entire crew in all departments across the ship.
  21. Notwithstanding the challenge one is likely to face trying to reach someone with the necessary authority, I doubt the operator would be willing or able to grant a request to stop there just to pick up passengers.
  22. The train passes through Preston but passengers cannot join the train there. The nearest station is Carlisle.
  23. They worked at the Cunard Shell Works in Bootle, Merseyside?
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